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An All-Female Firefighting Program Lost Control Of A Prescribed Burn And Caused A Major Wildfire

Alberta, Canada Wildfire 2023

Original article at Rebel News

Once again, women are at it! Showing the world how strong, brave and independent they all are. Destroying everything they touch and putting the lives of others in danger, not to mention the broader economy at large.

You may have heard a few days ago that Alberta, Canada is experiencing their first major wildfire of 2023. What you won't hear in the mainstream media is that it was caused by the first all-female firefighting conference/brigade called Women'sTREX.

I first heard about this because several Canadian Oil & Gas companies reported on the JewBerg (Bloomberg) that they were going to have to curtail some of their production due to wildfires in the area. Specifically Vermillion Energy, TC Energy, Athabasca Oil, and possibly Tamarack Valley.

Being a man, I am not a woman. Science! And since I am not a woman, I can't just go around, show-up to places and spread my legs for other people's money.

So, like a man, I have to use my Manbrain (something that women don't have) in order to generate generational wealth through trading and investing in profitable companies.

Commodities is where it is at right now and where it will be for at least the next decade. By the way, if you are still buying tech stocks or long duration assets and doubling down on them, you should probably just kill yourself and get it over with. You are on the wrong side of the trade and should've started pivoting a year and half ago, like I did. I've been mentioning this for quite some time and been covering it on Twitter, so if you don't follow my page, well, sucks to suck.

In this type of environment you don't want to be holding tech, bonds or cash. You need real hard assets that are free cash flowing or is a store of value. We are about to go through something akin to what happened in the 1970's.

Anyways, back to women being stupid and causing a lot of people money, pain and suffering.

Women Started The Fire, It Was Always Burning Since The World Was Turning

About a week ago the article titled, 'Women's Fire conference aims to break down barriers in male dominated industry' appeared. Now, you don't need to read it all because like all things women do, it's a complete waste of everyone's fucking time and energy.

The basic theme of the article is pretty typical: Men are bad; women are so strong, brave and girlbossbabe...but yet need all the fucking help/support in the world for some odd and contradictory reason. If women are so powerful, strong, and can do things just like men...why can't they break this so called "glass ceiling" that is oppressing them?

Ladies, do you even hear yourselves and your bullshit?

Either women are strong, brave and don't need a man...or they aren't.

You can't be a 'victim' but strong, brave and independent at the same time and what other people's money because you can't hack it like a man.

Without men, women wouldn't be able to complain and get money.

Just like how without white people, blacks wouldn't be able to survive.

We should have just picked our own cotton and left black people back in Africa; we should've never given women the vote. Men have their faults too, just saying.


Why is it that women cannot for the life of them just stay in their corner with a coloring book and shut the fuck up? Why is it always that women have to invade and try to insert themselves into male spaces?

Answer: To get attention (money/resources), to get access in order to have sex with high value men.

Do you see men ever complain about there not enough males in female spaces?

Do you ever see men complain that they are underrepresented in the online prostitution trade, Onlyfans? Not as many male teachers, daycare workers, or secretaries?

The point, apparently, of this inclusive fire conference was to help promote not just women in the firefighting industry, but to focus on the goals of inclusivity, fairness and to 'explore the growing role of women in fire management'.

So basically nothing to do with actual firefighting and the science thereof. Gee, it's no wonder why these women let a controlled burn get out of control!

Let's all pause for a moment to laugh out loud.

Women in fire management. How is that going!?

Clearly, not well at all. I agree.

  • How can women be expected to manage a fire, when they can't even manage their emotions?

  • How can women be expected to tame a fire, when they can't even tame Chad or Tyrone?

  • How can women manage and control a fire, when they can't even get over their ex-boyfriend and constantly cry over him at work?

And here is the best one.

How can women be expected to control a blaze, when they can't even control a prescribed (controlled) burn as a part of a training exercise? Ladies, you are fucking terrible. Hopefully Putin launches the nukes soon because we seriously need to get this shit over with. Rootn' for Putin!

I bet all these women who took part in the 'journey' and 'firefighting retreat' were all overweight and even slightly obese heffers whom all would struggle with 50lbs of gear even on flat ground.

News Flash, ladies. Being fat doesn't make you strong. I know you all want to cosplay as men, but you can never be like men. Like, big shocker...who knew? Women are incubators and sterile receptacles for cum. Your duty and job is to produce babies in order to produce the next generation of firemen for example.

It's fireman, not firewoman for a reason. The women and the queers need to stay in their corner and fuck off.

This whole thing is ironic and hilarious, but at the same time isn't so funny if it weren't for thousands of people's lives and properties being at risk, not to mention the environment!

All these women on a daily basis that scream and holler about MuH EnViRoMeNt...yet they fucking burn down thousands of hectares, killing forests, wildlife and polluting the air. Can you ladies take a fucking clue already? Go get cum shot up your pussy and stay the fuck home.

Women are stupid and incompetent. The only thing they are relatively okay at is being a human incubator and receptacle for sperm; ingesting cock.

All these women probably showed-up to this conference thinking that a fire is like an ex-boyfriend that has to be tamed. A fire to them is mysterious and it turns them on deep down in their loins. These women found out the hard way that you just can't show-up with your pussy and expect things to go your way, or expect to control something with just your vagina like usual.

"Still within the wildland fire community, anecdotally, it’s still only about 10 per cent women in the field."

There is a specific reason why women are 'underrepresented' in the field. And that reason just fucking happened. Fucking ironic, fucking LOL. Yup, you ladies are really burning down those barriers! Pun, fucking intended as usual.

Literally, Hitler in every sense of the word. It's Canada, but hopefully they review what happened and come to the conclusion that letting women into the firefighting industry is a disaster that has already happened and will continue to happen.

A fucking controlled burn...that went out of control and developed into a massive wildfire that has threated 13,000 people. You all should sue.

And of course, now, the real firefighters (men) have to come in with their helicopters and muscles in order to clean up the fucking mess that these strong, brave and empowered morons let happen because they all were on their phones, texting Chad, busy bitching about their ex-boyfriend, or complaining that Susan got the better fire axe and Melanie got the more fashionable looking fire helmet.

A Woman's Mind In The Workplace Changes Just Like The Wind

Women in the workplace is an oxymoron if there ever were a clear definition.

Canada Parks said firefighters, with the assistance of five helicopters, contained the fire three hectares outside the prescribed burn area, as first reported by Counter Signal. “Around 1600, due to an unexpected shift in wind direction and speed, the fire escaped the predetermined boundary,” the federal agency stated.

I will bet you my entire oil and gas portfolio that these female "firefighters" had no idea that when you are doing a controlled burn, you constantly need to pay attention to surface changes and the wind direction. Why? Well, shocker, the wind can change in an instant and things can get out of control pretty fast.

Just like a woman!

It's funny because women seem to be such glorious experts when it comes to the environment and "climate change", so how did these stupid women not anticipate the climate to change around them?

Weird, it's almost as if women haven't got a clue about what they are doing and they are just their to cosplay and LARP (Live Action Role Play) as men!

That's really what these 'inclusivity' and 'diversity' sessions are: Giving women and other minorities, that really don't belong in certain fields, a chance to cosplay and make-believe that they are equal.

The problem with women doing activities that they aren't emotionally and physically equipped to deal with, is that it has REAL-WORLD consequences and it puts people's lives in danger. Not to mention, it then puts even more men's lives at risk because they are the ones whom are going to have to deal with the bigger fucking mess that has been created.

Just like any workplace that has women. The forest in Alberta is no different.

When you empower women, you ensure the destruction of your society if continued.

This story is just one of many that is leading to the slow and then sudden downfall of Western society as a whole.

Get Your Copy,Today!

You not only have forests and wildlife destroyed but now natural gas and oil prices, gasoline will go up because production has been shut-in for a good while because Alberta and this area in particular is home to some of the biggest producers in Canada. But hey, these women didn't know that...they are stupid and only think about themselves and what is happening to them in the moment. On the flip side, maybe this was on purpose and all these women are part of one of those "STOP OIL" Gay-OPs cults and this was an elaborate ploy to try and sabotage oil properties.

In all honestly, what probably led to this "controlled" burn suddenly becoming out-of control is that women are terrible at controlling anything, including themselves.

Just look at all the female teachers having sex and raping their teenage male students. Women can't even manage their own pussies, how could they control a fire?

Women can't understand fire or nature because they never had to deal with a lot of it; men always took care of the hard stuff in life.

Feminist (like these women) always say shit like, "The world would be better without men!" Okay, if there were no men around today, then who would put out this massive wildfire that you all created?

We all know that when women encounter confrontation or a life-threatening situation they always run away and not face into the storm. Women at work usually coil up and fall to the floor in the fetal position because their cortisol levels spike, and it causes them to freeze up and panic. If you have ever worked with women in the workplace, in CorporateLand, you'd understand what I am talking about.

The only thing women use to try and control anything, is their vagina. That is where they get their agency from.

Could these strong, fearless and independent female firefighters have managed this out of control, controlled burn with their pussies? The only way would've been for them to finger-fuck themselves in a vain attempt at achieving a G-spot, squirting orgasm in order to douse some of the small burning patches of grass.

All these women probably sat around and watched the fire burn for a bit...and then had to go take a break, got their period or something and had to leave or cry because they got a mean text/tweet from their boyfriend who told them to lose 5 pounds by tomorrow or he's out of the relationship. These women were all but likely: texting on their phones, taking selfies of them with the fire (like a Chad they wanted tamed) posting to social media about how 'badass' they all are, online shopping on Amazon where you can buy all my books, and trying to backstab their co-workers.

Canada and the West are fucked. Let it burn.

Let women deal with it and let them fail.

When you put women's feelings and priorities over serious jobs and situations, things get destroyed.

Sometimes you just have to let society learn the hard way.


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