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The Island In You

I ask of you to think of the last time you went on vacation, to perhaps a tropical destination or climate that is unlike the concrete jungle in which you inhabit, each and every day of your existence. Ask yourself, why you have come to this place, why have you sacrificed 2 weeks’ vacation out of the four you are entitled to at your place of work?

Be honest with the reasons why your vacation experience is one of joy, happiness, serenity, and rejuvenation.

We all want a place to which we can be free. We all want to be able to express ourselves, live life in a total release. We yearn to wake up every day, excited. Life should be exciting, so why do we create our own misery? Why do we build our own prisons around us; fence ourselves in, destroy our mobility with debt and consumption, vanity, jealousy, pettiness.

The modern world, the concrete jungle most people live in, is completely inhumane and should be abolished. I will await the modern systems destruction; the sterile and cold architecture of modern society as it crumbles, so that humans can be free from the shackles of normie-living; the consumption, the emptiness, the endless grey, the unrelenting right angles.

Less is always more, simple is better, sunsets over skylines.

The reasons why you love going on vacation, is the very reason why you hate leaving them; because you have to go back to the grey, the black and white. Back into the abyss, straight back toward the devouring circle of similar conversations, agreeable thoughts without criticism, the mundane streets with the same house figures, lawns, cars and people.

On the island we do not abide by society. We do not belong to anything but ourselves. You can come and go as you please, take in what you wish, experience what you want; leave if you must, but you will always be welcomed back.

The island does not care. This is where life begins and ends; this is where truth lives and breathes. Just as the ocean wave’s crash upon the shoreline, people will come and go. Life will go on, waves will keep rolling in. Palm trees will still sway in the ocean breeze. Storms will rage far out beyond the horizon, making their way toward your paradise.

However, fear not the surge that will ravage the sand, for it will just change the character of your island.

Instead of living in the shadows of society, live the truths of your life.

This is what my island is all about. It may be digital, you may think it is small, but it is ever expanding with each and every day. It attracts new settlers with every message in a bottle I send, with every flare that I send up, and with every message I write in the sands of time. My existence is forever captured. My knowledge, forever shared; until the day I die. So help me God, I will live on my own island and drink from the fruits of my labor. I will live as I please and scorn who I wish and who deserve my lashings for I do not fear any return of fire. To first fear anything, one must first give-a-fuck. I am a man that has run out of fucks to give. If anything I should be feared the most for I do not care for what others want from me. I only care for what I love.

I love freedom. Death does not cripple my senses; for death will be the ultimate freedom from this completely asinine place we call a planet, a 'society'. When one is fully aware of his mortality and his limited time here, he then can experience the joys of life, not the world, but life itself.

The world is cruel, life is amazing.

To any hater, to any moron to which does not understand freedom, and the expressions to which one is granted when he is born, can seriously go fuck themselves until nothing is left of their cold, dead, corpse.

We have zero choice in matter. We do not choose to be born onto this gutter-ball in outer-space. This galaxy ghetto we call earth. It is a selfish move by humanity, to breed more whom have no say in the matter. However, once one is here, he then has total control in how he lives his life, from there on in. Selfishness begets selfishness.

Your island awaits you. The only question that you have to ask yourself is: Where is your island?

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