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Connecticut Teacher, Tayler Boncal, accused of romping with her male student, said she loved him

  • Tayler Boncal, 22, is awaiting her next court date on three sexual assault charges

  • She met the student at Conard High School in West Hartford, Connecticut, in December

  • The boy, 18, asked for her phone number and they began exchanging messages

  • They then 'had sex at her home at least four times between Dec 25 and Jan 11'

  • On January 12, another student told the school's athletic director of the affair

  • Boncal was placed on administrative leave but has since been fired.

A teacher and assistant track coach who is accused of sexually assaulting a teenage male student told police that she loved the boy after she was arrested.

Tayler Boncal, 22, was charged with three counts of second degree sexual assault last week in New Britain, Connecticut.

Though the alleged victim is 18 years old, a state-wide statute forbids teachers from having sexual relationships with students, according to the Hartford Courant.

She is awaiting her next court appearance and, if convicted, she must serve at least nine months behind bars.

The maximum sentence that can be imposed is 10 years imprisonment and a fine of $10,000 per count.

Neither the 18-year-old boy nor his parents wanted to see Boncal charged. She was arrested last week after being placed on administrative leave when another student who knew about the affair told the school's athletic director about it.

According to Boncal's arrest affidavit, she and the boy had oral sex and intercourse several times after striking up a relationship at Conard High School in West Hartford, Connecticut.

She was a social sciences teacher there and was also an assistant track coach. She taught the boy in some of her classes.

It began when he asked her for her phone number in December. She joined the school as a student teacher in April 2017.

The pair began exchanging explicit text messages and photos then, when the boy lost his phone, they moved their correspondence onto Facebook messenger.

According to police, the first sexual encounter happened in December, sometime around Christmas, at Boncal's home.

She stated that she loved the victim and was emotional regarding her feelings for him

It was not her family home but the address she had used while studying, police said.

The first time they had sex, both she and the boy said they engaged in intercourse and then she performed oral sex on him.

The boy told police they then had intercourse another three times at her home before January 11.

On January 12, another student told the school's athletic director about the affair and the boy was called into the principal's office for questioning.

He at first tried to deny the affair but then admitted it, stating that he did not want Boncal to get into trouble.


Santa Clause only comes once a year, our ‘victim’ got, hands down, the best gift any teen boy could want: Tayler Bocal. Banging your hot, 21-year old teacher during holiday break is probably the best way to spend it. Thinking of all the gifts I ever got for Christmas, I would take them all back, in a heart beat, just for the hot little stocking stuffer that is, Tayler Boncal.

Now, when this story first broke and was sent to me by a good friend, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, you see the instagram pics first, obviously, and you think to yourself, “Man…this is going to be a goldmine.” But, just like all amazing things in life, most times, they are too good to be true. Likewise with hot chicks; on the surface everything is amazing, but then you do a little digging, and their story just sucks. We have the pretty face and the tight bod, probably the hottest of the year so far, but the story just doesn’t have the meat that I am looking for. It’s depressing. 'Salacious texts' the police say they have, well, what are they?


The only thing worth mentioning is that, through the grapevine, some people have come forward on social media claiming they went to CCSU with Tayler and are “not surprised” in the slightest to hear about this tryst. Which means, our gurl is DTF. Although, I could have told you that, just by looking at our gurl's pictures; especially the one where she is sipping on some sangria and giving the classic skank stare; with the come-fuck-me eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, Tayler Boncal—as a Sex Teacher Scandal—has some redeeming qualities, but the whole package to me is just the ultimate let-down. The reason why, is due to the technicality of the crime: In any other circumstance, this would be a non-crime. He was 18, she, a horny 21-year old female, looking to get some of that Chad pipe. It happens all the time and everyday in America—hot college chicks and dudes, hooking up with the barely legals and the up and coming, rookies.

We do, however, have a true love story and it’s just in time; since Valentine’s Day—aka Steak & bj day— being right around the corner.

The Report Card

Methodology: I am not surprised that our gurl burned out as fast as she did. She probably thought there was nothing wrong with what she was doing. Technically, yes there was. And given that, never took the pre-planned precautions that many of her fallen comrades did when they pursued their teenage, love interests. No burner phones, no covert rendezvous behind an Outback Steakhouse, no years of grooming;no worries for Boncal.

Given her hotness, how did she think her victim would not brag sooner or later to his bros? A teacher like Boncal steps into your classroom on the first day; guaranteed, all the dudes on lunch break were talking about how they all want one-on-one oral lessons from their hot social science teacher. 9 days it only took for these two to start a conversation, then straight to bang-fest for a solid 2 weeks. Her Game was to easy for her to win. Who could not 'fall in love' with Boncal; especially when her target is a hormonal raging 18-year-old male?


Integrity: This has to be the toughest grade, because the moral question is twisted when you have a specific state law enter the mix. This story had so much potential, but if we are being honest with ourselves, if we took away the state law in question, this is nothing more than a bar story that you can hear any night of the week from one of your buds.


Presentation/looks: For the Win! We have Tayler in the proverbial girls dressing room at your local online, digital boutique, trying on everything for you while you sit back in a lounge chair. You have beach bikini Boncal, Sporty Boncal, Out-on-the-Town Boncal, Skype Chat Boncal. I am a sucker for chicks sipping on straws. Even her mug-shot is perfect, almost like she specifically asked for them to use a Instagram filter for it.


Award: Tayler gets our First Love Award for 2018!

Overall Grade

B (solid)

CASE Closed

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