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Do You Have Any Kids Or Dependents?

When someone asks me if I have any kids or dependents, my response is:

Actually, yes, I pay for 1.64 million single-moms, 2.1 million illegal immigrant fuck-bags, 1.1 million crack heads (also fuck-bags), 4.4 million unemployed lazy snap-fucks, 80,000 criminals in over 85 prisons, plus 450 fuck-cunts in Parliament, thousands of ‘politicians’ who do fuck all except siphon money from hard-working citizens like a Honolulu hooker on a Saturday night.

Who did I leave out?

Stats Canada*

70% of male prison inmates come from households headed by single-mothers. Property crimes and other criminal code offences cost the Canadian economy over $85 billion annually.

Young girls who come from single-parent households enter puberty earlier than other peers and tend to be more promiscuous through their teen and adult lives. This is due to their biology taking cues from their environment and being forced into survival/breeding mode.

Canada is such a fucking wasteland it almost looks cartoon-ish now. Cardboard section-8 housing everywhere mixed in with middle-class homes. Like a disease spreading; an unstoppable rebel force. Thanks feminism. Thanks for the squalor and the squander's. Thanks for screwing with sexual dimorphism and gender hard-wiring.

Thanks for the dystopia and the fact that I have to wake up every day to the stupid and the ghetto.

The great news is though, like cancer, it will eventually kill the host and we can start a new— Back to normal after this horrific trauma. It's a shame really because Canada had potential with it's oil & gas industry and reservoir of resources. However, Canada's pussy in chief, Justine-faggot-Trudeau and his limp-wristed party blocks any economic prosperity that Canada COULD have. It's simple, build and approve the fucking pipelines so our oil (WCS) won't be at a fucking discount to the WTI benchmark, you fucking piece of shit, mother-fucker.

Stop pandering to the Punjabs and the snap-fucks on welfare. Instead, get them working in the oil fields that could be plentiful!

You fucking man-scaping, lego hair-cutted, tax dollar world-traveling, cock-sucker.

The Pandering Pussy

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