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Poor People Invest In Poor Choices

Your life is the sum of the choices you make. Whether you've chose to invest your time wisely is up to you. And yes, you have a choice in everything you do. You are not a victim of anything unless you allow yourself to become one.

The world doesn't owe you anything. This concept is something that poor and stupid people will never get through their mushy, dense heads.

As smart people (coincidentally wealthy people) have come to know, time is money. Time is the most valuable commodity that you have. For a man, especially, time is everything. For women, time is the enemy. Men, if they choose to value their time, can reap the rewards and earn dividends. For women, whether they know it or not, are on the clock.

They [women] have, roughly, from the time they are eighteen to around 30 to capitalize on their assets. If not, a life of struggle will be upon them. The single career-gurl earns less than a man (not because of some mystical 'pay gap' or the 'patriarchy') but because she chooses to: Work less hours, take more 'sick' days, major in stupid shit; work jobs that PAY less because they are not in DEMAND.

She chooses to be cunty; to shoo men away with her Dyke-cut that she CHOSE to get.

She chooses to put that Cinnabon in her mouth, instead of picking up that salad.

She chooses to believe that being big is beautiful, when in fact is a boner killer.

She chooses to dye her hair like Bobo the clown; wonders why people don't take her seriously when she flags herself as an attention-whore.

She chooses to believe that she is stronger and smarter than her male counterpart; will believe she can out-work, out-drink, and out-earn a man because of her magical vagina.

These are all simple choices that one makes, yet, have complex and serious consequences when implemented into reality.

Diversity hiring will make her falsely believe she can do what a man can do, but in the end, when the company fails, reality will rear its ugly face.

She could have chose the path that was more suitable to her biology, but no, this is 'sexist' and 'hate' speech.

She could've CHOSE a life of joyful labor; a labor of love. Children and a stable environment. Yet, has chosen a life of eternal struggle; doing the opposite; swimming against the biological current.

Wealthy/successful people(men and women) choose to use their time wisely, while poor and stupid people would rather CHOOSE to squander their time by being lazy, spending their money on stupid and needless shit, and more importantly investing money (time) into liabilities. Spending their time trying to swim against the current like a school of stupid salmon.

The reason why I dislike charity, or giving those 'less fortunate' money is because of a universal and fundamental law: Poor and stupid people will 99.9% of the time either waste those funds, or will simply use it to double-down on poverty. Wealthy and smart people will use money to create more money; to free up more time, to do the things that they love. Live a life worth living.

Now, let's see how a low-life like myself chooses to spend his time.


A Snippet of a Typical 'Work' Day in the Life of a Zero-fucks Author:

Let's take last Friday as an average day for myself; a despicable and evil heterosexual White male, living in the West.

8:10 AM

Rising from my bed like Nosferatu, I quickly sprang into action because I had got the proper 7- 8 hrs of sleep that the human body needs per-night, in order to function at full capacity for the next day's activities.

Feeling fine (in a great fucking mood), the coffee machine was fired-up while I showered. By the time I got out of the shower, my coffee (that I didn't overpay for like a Tim Horton's whore, for example) is ready because I know how to perfectly time it.

The laptop was fired up, along with other monitors in my den as I turned-on BNN Bloomberg for the pre-market news.

8:50 AM

By this time I had accessed my trading account and had begun reading over pre-market news and data; searching for unusual pre-market activity; new IPO's, important news on the Access Wire for my holdings and anything that could be a Green light or a Red flag.

By this time, I was aware that one of my holdings (that I bought back in October) Weekend Unlimited Inc (Ticker POT, former YOLO) had one the 'Pot lottery' to use the ticker symbol POT. This was the first ever ticker symbol lottery that the TMX Group had ever done due to such HIGH DEMAND for the symbol.

I had originally invested in this company because I knew it was going to be a monster in hiding. I bought smaller share blocks during it's fall with the rest of the MJ market during NOV-DEC; I have a nice avg price of .15. The same man who owns this company is the same successful man who started FIRE-Supreme Cannabis Company, which was one of the first darlings to hit the Canadian Cannabis market (proven success model).

I don't smoke weed. However, I will make money off of all the dope-smokers who do!

Keep smoking it! You dopes.

There is a quote from a series I had watched a long time ago...Boardwalk Empire, I believe. I am paraphrasing, but it went along the lines of, "Never consume or get addicted the product to which you are selling or profiting from."

If you own a casino, let the consumer/average person get addicted. Don't become an addict yourself. Smoking weed and wasting your money on it to then investing money into a stock is kinda counter productive. Yes, in a way you are hedging and or off-setting your loses to the product by investing in a stock for gains, but ultimately, you want to purely profit off of the product rather sinking money into it by solely being a consumer of it.

Where there is DEMAND, I will invest. Where there is a gap to fill (discount airlines in Canada), I will invest.

9:15 AM

By watching the pre-market Bid/Ask for Weekend Unlimited (Open was going from .15...then .155, .16, .165 etc I had quickly grabbed some cash and made the decision to pull the trigger at the open to increase my position. I had already grabbed a large position in the stock from October, but given the news and the volume coming in, I wanted to increase my position for what was to become a huge run (and it's still going today).

9:30 AM (market open)

Weekend Unlimited Inc traded 5 million shares (46 million was the final count) in less than a minute; stock shot up 70%. In a minute I had made $2,500.00. I made this money, of course, because I am a lazy fuck....sat on my hands and did nothing but yell at Trump on Twitter all day long.


By noon, Weekend Unlimited Inc had hit .28 and went as high as .32 for a total return of 140%. So, in the span of a morning I had earned about $3,500.00. The stock is going to be a major winner and a go-to name for the upcoming second wave for cannabis once the edibles and drinks are legalized + U.S (Federal) impending legalization.

Depending on the technical I might swing-trade it, but long-term will keep a hefty position. They have everything you need in a good stock story on-top of the infrastructure they have. They own Verve Beverages for distribution +celebrity endorsements (Snoop Dogg). Majority of high-flying stocks these days is not about fundamentals, as dumb as that sounds (markets arn't always rational due to people), it is more about the story and how it is being written.

If you understand marketing, if you understand people, you will be able to understand that a good story is a key ingredient in selling a product.

12:30 PM

While Bay Street is at lunch, I am working out. Ya, I know. I am an evil White guy working on his body and getting gains that the leftist losers can never take away from me through taxation.

1:30 PM

Eat a high-protein lunch ( meat bitch) no vegan shit for me. A vegan diet will guarantee low-energy and the constant feeling of being drained and tired (contribute to lazyness) as the diet lacks the proper amino acids that can only be found in meat.


This time is spent writing/working on new books or blog posts; checking for recent stories about female teachers sucking off their students; keeping an eye on my portfolio and selected stocks; working on the next issue of C|Suite magazine.

(4:00 PM) markets close and will do a recap/overview of what transpired.

This is all normally accompanied by a few beers, because I and very few people like me, can drink on the job.

6:00 PM

Eat some fucking dinner.


Begin sketching out some rough blog posts for the next week/or days to follow; editing chapters for upcoming novels.

10:00 PM-12 AM

A period of rest that includes listening to podcasts by some very smart people.

I rarely watch any T.V at all of 'shows', unless they are well-written/crafted and insightful. It's hard for people like me (producers) to waste my time endlessly consuming.

As a creator, it doesn't make sense for me to consume other people's products unless they bring some sort of knowledge/value to the table or are therefore, extremely good and satisfying to my tastes.

The only show I am currently watching is the True Detective series. If you want to see a quality Neo-noir detective mystery/drama, check that shit out. Also read Galveston by Nic Pizzolotto (creator of True Detective).

You see, when you can make a few grand in a day, you CAN afford to take some days off and have some 'me time'.

If you are living paycheck-to-paycheck you should not be giving yourself that permission. You can't afford to take so many days off; you are about to starve and be homeless due to the neglect of paying simple bills that need to be paid off.

You need to pay for that brand new 2019 car you just stupidly bought instead of a used or slightly older model.

You need to pay for your mortgage (interest rates are rising fast now in Canada). You need to feed the crumb-crunchers that you still can't afford, before and after you popped them all out. You need to feed your addiction for attention by-way of your smartphone, so you can post on-the-go to Instawhore, SnapperChat and Fuckbook (pay for over-priced data plans).

Your world is a nightmare, which you chose to let manifest.


How the Average Idiot 'Invests'

The average moron out there is living paycheck to paycheck; most likely has a ton of debt due to the mismanagement of funds. This mismanagement comes in the form of putting expensive tattoos (conformist behavior) on their body, instead of putting food on the table first. This liberal spending of money on the latest smartphone with the 50 GB card, to save all those dick-pics on, is what stupid people choose to invest their time and money into.

They don't see the bigger picture or the long-term. Heck, they don't even know how to plan for tomorrow, let alone 6 hours from now. They are just on auto-pilot stupidity.

The average Snap-fuck runs on Auto-pilot pettiness and the consumption of emotions.

Auto-pilot Pettiness

Do you ever notice how each year there seems to be more and more miserable people slogging around?

These people are on what I call: Auto-pilot pettiness.

They would rather put forth energy into being a petty person; talking trash behind co-worker's backs, disseminating needless Psy-op campaigns for the sole purpose of making themselves look better than the person who they are trying to destroy.

They would rather nit-pick and criticize pointless anomalies in their orbit; get frustrated at the dumbest of things or events. It's auto-pilot pettiness. These people are just constantly miserable with themselves.

The individual who is constantly trying to make others believe that she is the 'good' one (by virtue-signalling) while attempting to make another seem incompetent, is more likely the loser/incompetent being. When a person has to go out of there way to blame others or to destroy others with no reasonable facts on hand, has an agenda. That agenda is usually to hide that person's (the auto-pilot petty prick) own insecurities and incompetence.

You especially will see this at your workplace. It comes from a place of jealousy and the inability to compete with superior people.

The average idiot who needs money will choose to be a complete and lazy fuck; will call in 'sick' to work; work only the hours 'they wish to work', instead of working the hours that they NEED to work in order to live a great life.

The average dip-shit will waste their time watching the Superbowl (cheering on and giving energy to superior beings who they wish they were; too lazy to try and become), day-time T.V shows and Game of Thrones instead of working on side hustles or entrepreneurial pursuits in order to eventually become independently wealthy; to not rely on another hand to feed you.

The average normie numskull will, instead of producing something of value, seek to leech and ask for a handout via their friends and the public; presenting themselves as the victim of some awful plight (the patriarchy/reality).

They will start a Gofuckyourself fund and ask people (like welfare) for their hard earned money (their time) so that they can be reprieved of their poor choices and take zero responsibility for their ill-advised actions.

The average ding-dong will decide to spread their legs and accept any ol' wad of jizz down their axe wound and pretend that pregnancy is some fairy-tale in where it can only happen if a magic fairy Godmother grants that wish.

Zim-a-caddoo, Alakazam....bippity-boppity, boo!

Cum in your sliz, out pops some kids!

Bippity-boppity, Boo!

The even dumber ding-dong will spread their legs on purpose for the sole goal of trapping a dude for resources or a welfare check. To escape a life of work and toil. The problem with this strategy is that yes, this type of woman will escape the working world, but she won't escape poverty.

In fact, she has now ensured a life-time of extreme poverty.

Why Beautiful & Pleasant Women Are Generally Well-off

It is very rare that you will see extremely beautiful women working like a dog, or living in poverty. Beauty and youth are the most sought after commodity on planet earth. Those who have it, should use it wisely. Staying thin, in-shape and generally being a well-kept attractive person has a lot to due with genetics, but, also has a lot to do with another thing we keep touching on: Not being a fucking, lazy, Twat.

Going to the gym takes effort. Taking a fucking shower doesn't, but can vastly improve your attractiveness. Eating healthy doesn't take a lot of effort, however, losing all of the weight after eating like a fucking slob will take vast amounts of effort. Why make life so hard when you can start doing the right things, today!?

Women, especially Western women, have it so goddamn easy. All you have to do, to be a successful woman, which high-status men want to be around is this: Stay thin, stay pleasant (don't act like a man), and try to keep the dick-count to a minimum.

If you do all of that (the last two things on that list take very minimal effort), you just might get every girls wish: To get provisioning and security (and a good dick'n) from a high-status male. A Christian Grey type.

However, Western women today just can't help themselves when their Daddy's aren't around to keep the stability. You can thank your slut-mom for her life choices in a partner(s).

You want to know why beautiful women trigger all the other women? It's because they have exceptional genes, while also putting in the effort to maintain their attractiveness. They are most likely married already, by men of high-status. They don't need to spread their legs for every snap-fuck out there in order to shit-out some welfare tickets. They are, to some extent (the married ones) aware that their youth and beauty will not last forever.

Beautiful women, who are thin, hygienic, pleasant and who don't sport the Dyke-cut, are generally going to have their pick of the men. Men that their hypergamy will oblige them to secure.

Beautiful women, if smart enough to understand their finite assets, will be able to secure the provisioning of a high-status man and will not have to live the life of a harlot; scrounging for welfare tickets on the floor of the ghetto after the music has stopped playing.

Beautiful and smart women will invest their assets wisely. However, today, it seems that women in general (the beautiful and the ugly) seem to be squandering their assets at a fevered pace; rapidly depreciating them with every pump and dump from a deadbeat.

Speaking of deadbeats.

The Welfare Crowd/Hand-out Hobbyists

A curious culture in where we can see the use of funds being squandered, is the welfare crowd.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having kids so long as the child is to be born into a stable family unit in where resources are adequate for raising the child or children. A stupid choice would be to display a lack of restraint (delaying gratification is hard, but necessary) by spitting out as many crumb-crunchers as possible without a care in the world as to who is going to foot the bill.

Now, we all know that Big Daddy government (other men's money) will be there to pick up the broken pieces and your average skank of a single-mom instinctively understands this as well.

The lesser, the inferior genes, will ALWAYS invest in having more children. Children they cannot afford, themselves.

It is part of their survival. Children are inherently a liability. However, to someone, or to a group of people who can't survive by producing things of value, NEED to have as many children as possible in order to ensure that they are to be taken care of (welfare check/baby bonus) and to propagate their genes.

The welfare check is the new farm field. Where as back in the agricultural era, having as many children as possible ensured that the family farm would have many hands to plow and sow the fields. To ensure money and resources flowing in. Today, people on welfare don't have farms or preform hard work; they just shit-out kids for checks.

Nothing produced, nothing gained.

Only consumption.

In our current society, there is a gene disparity and a large gap between the smart genes and the stupid genes. This is why the majority of people today hate Trump or anyone who has ever done something amazing with their life, that which has given them riches, success, and the ability to propagate their genes with OTHER successful genes.

That is what this is all about. Resources and the ability to propagate ones genes with the most successful.

A long time ago, when society was in equilibrium between the sexes -prosperous- (restrained hypergamy) the disparity between the classes wasn't as large. The disparity between the stupid and the smart wasn't as large, either. In a society where monogamy was enforced, there was a decent ratio between women and men according to their realized sexual marketplace value (fundamentals).

Today, every woman, whether she is a 4 or a 9, believes she is entitled to the best man; a 10. The problem is, with feminism, the pool of Christian Grey's has shrunk to such a low number that there aren't enough 'good men' to go around. In fact, the pool of even masculine men is smaller.

There is a HUGE gap in the gene pool. Too many snap-fucks, not enough good fucks.

With the welfare state ballooning like a fat kid in a candy shop, it will only get worse. Stupid people are out breeding the above average along side with the exceptional; we will be seeing more deadbeats, feral single-moms and general sluttery and debauchery for the foreseeable future.

More tax dollars (money out of the peoples pockets) will be needed to fund the stupid parade into hell, which means less incentives for productive people to want to produce. The consumers will outweigh the producers. The poor choices will overtake the sane and the rational.

Poor People Choose Laziness Over Profits

Poor people would rather waste their time blaming and being jealous of those they envy, over actually DOING something that could tangibly benefit their lives. Poor people would rather wear the badge of 'victim' instead of meriting success for themselves. They would rather where the name tag that reads, Hello, my name is Snap-fuck rather than preset themselves as someone who doesn't need to where any badge or name tag to let people know that they need their money and sympathy.

That is the mark of a Hand-out Hobbyist.

True virtue and value comes from achieving from within. Putting a name tag on yourself and claiming to be a 'victim' or for a 'cause' does nothing but distract you and others from your worthlessness.

The amount of time stupid and poor people waste hating successful people is, hilarious. They would rather spend and waste their finite lives trying to take-down successful people instead of LEARNING from them. The best way to become successful and or even wealthy, is from learning from others who have done it.

Stupid and poor people will never understand this, because they are too fucking stupid to even consider such a rational thought. They would rather write fake reviews on successful people's books instead of actually reading the goddamn thing; they might actually learn something that could change their outcomes, their work situation, a problem in their marriage or dating life, etc.

But no, that would be too hard for stupid, lazy fucks.

They would rather blindly hate and be jealous.

Which brings me to my next point.

The Snap-fuck Will Remain As Such

Intelligence, IQ, call it whatever you wish, has a cap. That is why breeding with the most successful genes, is highly recommended (if you choose to do so, in this shit-stain of a world).

That is the deepest shade of Red pill and is why the majority of feminists, the Left in general, sperg-out all the time when it comes to reality and successful people. They so desperately want to breed with the intelligent; desperately want to BE them and have all of the abilities, creativity and intelligence of successful people. Yet, they don't want to even TRY or put forth any effort to improve their position and bid in the sexual marketplace.

The one HUGE problem is: Inferior people are lazy as fuck.

How do you fix stupid? You can't, really.

How can you fix lazy? Well, you first have to fix stupid.

It's very difficult to fix lazy and stupid people.

They (inferior fucks) will NEVER be as creative, successful, intuitive, insightful or even wealthy because they CHOOSE not to be. Intelligence does play a factor, in fact, your IQ is to an extent predetermined by your genetics. 80% of your overall intelligence will be capped/predetermined from birth.

However, you can still improve upon that cap (the other 20%) by learning and putting effort into a craft, skill or practice.

Writing takes PRACTICE. Being a great piano player takes PRACTICE. Yes, there is a certain degree of natural talent or creativity that comes with any art or skill, but don't be mistaken, A LOT of it comes from hard work; toil and dedicating huge amounts of time into PERFECTING that craft.

The difference between a 'good' writer, artist, actor, musician, tradesman, craftsman, handyman, doctor, plumber, mechanic, etc is EXPERIENCE. How can you be great at something if you don't even fucking TRY. To go through all of the ups and downs of the craft is what makes you experienced.

Lazy and stupid people don't wish to put themselves through such a process because it is a process. Processes are generally hard and take a lot of time. That's why its called a process; it never ends. It is constant tinkering and endless learning. It is using your brain for things other than watching football or hating-on what Donald Trump just tweeted.

Lazy people feel tired all of the time. Why is this?

Well, it is because they zap their energy by allowing external things to feed off of it. They get consumed in the lives of others to such an obsessive degree that it borderlines on insanity. Instead of focusing on themselves and making their lives better, they would rather focus on how they can make other people's lives as miserable as theirs.

The reason why successful people are always happy is because they have accomplished noteworthy things. The reason why stupid and poor people are miserable is because they have chose to invest their energy in being a miserable fuck, who would rather seek to destroy what they so truly want to become.

It's fun to watch.

If You Enjoy the Suffering of Stupid People, You and Nick Tyrella Will Get Along Just Fine In Burning the Midnight!

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