The Bedtime Engineers: Childcare Teachers Demanding ‘they earn the same as engineers’

This article was in the Daily Mail and the title just says it all:

Childcare teachers demand a 59 per cent pay rise so they can earn the same as ENGINEERS - because their job is 'noisy, dangerous and stressful'

  • Daycare centre workers and teachers have demanded a pay raise of 59 per cent

  • The increase would put early educators on a par with engineers at $79 per hour

  • Work with children is consistently underpaid because it's seen as 'women's work'

  • The Australian Childcare Alliance has warned fees would go 'through the roof'

This is the type of insanity, the bullshit that I am talking about. This is the type of thinking, by entitled nitwits, that leads to economic failure and collapse. Demanding that you, a fucking glorified babysitter, get paid the same wage as an ENGINEER? Are you fucked in the head? I mean, do you know what lengths, education, skill and degree of difficulty becoming an ENGINEER Vs. a daycare worker, requires?

The fact that daycare workers are even paid what they are now is a joke; because it’s the same job that women have been doing for eons: Raising children. It’s so fucking easy that we even let teenagers do it as their first “job”; which requires no degree, just a nurturing nature. You can get the teenage girl down the street, pay her $10, to watch your kids with no training; all she needs is a few fucking phone numbers, some food in the fridge and a goddamn bedtime for the crumb-crunchers.

I thought Ontario, Canada raising it’s minimum wage by 20-30% was an astronomically stupid and utterly fucking retard move, but holy fucking shit, I was wrong. You think you’ve heard and seen the most retarded fucking thing in your life, but then, suddenly, someone out there just manages to top it with their own drooling, self-serving delusions of grandeur.

Let’s get one thing straight. You CANNOT go and hire a fucking teenager to become an engineer. You can, however, get that teenager to become care-taker of children. Would you pay that teenager $80 dollars an hour to sit on your couch, eat some ice-cream, tell the little diaper-dumpers to go to bed to then call her boyfriend over after for a make-out, high school dry-hump sesh on your new sofa from Leon’s?

A McDonald's employee has a more dangerous job because they have to deal with scalding hot grease. An engineer is responsible for bridges and infrastructure not collapsing and killing hundreds if not thousands of people. How fucked in the head do you have to be to not understand the reason why we pay ENGINEERS more for their skill and time than we do teachers, child-care workers the like? If it were the case (paying both titles ‘equally’) why THE FUCK would any man want to become an engineer if he could just go a do the easier, less stressful job for the same pay? Why would he go to university, spend tens of thousands of dollars, learn the skills required, the time spent, if all he had to do to make the same wage was to become a teacher? Why would anyone do anything hard anymore if there is no incentive to do so? Why….you would get a communist “utopia” where you live in a fucking shit-hole, and everyone is all equally poor and there is no progress; because everyone is incentivized to be a complete lazy fuck all day long.

One of the reasons why women love government jobs is because they are risk adverse. So, they’d rather work in the government where it’s almost impossible to get fired, they don’t have to compete because it’s not about the bottom-line, they get guaranteed this and that, no competition with men. But then they bitch about the pay.

Well? Why didn’t you take a job that has more risk, requires more skill and expertise? Oh, its because I don’t want to take on risk and I need the security. And that is why MEN do the STEM jobs. That is the sole reason for the “Wage Gap” (Earnings Gap). This is why men earn more annually than women—because they take on the risk and do the HARD jobs. You made a choice. YOU chose to do the lower paying, less stressful, less DEMANDING job than the dude doing the engineering.

“But I want my cake AND eat it too!!”

Fuck you.

This whole child-care craze and how we should throw all our children into day-care was created by feminists and the war on the family. We now pay women, to take care of other women’s children; when back in the day that was done by the women of their own goddamn children. But now, we have to spend extra resources, due to the ever expanding single-mom problem (created by feminists), so that single-moms can have their kids looked after by other women so that they can go work, maybe a part-time job, which then via her paycheck/taxes go towards paying said child-care worker. When all along, this was never a problem with a two-parent household. So, essentially, we as a society are bleeding resources for no fucking reason other than to give the illusion of independence.

It’s so fucking stupid.

“Oh, women want to go into the ‘workforce’”.

“Well, what do we do with the kids?”

“I dunno, let other women raise them?”

“You mean, what they were doing already before?”

“Yes, but now we are going to have fewer women raising more kids.”

“You mean what they were doing before?”

Fucking dumb.

“Having it all” leads to economic failure, plain and simple. It taxes the system and will ultimately collapse it.

This is how to determine the value of both jobs. Here, watch the magic happen!

OK ready?

Can you take a group of male engineers, put them all together, and get them to look after a group of kids all day? Oh they can? Great.

Ok. Now, can you get a group of CHILD-CARE teachers together and get them to successfully build a bridge, without it collapsing and killing a hundred commuters on their way to the office cubes? Oh no, wait, what? You can’t? Oh, no fucking way!?

Case, fucking closed.

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