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Promoting Women In STEM: Fiction Can Be Fun

How many years, no, decades has it been since we as a society have been trying to force women into STEM or just into careers and the workforce in general? It’s a rhetorical question because the answer is: Many.

Many dollars, many hours toiling over public policy diversity hire quotas. Many campaigns, many promotions; a lot of time, energy and most important of all: Other people’s money. When does the fairytale end and when does reality come back to stay?

When will society come to grips with the fact that even with all of these policies and initiatives, that women are still not interested? And the few that are usually burn out within a year or maybe five only to return back to the home, get knocked up, or just quit to do something less strenuous; like travel and “find themselves”. Yes, there are very small percentages that do stay in these careers for the long haul.

The exception does not make the rule, though.

You still hear it every day and have been for the past 40 years, “There is still a pay gap”, “When will women break through that glass ceiling?” Well, in order to solve both of those Scooby-Doo mysteries women, firstly, need to put on a hard hat if they want to smash through that glass. Becoming an engineer, for instance, will surely close that EARNINGS GAP (it’s not a pay gap, you idiots!).

Society today has a real hard time with understanding how marketing works and how to do a proper sales job that doesn’t lose your money and a private company’s time and money. It is so simple, yet when people operate with their emotions, simple can seem really impossible.

Ready for the answer as to why women still, after all these years, won’t go into STEM?

Let’s all say it together now.


No 1. Rule in marketing: Know the client you are selling to and what they want.

No.1 Reason as to why women don’t want the product (STEM): Because they are not your target audience!

Let me put it in another way and make it more clear as to why this cultural marketing job is a big fail.

Let’s say I wrote a book, but not just any book.

Cover by Frank Cervi

A book titled Whips, Ropes & Riding which is an erotic tale that takes place back in the frontier days of the old, and Wild West.

In this erotic thriller a young lady named Skyler Prairie escapes a train that is being robbed by ‘wanted’ renegade countrymen. She is stranded in the sparse, roaming hills of what is known today as, Texas. Skyler goes days without food, drink, and the security of a man’s arms and strength.

Along comes a mysterious rider named, Jack Yammer. Jack takes Skyler into his provision and they head back to his ranch. Skyler, one night, sneaks out to Jack’s barn where he was sleeping (he is a gentlemen) and discovers a new world of erotica and pleasure.

Jack’s barn is full of sexual contraptions and objects that can be built and found around a farm—he is the frontiers lone MacGyver of handmade sexual utilities. They both ride each other into the sunset and live happily ever afterglow.

Now, after I finish and publish this amazing book I then market it to…….men (age 40+).

Weeks go by, months even; years. I spend copious amounts of money, other people’s money, on marketing ads and campaigns and nobody, except for maybe 3 people buy it (probably gays). After all this trouble I sit and pout in my chair and cry out “Why won’t these fucking MEN buy my super amazing, erotic sex book; about some chick finding some closet sex crazed frontier-Chad, who fulfills all her gina-tingles, desires and more?”


No matter how much I try to shove that shit down men’s throats (in this case at their eyes) the VAST majority of men would not care to read that type of content. Now, if you make fun of it in a satirical way like in The Bro Next Door, then you have something completely, different.

It’s the same with trying to force STEM degrees and jobs down women’s throat; they aren’t hungry for it or care for it the way men do.

Still don’t get it? Let’s, for the sake of my own amusement, try again.

Cover by Frank Cervi

After my first failure I then write another book titled Wanted In Yuma.

In this, Sci-fi erotic action thriller, a not so youngish woman is about to turn thirty in modern day America. Emma Dunn is a STEM major who put her career before having a family and finds a way to travel back in time to find the long lost manly men that her generation never got to experience.

Set in the dry foothills of Yuma, AZ Emma is about to become as barren and dry as her surroundings. Squandering her youth away when she lived in modern day New York City, Emma must travel back in time to Yuma where she now has until noon to find the most fertile and best mate; in order to replicate her genetic material.

Once Emma finds her one true pick they must have a savage dual; with their bodies. They each only get one ‘shot’ to make it happen. It’s a tale of life or death. Literally, because if the man’s seed that she chose does not take, many knuckle children will die in the process and so will Emma’s soul and will to live.

After writing and publishing this masterpiece I then market it to……women (age 30+) I don’t even have to do any marketing because the book sales pour in milliseconds after being published. It goes No.1 Best Seller, Oprah puts it on her stupid book club list and The View calls me up for an interview. Women are reading the book and having under-the-blanket orgasms, while their husbands are downstairs watching sportsball.

Women like cowboy romance novels; it's all about the gina-tingles and the feelz. Mindless musings. They don't like logic, science, math or books about non-fictional topics, particularly.

My point is, know what you are selling and who you are selling it to. If those two things oppose each other then you’ve got a big problem.

Who knows? Maybe my super awesome, stunning and brave erotic cowboy novels take off!

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