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Single Mom Prison Nation: Free Section 8 Housing

In the UK, if you’d like to live the life-style of a single-mom and experience all of the joys and freebies, just commit an offence! Conversely, if you’d like to experience the life of a female prisoner all you have to do is, you guessed it, become a single-mother!

This is just un-fucking-believable. When I read this article I spilled my beer at the fact that these days, if you fuck up as a woman, in such a colossal way in life, you literally have minimal consequences; at the very worst, if you are a woman, you will experience the plight and life of a single-mom—which really isn’t that bad.

Back 50 or a 100 years ago, yes, if you had kids out of wedlock and sought to get pumped and dumped by Chad or Daquan with the King Kong dong, you were pretty much finished—starved to death, cast out into the streets, wasted; baby in the dumpster fire.

Fuck, here in Canada most single moms live better than, if not as equal to, lower middle-class families. It’s a red flag for the economy, mind you and will not, and cannot be sustainable.

Let’s delve into the article and laugh at the sheer stupidity and retarded-ness of this prison system.

All I had to do, in order to get into a laugh riot, was read the title of this article: New prisons for women will look like flats and children will be able to stay over.

So, you mean, exactly what the section-8 environment is.

“New community units for women prisoners will look like flats, without high walls, barred windows or barbed wire, a leading prison governor has revealed.” What you are describing is every street in my home town that is sanctioned as ‘no daddy alley’.

The women are “free to come and go to local leisure facilities such as gyms, or to attend work placements.” We already have this, it’s called the ghetto! Where single-moms can go to their little part-time job and make a little extra cash—but not too much as to stay within a certain tax threshold so they can still collect welfare.

A spokesman for the SPS said some operational details had not been finalized, and would still need to be agreed with partners, adding: "Since the decision not to go ahead with HMP Inverclyde, we have been looking at dealing with women in custody in different ways." This is NOT different; this is the same fucking thing as section-8!

This isn’t even an exaggeration. It is the exact same fucking thing. I thought this article was a joke, but fool me once. If you are a man and stab someone, you go to prison; get raped by other prisoners; you don’t get access to your kids, good food, good ‘flats’ and the ability to leave the fucking premise. However, if you have the Pussy Pass and have a vagina, you get section-8; which is way more tolerable than actual rape-me-in-the-butt and get shanked prison.

No, it is no surprise that women get lighter sentences than men. There is a clear double-standard when it comes to females committing the same crimes as men. Just look at Female Teacher Sex Scandals and female teachers practicing pedo-paddycake with their male students; majority of them get maybe a slap on the butt and wrist, very little jail time. While, if you are a male teacher and you bang one of your female students, or are charged for sexual harassment; you get crucified and get life in prison, no questions.

To put this into the ultimate perspective, imagine if you murdered someone today and your sentence is: You get a house, get to see your bastard children, get to go to the gym, work and make a little money. That is what you get if you are a female living in Glasgow.

Rough life. Oh, you killed your husband, fucked your male underage student, robbed the liquor store and beat the clerk with a ballpein hammer? I sentence you to a free house. Fuck me. Pretty soon, if you are a financially strapped woman (most women are because they suck with money) all you have to do now, to get your dream home and lifestyle de jure, is to go out and commit a criminal code offence!

It’s like, if you commit a crime, Oprah will immediately appear on-scene and start yelling, “You get a free house, YOU get a free house, and YOU get a free house!” You get pre-paid health care, welfare, a house, and visitations from the crumb-crunchers you spat out of the landfill you call a vagina, and zero consequences for your behavior. FUCK YOU.

I will relish the day when all the money dries up and all you fucking parasites are starving in the streets, begging. I will, in fact, throw an entire parade in the streets and celebrate the death of the welfare state; there will be clowns, midgets, hot cheerleaders, tons of beer spraying everywhere. I will even pull out hundred dollar bills from my account and light them on fire in front of you while you beg for a cheeseburger like the chicks in Venezuela right now—who are suffering because of bullshit like this. We are not far from the socialist collapse, which is happening RIGHT NOW, as I type this, in Venezuela.

No can of soup from me; zero-fucks given.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

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