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GameStop Won't Stop: Boomers Are Throwing A Bitch-Fit

Young men are finally winning; Boomers are double-stacking their Huggies.

After decades of these same Boomers supporting the current Clown World that we have, pushing Gynocentrism and a cucked culture, young intelligent men are finally pulling rug from underneath the illusion and exposing everything.

They[Boomers] push you to not trade or buy stocks because it's "risky". However, they will give an 18 year old over $200,000 in legally backed loans that aren't forgiven even with bankruptcy that you MUST pay, to get a piece of paper that MAY not guarantee you a job or financial stability.

If you want to see what someone shitting their pants on Live television looks like:

This old fuck has a massive dump in his pants.

First off, this Boomer obviously did not read CorporateLand. You do not form relationships with your co-workers. That is what Boomers did/do. Don't shit where you eat, pal. Work is for work. It is not your family and it is not where you go to have fun with your friends. Fuckn' Boomer.

Secondly, this Jag-off is telling everyone to go do great things and "get out there" so you can be on the other side. Bitch, how can people do that when they are forced to stay-at-home, you goddamn fucking cunt?! This dude desperately needs a JFK haircut, pronto.

Does this Boomer not understand that through draconian Laws, healthy people have been forced into Lockdowns and are at home all day long? How did you fucking stupid Boomers not see this one coming? The unintended consequences of your own fucked up policies backfired heavily on all of you fucking pieces of shit. And yes, Wall Street licks the clit and sucks the cock of Big Government. Big government and Wall Street are butt-buddies, through and through.

Has this fucking Boomer ever heard of multi-tasking? Probably not because this snapfuck can't even use a smartphone to text someone to get him more diapers at Walgreens.

Dude, nobody is staring at Bitcoin or the markets all day long. The stock market opens at 9:30 AM and is closed by 4 PM, fuckwit. Where have you been, Boomer? Sure, there are futures markets and Frankfurt allows you to trade options and stocks on Saturday, but that is a small minority of traders. You don't think people are taking 1 hour out of there day to lift, bro? Get the fuck outta here with that Boomer shit.

Right now I am writing this hilarious blog post, while simultaneously watching the markets on two different monitors, while also keeping an eye on social media on another monitor. When I go workout in my home gym this afternoon, I am able to look at my phone in between sets to see how much fucking money I am making on my stonks. This Boomer probably doesn't even know what a Stonk is or what it means to go to the moon with da boys.

After that, one of my girls on rotation will swing by to suck my cock for an hour; fuck her right in the pussy while I watch Boomers like this fuck embarrass themselves in front of the nation, on Live TV. Thanks to recording features on today's streaming platforms, I may even just have to touch myself to it later this evening before bed, after blowing a huge fucking load into my girl's mouth and hair.

This Boomer fail is pure masturbation fuel. Everyone is going to wack-off tonight at the thought of this Boomer begging on the corner for a cock trade; throat being slit for a gash to fuck, shit down his throat and pack it tight to produce a nice Strawberry-Chocolate Vanilla Swirl milkshake.

Also, does this Boomer not understand that "rOmAnTiC rElAtIoNsHiPs" don't exist anymore and are things of the past?

Where have you been, Boomer?

For fuck sake.

Laughable how out of touch these fucking piece-of-shit dinosaurs are with the sexual marketplace. I bet this Huggies-fuck hasn't been able to get his shriveled cock to work since Bush senior.

It's pretty obvious that the Boomers and the JewBoomers on Wall Street are pissed, scared, and completely understand at this point how truly fucked they are in their positions. All of this is just a massive Gaslight and a psy-op to get everyone to dump their shares and unclench their diamond hands from GME, AMC, NOK, BB and other Stonks. This so that these Boomer fucks can cover their short positions, and or exit out of them completely.

Whenever you hear someone say they are "trying to help" and are only doing things because they "care" or is "in the best interest", understand that it is for THEIR best interest. These Boomers are acting like scared women.

All of a sudden Boomers are worried about the young people. Amazing how all the old farts worry about young people only when their bottom line is affected. FVck off, Boomer.

If you want young people, especially young men to have a "future", how about we go back to having freedom and mobility? Lift the lockdowns that are draconian and are a violation of everyone's human rights and freedoms. Oh, sorry, I forgot....the free market and human rights don't exist, apparently.

Fuck you Boomers. Slit your fucking throats.

Your days are over.

Boomers on Wall Street and insider government interests are currently losing over 90 billion dollars on their positions and those positions expire this week. That is why you are seeing all of these diaper dip-shits coming on business news crying about how they got beat at their own game.

All you fucks will be begging on the street to suck the cocks of Reddit traders for a dime. You all belong to the streets. What is a non-essential business?

A hedge fund.

Kevin is the King. One of the only Boomers to actually get what is going on.

The other Boomer is triggeredAf.

What "certainty" is that fucking cock-sucker talking about? There has NEVER been certainty in the market.

"This is irrational". Markets have always been speculative and irrational, you fucking cuck. Short-selling is fucking "speculative" you stupid, motherfucker.

Either that fucking Boomer is that fucking stupid, or, he doesn't believe what he is saying, and is just so butt-hurt about his short-positions getting nuked like Nagasaki.

I believe it is the latter of the two.

Boomers on Wall Street are angry at the fact that Reddit traders like the stocks they[JewBoomers] hate. It is not a crime to buy a stock, fuckface. They like the stock(s).

We get it, Boomer, you are embarrassed that you got beat by a retail hedge fund and don't understand how the internet works.

Please, do everyone a favor and die already.


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