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Female TradCons: Guerrilla Warfare In The Sexual Marketplace

Red Island Maxim: Most women don’t care if their man is happy or not, only when she’s not happy or satisfied is when the relationship is in trouble.

A happy relationship to a woman is when she’s happy; often, men put their woman’s happiness over their own. Why? It is because men care MORE. If you know or understand anything about the differences between men and women (#readmybooks) you will already come to know that men and women love differently. Men impose what you would call ‘real love’ onto their women; whereas women love men in an opportunistic sense—i.e They will hitch themselves to the best horse in town.

Modern women today, as a whole, are not genuine in their ‘romantic love’ for men. Women today survive off deception, trickery, and illusion; just like they have for eons. Unlike the years of yore, women today are more daring in their charades because there are little consequences now since divorce laws favor them; family courts are on their side, gynocentric culture etc. There is no responsibility placed on women anymore; no shaming of single-mothers because instead we give them money and free housing. No punishments for cheating— the man get’s divorced raped either way.

It is very rare today that you will find a cool chick to be with who doesn’t have an ulterior agenda for your wallet, time and resources.

In this post we will discuss one of the most deceiving kinds of woman today: The TradCon. This type of woman is the ultimate modern hustle; why you need to pop red smoke and call for an EVAC.

The Tradcon: An Evolved ancestor of the Gold-diggersaurus

Tradcon: Referring to a woman who fakes or gives the illusion that she is competent in the traditional roles and house-wifey behavior. Most women today are con artists and actors who use this tactic to secure a beta provider after years of getting Chad-cock. Now, unless you know this girl's reputation is solid and for her entire life was brought up well, came from a solid family and has cooked, baked, and otherwise practiced other feminine qualities that you would find in a quality woman than she can be placed in the NWALT, unicorn tears category (VERY rare).

However, most women today never learn how to cook, clean or do anything useful; instead they will waste their time faking these traits instead of actually learning them. They ‘learn’ how to cook and clean as a means to an end. Once they get what they want from you then, suddenly, the cooking and the cleaning stops. It’s the same with women going to the gym today. They only ‘workout’ or try to get ‘healthy’ if it will get them what they want (i.e Chad’s PCV penis, cash and prizes from dupes) They don’t care about being healthy for the sake of their healthcare, they only care what it will get them.

It’s just like with women and their pussy and how they let it get treated. Women will let that thing get pounded for days, take tons of Chad cock from 18-27, run it through the ringer, get it all beat up like Rocky Balboa’s face after his fight with Drago, just so as long as it get’s them what they desire—A house, other men’s money, security, credit spending, Jamba Juice, Starbucks, a 7-day weekend.

Usually early on in the relationship, a woman today will pour on the blowjobs, sex, maybe cook for you, pay for a movie. It’s all a ruse. She is trying to make you think that she is not a gold-digging hussie like ‘all the other girls’. However, all you have to do is just give it 6 months. If it’s one thing women can’t do it’s doing stuff they hate for any length of time—i.e. a job, work, anything that requires responsibility or giving to others instead of taking. Usually around the 6-month period they tend to crack and you will see them stop with the cleaning and all the other nice shit you thought they were doing because that was normal for them.

Usually following them cutting off the sex, the niceties, she will give you an ultimatum for the relationship—i.e “Where is this going?” That’s when you know it was all an act to butter you up and to fork up after she’s ‘sacrificed’ and ‘done stuff’ for you. First off, sex is not a chore and is a mutual and beneficial act for both parties involved. It is not a tool for manipulation or to put into the ‘favor’ bank of a relationship. You know what that is called, sugar tits? It’s called: Being a whore.

That’s when you pop the red smoke and fuck off. You don’t condone liars and fakes. You are better than that.

Some Red Flags to Look Out for When Determining If She’s a Seasoned Slut in Disguise

Most women don't hide their high N-count well.

Here are some signs I've seen:

  • relationship starts well but she quickly gets bored

  • Says that she's never had a long relationship; talks about how her ex’s were assholes.

  • Never lets you meet her friends

  • Wants to avoid certain spots

  • Says she doesn't like anal, kink stuff or mentions it way too early.

  • mentions sexual abuse very, very, early.

  • Very worried about you cheating (self-projection of a seasoned cheater)

  • Acts very different when drunk, doesn't cling to you.

  • Constantly says how loyal she is.

  • tattoos and heavy smoking habit or can’t control drinking.

  • can't keep job down. (Most whores would rather be out actively looking for a man/bf with money and can’t take care of themselves or do anything on their own.)

  • Messy car, apartment; yet only cleans it before you come over.

  • avoids talking about her family or her past. Shit tests randomly after not shit testing you for a while.

  • doesn't have a solid group of girl friends, or changes her group of girl friends regularly

  • has primarily sexual pictures on social media

  • Tends to paint herself as a victim, or is always looking for someone to blame during tough situations (external locus of control)

  • Fem-nazi. Most Fem-Nazis love the feminist message because it allows them to whore around with mental "justification"

  • Gold digger tendencies

  • places more value on her sexuality than any other characteristic or personality trait

  • Started having sex before the age of 17

  • Pees/poop with door open and strangely comfortable with invading space and being gross.

  • Very worried about giving it up to you the first night but seems like she wants to fuck you badly. (Huge Red Flag)

  • Has an intense hatred towards cheaters, sluts, fake people (Self projection).

How They Got Here

Women that rode the CC, some not even THAT hard, but enjoyed the freedom of being in the power position of being a young girl in the "sexual market". Suddenly becoming traditional, religious and conservative when they realize they are getting older.

Some will start going to church, have a new religion, slut-shame, shame guys that don't want commitment, start erasing stuff from her past... The list of "tricks" goes on and on and on.

All of this disguised as "growing up".

I predict a swarm of new "tradcon" young adult/middle-age/older women comming in the horizon. Women that are getting to the age where they can't compete with the younger girls, are quickly losing their looks and don't really want to work and be childless for the rest of their lives.

All of this in a world of VERY few marriage-material men. In a world of men that either have given up on commitment or on life.

I just hope all you guys remember that women have brought the shit-show for themselves, and DON'T FALL FOR THE TRADCON TRAP. Remember who you are really dealing with, nothing will ever be enough to satisfy these women. The attention they've had in their youth, the validation, etc. Won't be satisfied in the very long term (long enough to raise a child).

I will always say that women that are over 25 aren't LTR material. They are at the age where the best of their youth is gone, she has seen and done all there is to see and do. Serious dating is mostly a job now. Beware of these women.

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