The Gender 'Pay Gap': The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told

Red Island Maxim: A woman hired is dollar lost; a woman fired is a penny saved.

The Biggest Lie Ever Told

One of the very effective lies feminists tell: Feminism is about helping "women".

Feminism is about helping aggressive tattoo-covered, dyke-cut'd, controlling women, to control other women (mainly the pretty ones). Those are the only women that benefit[the ones with the dyke-cuts].

Feminism is about controlling what women can say, think, and do, as it is about controlling and hating men in the same fashion. The delivery method is just a little different. When you tell women they should do something or be a certain way, a lot of times they ignore you. When you tell women that other women are doing something, women feel pressure to feel and do the same things. When you eliminate any narrative other than yours about how "women are", you exert a great deal of influence on how women feel, think, and behave.

There's a reason why after every wave of feminism, women find themselves being promised a new happy-meal; but in reality end up less happy than before.The beauty of the "wage gap" narrative is it motivates women to think they're being treated unfairly and are going to gain something. But the main purpose of the narrative is to push women into jobs that make them unhappy and they dislike. "work = freedom, relationship = slavery". By the time they figure it out, it's to late. They're more unhappy but are a larger profit center for the people they work for (mainly men). All that feminism gave women was the ability to pay taxes (men still pay the majority of net taxes, though).

The Second Biggest Lie Ever Told

All you have to do, in order to understand that the gender ‘pay gap’ is a complete myth—utter bullshit narrative—is to look up a little piece of legislation called the Equal Pay Act of 1963. The Equal Pay Act deemed it illegal (over 55 years ago!) to pay women less than a man for doing the same job. So, why in the fuck do we, in 20-goddamn-18 still insist that this is a thing? If this was going on [paying women less than a man for doing the same job] there would be lawsuits out the ying-yang and the courts would be taxed to the max with overflow. If women are truly payed less than men, then why are there not as many male cashiers than female? Hm? Why then, when you work a retail job, EVERY ONE there (part-time) male or female makes MINIMUM WAGE. Do the males get a special minimum wage in where after every month they get an extra hundred dollars and a handjob? The reason why women make less than men (we will get to more of this in a bit) is because the majority of women work those part-time, do fuck-all jobs and never make it to CorporateLand; where the pay is far more lucrative. Or, not just CorporateLand, but even in "blue collar" fields that pay just as much (if not more) than some office stooge in CorporateLand.

Why then, when I watch BNN, do they have segments on the “stubborn” and pesky ‘pay gap’ that is plighting women. The experts think that by throwing endless government money at the 'problem' it will correct this ‘issue’; when in fact they are missing the entire mark.

People in the media, and journalists today are either: A) willfully engaging in social engineering and playing along with the gynocentric agenda or B) they are all completely and irrefutably, stupid. We have said it before and we will say it again, it is not a PAY GAP it is an EARNINGS GAP. You cannot fix this because you cannot overrule the physical and intellectual differences between men and women and how they go about ‘work’ and being productive in society.

Men out earn women, still to this day, because of the following reasons:

  • Men work more hours.

  • Men work more over-time.

  • Men save/invest/have side-hustles instead of liberally spending their paychecks on stupid shit.

  • Men tend to work in high-demand fields/risky jobs that pay more.

  • Men don’t get pregnant and then quit their jobs.

  • Men take less sick days than women.

  • Men outperform women in the workplace.

  • Men take more initiative and risks; which begets promotions and or more commission.

  • Men are better than women at work.

  • Men thrive(due to biology) under pressure and stress and are more effective in white-knuckle situations.

Don’t believe me? Well take this following step to confirm the above facts: Go to any workplace, observe, and then nod your head. If women truly want to close the EARNINGS GAP it is very simple.

Crib Notes for Women in the Workplace

All they[women] need to do is the following to be successful:

  • Stop taking 'sick days'/days off to be home with your kids.

  • Stop quitting your jobs because ‘it’s too stressful’.

  • Stop applying for jobs and then a year into said job get knocked up, to never return.

  • Work more overtime, FFS.

  • Spend less time gossiping at work and more time doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

  • Spend less time on facebook and more time doing that EXCEL sheet your male superior told you to finish….last week.

  • Stop trying to fuck your way to the top, or obtain via 'diversity' hire and actually do it by merit ( if you don't you will almost certainly lose your job since you won't be qualified) Ex. Equifax, Yahoo, etc.

  • Get more skills, qualifications, education so that you can obtain a job high-demand fields that pay more than just being a ‘teacher’, ‘social worker’, ‘daycare admin’, ‘cashier’, ‘barista’, ‘feminist activist’, ‘part-time whore/half-ass prostitute’.

  • Stop 'getting by' at work by relying on other men and actually LEARN the fucking job.

  • Stop being a lazy, fucking, cunt.

The Canary In the Cunt

With all that said, I would like to leave you with a question; a conundrum of sorts.

If women are oh-so powerful, stunning, brave, capable, as strong and equal to men, then why-oh-why do we have to spend tax-payer dollars; fund programs, shower female entrepreneurs with grants for their stupid start-ups, activate diversity-hire quotas, and give them all the handicaps and advantages in the world? Yet, with all of that padding, they still can’t out earn men?

Gee, doesn’t that tell you something? All it tells me is that we waste a fuck-load of money on women.

Even with all these women "working", men still pay 70% of the net taxes in America. Just goes to show that women aren’t working as hard, or in fields that would contribute to the tax base in a more meaningful way; not to mention GDP. So, yeah, women make .77 cents for every male dollar, but they get that back through all the welfare and government goodies that are showered on them, daily—via male taxes.

So fuck off already with the “Gender Pay Gap,”bullshit. You’re fucking stupid for even using the word ‘Pay’ to begin with.

#TheSexes #Economy #theRatrace #WelfareSnapfucks


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