Riding Dick Is The YOLO Trade For Women

Women would rather ride dick than a market wave; the risk-reward is a lot better for them in that regard. If they get knocked-up, they get cash and prizes via the sucker who shot the load into their money pit; the government steps in for a second tranche. Women love mergers and acquisitions, but only if it is your cock merging with their pussy; signing a LOI(letter of intent) via an engagement ring; acquiring your assets via divorce rape.

Women sleeping around with tons of men is like a company diluting its stock every time they do a financing/capital raise. Sure, she raises capital via more dinner dates, vacations paid for, rent paid, jewelry, a new car, gifts and drinks paid for, but at the same time fucking-over future shareholders.

They would rather crook their head and watch the waves role in on their ass, while Chad bangs his balls against their pussy from behind. The only "Parabolic" move women want to see is that thick, 90 degree cock stick straight up their cunt; get fucked into the next solar system. Forget the moon.

Taking nude pictures of your asshole and selling them on OnlyFans is the rocket ship that women would rather take to the moon. Fueled by the cum of SIMPs, it is a far easier path to take. Prostitution for women has always been the way to the moon and back again. Once they hit the Wall, the Cumfuel runs out, and the ship bursts into flames upon re-entry.

Is anyone shocked?

Do women even know what is the stock market, and how to even begin?

First, a woman would have to do a crazy thing called "save up some money". Then pull an insane move like learning about it, which requires a ton of reading and is an immense learning curve. This is why the title of that Wall Street Journal article reads the way it does.

Robert Stromberg, a financial planner in Abington, Pa., said he hasn’t “heard a peep” out of any of his female clients but has been fielding multiple calls from some of his male clients.-WSJ

I'm sure Robert meant to say that he "hasn't heard a peep from any of his three female clients."

Also, Robert doesn't seem to understand that women would expect him to call them first. That's his problem. No wonder why he hasn't been getting calls from them. I am sure his female clients are sitting at home, thumbing through Facebook and Instathot wondering why he hasn't called them to ask if they wanted to throw some of their husbands money at GameStop.

C'mon, Robert, you expect women to do it all!?

Women are too busy taking selfies and loading them up to InstaThot and the FeministBook. Women are more interested in astrology than economies.

It's ironic because women are all about the YOLO today. Yet, they don't seem interested in the YOLO trading that is taking place. That is because, to YOLO trade and go to the moon with da' boys, you need to first grow a set of balls and not be risk adverse.

Women hate taking risks because that is what men do. That is why men are fun and awesome to be around. The reason why so many women are boringAf is because of just that: They don't do anything fun (i.e risky). Except for sex. Women love to take risks when it comes to...cumming.

She'd rather you shoot your load into her wide-set vagina, gaping with enthusiasm, instead of your Bruce Juice making her tits sticky, or fuck-up her hair-doo.

Money printer go-brrrrr: A tribe of lost boys are making a fucking killing. Diamond-hands, baby!

OnlyFans pics go-brrrrr: Many women are buying diamond necklaces after getting ones made of pearls in their videos.

Men invest/trade and take more risks because women don't have to.

Actual trading and investing requires something called: Math.

Math is of course, oppressive and a tool of the patriarchy...

You also need to have the stomach for it, especially if you are doing YOLO trades. You need to be Zen, calm and cool. All the things women just can't do without panicking, raises their cortisol levels to then subsequently curl up into a ball on the floor, hoping a man will save them.

Another reason why women aren't interested, is because most women are broke. How do we know this? Well, when everyone was able to go out to the bar/club, how many women would pay for their own drinks?

Exactly, zero.

"It's a shit-test when they ask you to pay." Yes, but honestly, a lot of women really don't have the money, period.

That's why women are absent in the stock market, they literally Hitler just don't have the money and or the intelligence to fuck around with such a MANstrosity.

Ladies, I thought you were all Strong, Powerful, Brave and Independent. How come you aren't buying the dip, diamond fisting your stonks and going for greatness (Shooting for the Moon)?

The women would rather get a rocket to blast off into their deep-dip; get dug-out, fist-fucked in order to get diamonds.

If you asked women what a "Long" and a "Short" is, they would have to defer to a man...and his penis length.

If you'd ask a woman what she thought a "Short-squeeze" was, she'd go with "An Asian handjob?"

Women do not care to get their own bread; they just want yours and for you to butter it.

Gosh, it's almost as if women don't know how to do anything but consume their whole lives. Gee, I wonder why that is?

The vagina consumes the cock, not the other way around. Cum is shot into the vagina. Women milk the cock for the cash/prizes to shoot out at them in a display of cumfetti.

Women are simpletons, they would rather suck-off a ton of simps..


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