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The Girlfriend Experience: Exposing the Underlying Transactional Nature of Male-Female Relationships

The HBO Starz series The Girlfriend Experience (Season 1) is something to consider if you would like to watch something that would actually cause someone to become ‘woke’. The Girlfriend Experience is an icy majesty that is steeped in Red Pill without actually trying. The series can be somewhat related to the film American Psycho in that it almost comes off as satirical in its delivery to the viewer; the excessive sex instead of violence and the cold approach that the director takes when showing each scene.

Every scene seems overwhelmingly dramatic, yet nothing really crazy is actually happening. The narrow shots and background white noise makes one feel as hallow as the character. Hallow in a good way in that the escort, played by Riley Keough, makes you feel as heartless and cold as she is in her approach to sex with Johns and everyday office stooges all the way up to industry tycoons.

Like American Psycho, when you look beyond the excessive sex-capades (there are many) the show, whether intentional or not, actually reveals the cold hard truth of the transactional nature of relationships; mainly, those relationships between men and women along with superiors and subordinates.

Men Always Pay For Sex, Escort or No Escort

What The Girlfriend Experience does, if you are intelligent and can use your brain well, is that it exposes the fact that women amortize their sex, youth and beauty whether or not they are classified as a prostitute/escort or just a normal woman who so happens to have a boyfriend, husband, or guys she is seeing.

If you are a Chad, most likely you won’t have to ‘pay’ for sex in the form of dinner dates, drinks, movies, concerts, and your time ultimately. Actually, if you do it right, women will pay for your food and drinks. Don’t believe me? Well, I have had this happen multiple times in where women will buy me drinks and pay for the experiences. This happens when the woman believes or conceives that your value is greater than hers.

With any woman, you will ultimately pay; even if it is as little as your time. The graphic on the left is actually misleading in a statistical sense. Men always pay for sex, just not directly unless otherwise with a hooker or escort. The vast majority of men pay, indirectly, for sex in their day-to-day lives. Men today don’t have an explicit contract with their girlfriends and their wives like in this HBO show; where you leave money in an envelope on the dresser before you fuck your GF/ wife. No, men though will actually pay for it by taking her out for dinner, paying her stupid dog's vet bills, paying the house bills, the rent, dinner, movies, concert tickets and other bullshit.

The Girlfriend Experience shows that unconscious and under-the-table transaction in the most transparent and raw way. Women can either do this legally ( i.e. marriage/being your girlfriend) or they can do it illegally(by becoming a prostitute or escort). The real reason why escorting and prostitution is illegal and much frowned upon by society ultimately comes down to, again, money. The reason why prostitution is such a taboo/vice is mainly because the government can’t get their hands on a piece of the pie. Escorts are paid in cash.

Cash cannot be traced. Escorts make a shit-ton of money on a nightly basis or annually. On average, it's 200k a year. Whereas when you spend money on your girlfriend that money goes to credit card companies, it contributes to the tax structure. When you are married and eventually get divorced, men have to pay alimony or child support; so you are essentially paying overdraft on a pussy you ain’t even fucking anymore. That’s like still having to pay for AOL online subscription, even though nobody uses AOL anymore. Paying an escort is a lot cheaper than maybe getting a chance to have sex with your GF or wife when you want to. It is a direct guarantee transfer of service. There is no bullshit. It is actually the most honest work women can do in this world. Escorts expose this natural order: Women use their sex to get resources from men; men use their resources to get sex from women.

Women Always Want to Be Paid for Their Time

Even if you are Chad, women will eventually want to be paid for their sex and time in some form of commitment; unless her agenda is to solely use you for your thick cock. Most men are not Chad. Most men will eventually get the ‘relationship’ talk or the, “Where is this going” talk. Women cannot just enjoy your company or be equal in terms of just wanting sex with you as well. Sex is, and should be, an equal exchange without any one party having to pay a monetary fee or settlement. Both of you are getting off, both of you are being satisfied physically and maybe even emotionally. The only reason why women demand some sort of reparation is if their agenda with you is to get resources from you. In other words, she wants you to be her beta-cuck provider and is using her sex to get access to your wallet via allowing you to get temporary or sanctioned access to her fuck-hole.

Ask yourself this, even if you are one of the Chads. Why does she seldom take YOU on “dates” or pays for things. Why is that your responsibility or something that is expected? What makes her so special; doesn’t she have a job or the ability to have one? Why does she, after 6 months of dating (i.e fucking) now suddenly berate you for not “taking her out on dates”. Wasn’t riding your thick cock, good enough? No, because women are like children—they always want everything and more.

A quote from Christine (Riley Keough’s character) in The Girlfriend Experience sums up everything. “Everyone is paid to be everywhere.” And she is correct. My book Pretty Lies Perish has characters like Christine who expose this societal conundrum on prostitutes, escorts in relation to modern women.

People don’t do anything for free if there is a market for it and if there is substantial demand. Pussy, young pussy, is the most sought after commodity in the world and has been for eons. It is even more sought after than oil. The whole entirety of this world was build on mans desire and yearning for young, fresh poon. Most everything man does is in order to get his dick wet. Women will exploit this at every turn whether or not they are consciously aware of this. It is in their nature to do so.

I don’t look down upon escorts nor would I ever use one. But in all honesty, I admire them. I admire the fact that these women are the most honest in their transaction, yet, the most dishonest in their act. The whole reason why Christine in the show is successful at what she does is because she understands her customer. Her job, as an escort, is to be the girlfriend that the guy has never had or ultimately desires to have. She has to be the girl they want her to be. She never reveals her actual life beyond escorting. She tells her clients exactly what they want to hear in order for them to fall ‘in love’ with her and keep coming back for more. Sound familiar?

Don’t women in the normal world of ‘relationships’ do this as well to a lesser degree? Women understand, on a limbic level, that one of the best ways to keep a man coming back to them is to provide that warm slot pocket and give Peter Rabbit a cozy snuggle hole to shave his carrot in. And you know what? Regular women do this when it comes to finding a ‘boyfriend’.

They try to become the girl you want in the beginning, only until they have you locked in and ready to sign on the dotted line. Then they get the dyke-cut and turn off the sex tap.

You Are Invisible to Women If You Offer Nothing They Want

Just like women are invisible to men if they do not possess youth, beauty, a tight ass, big tits and long legs; men are invisible to women if they do not posses LMS (looks, money, status). The key to success with women is to subjectify them instead of objectify them. Understand what women need and want from you, as a man. Treat them like the consumer they are and provide the product that they are looking for instead of being what you think they need. Women subjectify men all the time and are damn good at it.

Women, on a subconscious level, understand that their product (their youth and vagina) is what their customer demands. Huge demand, not enough supply/supply is restricted or prices are inflated due to demand increases. Currently, there is huge demand for Chad and the Christian Grey types of guys; conversely there is not enough supply, thanks to femnism and gynocentric thinking. The result is the consequential erosion of masculinity due to the pussification that gynocentrist thinking has (effectual in nature) on the male populace.

One scene that really stood out during the first season of The Girlfriend Experience was when Christine (Riley Keough) was at a bar in some restaurant in Toronto; she was there on ‘business’. In this scene, Christine sits down for a drink and a meal at the bar while some shlub eyes her while he sips his drink. Naturally, this doofus tries to start a conversation with Christine—who looks amazing and is WAY out of this dork’s league by physical standards. She [Christine] immediately stops his advances and tells him that she is trying to eat her fucking meal and cannot be bothered.

The reason being is that this dude is unaware that he is not worthy of talking to her because she isn’t being paid. Women like Christine (escort or not) do not give the time of day to Poindexter, unless she is getting paid. Chad doesn't pay, Poindexter does. He[the doofus at the bar] was invisible. Now, women don’t do this as directly as Christine would or in that context, but they would do this on the basis that you don’t match up to them in looks or in value.

The character of Christine, when asked by her sister why she is never in a traditional ‘relationship’ answered with the following: “ I don’t like relationships because they don’t accomplish anything…nothing is being accomplished”. What Christine meant by this was that she would rather be getting something substantial in return for her time and involvement, her investment in the transactional relationship. However, Christine in the show can ultimately be classified as a sociopath; and there is loads of evidence in her behavior and actions to suggest this. Christine doesn’t get-off on the sex she has with her clients; she ultimately gets off on the attention and power she receives from being the fantasy, from being the subject and wielding the ability to make these guys orgasm with force to her ‘act’. Christine, untimely though, gets her jollies off by being paid for her sex. Christine is the hardcore version of any modern female in our current gynocentric society. Women get-off on you giving them resources and attention, more so than you feeding them your cock for 7.3 minutes on average.

You can say that the character of Christine is evil, vacuous, manipulative, sociopathic and a ‘love’ capitalist. My thought is that you can say that about most women. Women can be both legal and illegal prostitutes in life. Just all depends on what the contextual nature of the transaction is.

There is a bit of Christine in all women.

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