Women Aren't As Successful As Men Because We Never Wrote It Down For Them

I am sure most, if not some of you, have experienced or seen the following scenario at your job and place of business before:

A manager walks into work to check on his department and to see the progress of the day. He immediately notices some obvious duties that should have been done yesterday and at the very least, early in the morning. He walks up to some millennial chick, garnished with the dyke-cut, and presumed snap-fuck attitude. He asks, “How come X,Y and Z aren’t done yet?”

Her: “Oh, someone didn’t tell me to do those things….nobody wrote it down for me.”

Boss: “Ok…well these are obvious things that should have been noticed/done


Her: “Oh well, my shift is done anyways…” *leaves (10 min left in her shift).

Now we know why the VAST majority of women earn less and will never become CEO, run their own business and or have independent modes of income besides receiving a paycheck from someone other than themselves! It’s because we as a society NEVER wrote it down on their To DO List. We are such fools, it’s so simple! If only we told women they could be successful, do everything a man could and more, and encouraged them to be better.

Oh, wait….

We've already tried that for the last thirty odd years!

We launched campaign after campaign, enforced diversity hire quotas tyrannically on companies and institutions to hire more women and have promoted women’s 'self-esteem' through the media, movies, commercials and TED talks. And yet, we have failed as a society because we can’t accept the reality that women (vast majority) aren’t capable, nor do they want to be better than just doing the bare minimum; have someone tell them how to think, what to do, be dependent and not take ANY initiative in the workplace.

Women are just not built physically, mentally and intellectually to be better than men in the workplace. They will always follow the herd, not think outside of the box or think independently for that matter. If women are done their ‘To Do List’ set out by a manager at work they will do the following:

  1. Stand around and wait for someone to tell them what to do next.

  2. Do nothing and go on their phones/facebook/flirt with and talk with their co-workers.

No wonder why women don’t run businesses or have any other forms of passive income because to do that you would need to be a leader and think for yourself without any direction from someone else.

Let’s say you wanted to, I dunno; build a your own website, write your own books, publish them, come up with blog posts, contact advertisers, create a marketing plan etc. Do you think anyone is going to write that all down on a ‘To Do List’ for little muffin over there? No, but that’s what she wants.

Starting a business or any independent pursuit takes someone who can think for themselves, answer only to themselves and understands that nobody is going to hold their hand and guide them. You have to steer the ship and accept the responsibility of where it is going and where you want to end up. Women can’t do this because they are:

  1. Deathly afraid of failure

  2. Can’t take direction from themselves because it’s “Hard”

  3. Would rather do the easy thing that is already set-up for them (which they can barely do today anyways)

  4. Aren’t creative or lack the capacity for innovation

  5. Are afraid of what ‘people might think’ of their creations/business

  6. Don’t like confrontation or all the responsibility that comes with running a business

It’s hilarious, because you have all of these ‘go-gurls’ coming out of the colleges who think they are hot shit, saying crap like, “We’re all independent women” and, “ We are equal and I can do whatever a man can do”. Meanwhile, all I have seen from feminism is that it has turned women into mediocre men, at best.

Yes, muffin, I see you got the dyke-cut and the attitude—you pretty much look, talk, swear and maybe fuck like a man—but I see no points on the scoreboard.

It’s like when you see all of these dude-bro’s driving around in their BMW’s while doing their sales job, buying McMansions and going on all of these exotic vacations. Then you find out through the grapevine that their net value is negative and they have creditors chasing after them.

It’s all a facade.

And that is most modern women; a facade; a facade full of fake smiles, virtue signaling, and lying to get out of anything that remotely resembles accountability.

They all want a career, but when they get it they don’t do the job. It’s the exact same thing when it comes to marriage and having kids with these millennial chicks. They LOVE the thought of being married but when push comes to shove they don’t actually want to BE married and all that comes with it.

Having kids to them is just like getting a new Gucci bag; an accessory and something to fill the void; Something to show off to their girlfriends in order to make them jealous or an excuse to get a ‘baby bonus’ check; to get maternity leave and eventually alimony/child support after the divorce.

Here is something to put on her ‘To Do List’:

Don’t take ‘selfie’. Instead, take self seriously so others will do the same.

That’s a start. Nobody, especially men, aren’t going to respect someone who is the equivalent of a child in the workplace, let alone in life.

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