Hate Mail: A Woman (possibly a mangina) Sends The Red Island A 'Message In A Bottle'

In a hilarious waste of time and energy, one Ginette Munoz writes the following in regards to a featured FTSS article written about Elizabeth Taylor: A newly married female teacher who bopped her student's baloney some time ago.

"Ur a POS bro! I read ur article on Elizabeth Taylor and I have to say I think ur an idiot when it comes to certain things like: "Women don't understand the games men play, all they go to the games for is to fantasize about being Chad the quarterbacks wife, or slam-piece. Maybe he will notice her in the stands, and ask her to come check out the dressing room after the game? Maybe they fuck, maybe they don't. Maybe he tells her to call him. Maybe he takes her on a round-the-world, fuckcation. These are the things women think about at the game: A lot of 'maybes'. However, women love the prospect of 'maybe' because that is what get's their hamster wheel spinning and the peach, to ripen." Where the fuck do u get off!!?? WOMEN DON'T UNDERSTAND THE GAMES MEN PLAY...ALL THEY GO TO THE GAMES FOR IS TO FANTASIZE!!?? REALLY ASSWIPE! I know more about the sport then u, ur father and grandfather put together! I am EXTREMELY offended as a woman! Btw...no I am not a bulldagger, a tom boy or anything of the sort! I am a married woman with 2 kids and I ENJOY AND UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING ABOUT THE SPORT AND SO DO ALOT OF OTHER WOMEN! So please don't put all women in the same category as the occassional cum dumpster in ur article!"

-Ginette Munoz, triggered 'woman'/sports fan

First off, it is "than" not "then". What you meant to say is this: "I know more about the sport THAN (not then) u, ur father and grandfather put together! I am EXTREMELY offended as a woman!

Secondly, it is "occasional" not "occassional". You write, by the way, exactly how a sports fan would: like a meat-head. When you write like this, it is very difficult to take your argument (if you can call it one) seriously. Which brings me to my next point: I don't think you're actually a woman (or an attractive one to say the least).

Thirdly, when a person says the word 'women' or 'men' it refers to the majority. I never said ALL women. That is your thinking that and it speaks volumes. Whenever we talk about the sexes it is always about the rule, never the exception. Outliers do not make the majority, that is why they are called as such. You or I may "know this one woman" but it doesn't excuse observable reality and statistics.

More importantly, women don't write the way you do...unless you have a dyke-cut and have high-T levels. Your email is just so... full of hard emotion. It reads like an angry dude bro paired with a slice of mangina. If you were a woman, you would have made a comment (in the first paragraph) about penis size or some other ad-hominem insult/attack.

There are no logical paragraphs ( It would have been nice to see some separation) and you don't need to use so many exclamation points to get your anger across. One will do just fine. I already know you are angry with me (your 'POS' comment was enough), but more importantly, you're probably more angry with yourself and your life right now. Why else would you waste your time like this, if it weren't for the truth to #trigger you in such a way as to point out some peculiarities in your own life.

What I think you did was this: You pretended to be your wife....or... more accurately,your wife got upset when she read my severely funny (if you're not a tight-ass) article on Elizabeth Taylor and got you(her boyfriend or husband...beta orbiter) to write this poorly written(albeit, hilarious) email. I think you're actually a feminist mangina in disguise and you got triggered at some of the truths about female nature (the dark side).

My big question of the day for Ginette is this: Why do you care SO much about what I wrote?

That speaks volumes and gives even more credence to my work. The truth always triggers people and causes them to lash out. That is the art of what I do: I give people enough rope to hang themselves, without me having to lift a finger. This email is a prime example.

Remember, being a FTSS detective doesn't limit one to just sex-scandal teachers. My detective skills can translate into normal everyday emails that I get from people who love to waste their own time trying to shame my work and make my fee-fees hurt. It's a losing battle for people like Ginette.

It's the opposite for me, though. I love emails like yours, Ginette. They make my day and also add to my website's credibility in the google algorithms and boost my search rate. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Where do I get off, you ask? Well, I think you should be asking: Where does Elizabeth Taylor get off on diddling underage boys? You see, that is the real irony of people like you. You like to point the blame and wag a finger at the messenger, but won't scold or get angry at the real menace: The criminal(s). To me, it is almost as if you are siding with these deranged female teachers and saying they are the victims.

Anyway, if you don't understand satire and can't take a joke, then getting angry is your problem, not mine. You are an adult (your email address suggests you were born in 78') so you are thus responsible as to how you handle your emotions. In addition, only old farts use Yahoo mail.

Thanks for giving me content to post, by the way.

Warmest regards.

If You Would Like To See More Libtards, Like Ginette Munoz, Get #Triggered, Nick Tyrella Makes Fun Of Them In the Book 'Burning The Midnight'



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