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COVID-idiot Mail: A Presumed Unemployed Millennial With Wi-Fi Wastes Their Time With Outrage

My writing is 'straight-up disturbing', yet here you were...writing in.

Where did it all go wrong for demonangel333?

All the rage. Would you like some cheese with your whine?

You couldn't look away, you had to waste your time and respond. If it was so 'disturbing' and straight-up 'lunacy' then why not just move on, like a normal person?

Alas, I do thank you for writing into The Red Island because your outrage is my gain. Did you know that? Of course not, because you aren't that very smart. I can tell.

There is a point and purpose to my craft and style in which I write. It's called a 'voice' and it works. Again, if it didn't, you wouldn't have written the incoherent drivel that you did. You don't have a voice, otherwise you would have left a link to all of your books or website, citing all of your brilliance.

Instead you,a nobody, are of course going to tell me how to do things.

How about you start your own website and craft your own voice, otherwise, you can fuck off and kill yourself.

Nobody cares what demonangel333 (a very, very, gay name by the way) has to say.

You have not done the work, this is not your website; you don't have a say in how I write. If you don't like what you read here, well, fuck off. You aren't going to change things around here because again, this isn't your website. I know this is a concept that you can't understand because your deadbeat mom dropped you too many times while reaching for the crack-pipe, but please, try to keep up.

Side note. Speaking of gay things like demonangel333, the gayest words to ever be spoken in today's world: 'Social distancing' and the word 'unprecedented'.

Next time you write in, please put down the crack-pipe and take that other homeless man's cock out of your asshole so you can type without shaking.

What in the good fuck were you even trying to say?

There was absolutely no linear form to your email, just random talking points of point and sputter.

If one would ever write an email such as yours, they should seriously consider immediate suicide for such a disgraceful display of idiocy.

The process should be automatic: Write said incoherent piece of drivel; step back from the computer; shoot yourself in the head. Also, before doing that, delete your internet history of all the Hentai porn that you probably watched minutes before writing such a well thought out email....

The world burns because of people like demonangel. Your name is fitting.

Given your style of writing, one would assume 'lunacy' on your part. You write as if you missed taking your head-meds: Frantic, incoherent, random points with no constant theme.

You just want to yell with your fingers; emotionally masturbate yourself while you sit at home with nothing worthwhile to do because you are out of a job, most likely. Out of a job because you didn't have a contingency for when the dinosaur economy (boomer economy) would eventually collapse into dust and a sea of oil oversupply. Now, like many others, demonangel333 has to either get a real job (essential) or live a life of sucking cock; stripping for OnlyFans.

Again, what article or piece of writing are you referring to? A link would have been nice. I have written hundreds of articles. Five books totaling hundreds of thousands of words; totaling just over 1,000 pages.

Who is this 'Alex Jones' and why do you listen/watch him? Is he famous? I am flattered that you would compare my writing to the works of other greats.

I am surprised you didn't say I was literally, Hitler.

Again, the time for flattery is over.

No wonder you are a loser, I would hate to see how you'd write up your resume. Which, instead of emailing me, you should be working on right now while you wait for those Trudeaubucks to fly into your account.

Which in the end you will be taxed on (your own tax dollars....being taxed again).

Did I ask for your peasant-ass response?

Did I ask for your unsolicited council?

No, but it seems you morons just can't help yourselves.

Please re-fresh my memory.....but who are you?

Oh right, a nobody.

A pleb trying to get attention because he(Uh-oh, did I assume your gender?) has too much time on his hands now that the Wuhan virus has exposed all of society's ponzi schemes.

Time For A Rant, From An Actual Author


What is 'essential' and what is not?

Who is valuable and who is not?

Interesting how we haven't heard from all the Girlboss' and feminists, where did they all go? Oh right, most of them now have to prostitute themselves on OnlyFans; hit-up all the beta orbiters for rent money; play nice with men so they don't starve to death.

All of the feminists who worked in HR, non-profits, and in redundant positions made-up by corporations in order to virtue-signal for vagina, now have to ACTUALLY find a way to survive and keep a semblance of their former lifestyle.

Isn't it fun to see that just a month ago we had article, after article, telling us how strong, brave and independent women were?

Now all you see in the streets around you is women freaking out. I didn't see men freaking out in the grocery store, all I saw were a bunch of Boomer women and Millennial Karen's irrationally panic-buying up toilet paper; making their boyfriends/partners go panic buy for them because they didn't want to leave the house.

All I can hear now is women crying, "Stay home, save lives". Funny, I thought staying at home was oppressive?

Now they all have to actually stay-at-home and raise the kids they never wanted to take care of in the first place. Again, I thought staying at home and being a mom was oppressive, Karen.

Daycare is closed and should be forever. Raise your own fucking kids and maybe they won't grow up to be maladjusted school shooters!

Suddenly Karen is a champion for oppression: Lock-downs, closing the borders, social distancing, fines for leaving your home without permission, surveillance, modern bread lines at the grocery store.

Women love being oppressed because it makes them feel safe. Women love being told what to do because it absolves them of any responsibility along with the fact that they wouldn't know what to do in a time of crisis.

Case in point: Panic-buying toilet paper. How do you not have enough toilet paper? The average person uses 100 rolls in year, why are you buying hundreds upon hundreds for a couple weeks in the event you catch the Wuhan fever?

Imagine if women ruled the world. Oh wait, they sorta do because they make up the majority of voters. Hence, why the world is in a feminine-like panic.

Calling for the government to save them with stimulus checks (male tax-payer dollars). The Girlboss' out there, who ran a small business selling stupid trinkets that nobody cares about, are now asking for the government to bail them out.

News story after news story on Canadian television, illustrating how the female business owner is struggling. Telling the viewers how she can't go 1-month being out of business; she won't be able to make rent.

"This can't happen, I am so use to being successful....we need a bailout," the overweight, female business owner cries.

No sweetheart, you need to fail. Everyone needs to fail if they can't survive at least 6 months without active income. If your business couldn't even survive during the Boom times, didn't have enough cash reserves to survive 3-6 months, that means you weren't a successful business owner.

If you lived paycheck-to-paycheck during the good times, you need to fail. You need to get your ass kicked. You needed to fail back then and you need to fail now.

How else are you going to learn?

Living pay-check-to paycheck?

That is unacceptable in a booming economy with under 4% unemployment. The stock market had one of the longest bull runs in its history and you are going to tell me you didn't have money spraying in your face? Did Chad spray in your face, instead?

You didn't save anything? You didn't take profit off the table at each stage in the run in order to prepare for the eventual bear market to come?

In the Boom times you prepare for the bad times; in the bad times you can take advantage of low asset prices so you can then survive and wait for the next boom.

Instead, most people just kept on borrowing and consuming endlessly; as soon as the money came in, it went out. Buying shit they didn't need and assets that were liabilities.

That is all going to change now in this new economy. Minimalism is the way of the future. Those who practiced it before will be even better off now. Those who scoffed at the idea of living a lifestyle of frugality will be the ones dying in the streets, sucking cock for money and crying to the government for more cheese like a fucking rat.

The great culling is upon us. Not in terms of human lives from the Chinese virus as the death rate is laughable, being not even a percent of the world's population, but in terms of economics.

How ironic.

The only people currently keeping the lights on, infrastructure going, are for the most part, men. Supply chains are open and running because of truck drivers (men). Grocery stores have a mix of men and women, however, as I have been seeing, most of the women have laid themselves off due to their emotional response to this pandemic. Not surprising that the store in my area had 80% of their cashiers walk-out when this shit got real.

You can't depend on women during a crisis because they are the first ones out the door during a fire. Feminism has been exposed, like I called it back in January of this year in the article 'Uh-oh, Sum Ting Wong'.

Just like how I called that this Chinese virus would shut down everything and collapse the stock market. A 'lights out' scenario, indeed. The world is closed for business.

All I have witnessed now is that those who were former cheerleaders of feminism have now switched to a new virtue-signal and cause: COVIDism.

You now have all the Karen's snitching on everyone who isn't staying home, calling into the hotlines to report instances of 'social distancing' infractions.

All of the women you know in your life that, just months ago, were flexing their feminist muscles are now the ones frantically washing their hands and spreading all the 'education' about how to 'flatten the curve'.

Instead of being a faghag cheerleader for authoritarianism, how about you women go flatten your own curves? I heard that the Chinese virus is killing a lot of people with underlying health conditions. Obesity is a condition. Heart disease is still the number one killer in America. Fat people and heart disease walk hand-in-hand toward that last midnight.

Most of American's are obese. I wonder why a lot of Black people are dying from it. Hm, couldn't be because a lot of Black people are fat and have diabetes?

No, that would be racist....

The Chinese virus doesn't care about racism or your race. Just like how saying if Black people didn't eat so much Popeye's, drank so much Grape soda, maybe they wouldn't all be dying so fast from this Wuhan virus?

Who would've thought that being unhealthy would eventually kill you, or in this crisis, expedite the process!

90% of the people dying from this virus were on the way out anyway.

All this virus is doing is just speeding up the next months to a few years left on the clock.

Those women (feminist) who are still working, are now harping on their employers to enforce authoritarian measures at work so that they can be protected from a virus that seems to only want to kill 89.7% of people.....who are age 80+.

Yet, all the Karen's who have a <5% chance of dying (if they catch it) are cheering on the total shutdown of the world economy. Suddenly, Karen, who was an advocate of open borders now wants those same borders locked down!

Wow, how ironic!

Suddenly, Karen is now pushing her shopping cart around the grocery store and thanking all the men who are still stocking the shelves. Men who are still working and getting danger pay. Men who are making more money than Karen, who is now out of a job because her job, after all, was 'non-essential' in the grand scheme of things.

"Thanks for all that you are doing, for being on the font-lines of this war against COVID-19," Karen will say to the clerks.

Funny how history repeats itself. Nothing ever changes when a crisis hits a population. Men are always on the frontlines. Women, the moment shit-hits-the-fan will quit their job, get knocked-up, find the nearest man to shack-up with; wait out the storm until all the men have solved the problem.

This Chinese virus has popped the bubbles of our society. This virus popped the ever inflating bubble that is (was?) feminism.

Will it re-emerge after this pandemic?

It will, if we ever get back to an economic froth that was last here months ago (last 40 years) in the Western world.

Feminism, gynocentrism, these can only survive in times of economic prosperity and comfort. In dystopian times, not so much so because the stark reality can't allow it, even one bit.

That is how worthless feminism is: It can only survive in a propped-up environment.

It can be tolerated and humored during the good times. Companies could humor women with make-work positions, advertisers could craft commercials that pandered to the gays and feminist out there in order to grab an even larger piece of the economic pie.

This is a chance for companies to absolutely purge themselves of every SJW that worked for them before this crisis. This is the time to clean house and start with a blank slate. A virus, the perfect excuse to permanently lay off the worthless when this all shakes out and things open back up.

Companies are now pandering to the crisis. Virtually virtue-signalling all the good they are doing during this pandemic. Hoping that you will still be there at the end of it all with your wallet. They will be waiting for you, once again.

Back to Addressing the Pleb, A Nobody


I didn't see you(demonangel333) leave a link to your books or website. I was looking for an interview or a TED talk of you....but oh were joking when you said,"Thanks for listening to my TED talk". Your email was nothing near anything that could be considered TED talk material, hence, why I believe you made fun of yourself for being such a complete, fucking moron.

You must be out of job during this pandemic; a non-essential. Time to waste while you wait for the government to hand you out $2000 to which you will be taxed on in the future. I bet the moment Trudeau breathed those words of relief you jizzed your jeans and licked your own cum off the denim.

Your indignation proved my writing, my craft and what I do here. You are not the first (you're not special) and you won't be the last.

It (the content that a writer provides) moved you in such a way that you couldn't help yourself.

If the writing were so 'disturbing' why not just close the tab and walk away?

If the writing were so insignificant, why did you feel the need to respond in the way that you did?


It is not I who you take issue with. You don't know me.

If you did you would understand that I am neither Conservative or Liberal.

I am someone who understands truth and what reality is as opposed to what society would like you to think it is.

Your ignorance showed in your first sentence. It is the content, the words strung together (by the writer) that motivated you and caused a triggering. My writing is not personal, you made it such. And in doing that, proves you're a moron.

There is a massive economic transition happening right now for the better, yet you choose to waste your time in rage. Not surprising, at all. Instead of taking advantage of the new e-economy that is about to further flourish, instead of taking the huge swaths of time you now have sitting at home to work on a way to better position yourself in this new era we are about to go into, you choose to blame others instead.

That's fine. However, you will be further enraged when smart people come out of this crisis better off than they were even before. The gap between the haves and have-nots will be wider than the gap was between your mom's legs when she spread to conceive your dumb, fucking ass.

If you asked me, she should've swallowed...

If there were no truth to the 'lunacy' written as you called it, there would be no need to dignify it with outrage. Yet, you wrote in.

I am the writer, that is my job.

You are the moron, that is your job since you probably don't have one right now.

Thanks for providing me with content that will now get clicks to the website and will thus entertain those who are way smarter than you.

Thank you, for unknowingly contributing to that in which you were so desperate to hate on. Thank you for telling me to fuck-off because it proves your tolerance, right?

It proves you are a moron, a pleb, a nobody. It proves you a hypocrite. It proves you need to kill yourself so that you don't gulp any more oxygen that could otherwise go to somebody superior.

If you contracted the Wuhan virus and the doctor had to choose between you and an 80-year-old with severe underlying conditions as to who would get one of those precious ventilators, I hope the doctor would do the right thing:

Give neither of you one.

Remember, we must think of the children! The youth is our future!

You don't actually want to think, critically. You just want paint words like 'Alex Jones', 'disturbing' and 'lunacy' all over the place to try and whitewash what you don't like: Truth and freedom.

Deep down, though, the real reason why you wrote in is because you hate yourself. You don't hate me. You hate the words on the screen. Those words formed thoughts and ideas to which caused you to trigger. Now it is up to you to figure out why you got so mad and felt the need to give me (the person you appear to hate) easy content to publish!

You can do one of two things at this point: Be better, or kill yourself.

You seem too stupid to successfully do the latter of those two options, so here is a fun guide to help you through the process.

Thank you for the compliment.

You saying "FUCK YOU" is the best compliment you could've gave me, the writer.

Also, it is spelled 'zero-fucks' not "zero fuchs" or "sero fuchs". I mean, you misspelled it wrong, twice!

Please, kill yourself. Cheers.


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