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HATE MAIL (Love Letter In Disguise): Krissy Will Tolerate Female Teachers Banging Minors

"Do you understand that your material actually resonates with some of the folks in the subject line, and they internalize it? I understand it’s social commentary using humor and triggers and outrage, but not everyone does. To be clear, it is irresponsible; negative words and ideas carry consequential karma, and yours are rather hateful, even if in jest. It’s your life and voice and influence.

Do what you want, for better or worse."

-Krissy, idiot extraordinaire (Are you hot, though?)


Alright, class, let's all thank Krissy for coming up here and presenting to us.

Ok, Krissy, you can go and take a seat now back at your desk...

Now, class, if Krissy had an IQ 120+ her presentation would have read like this, instead:


"Do you horny female teachers understand that your behavior actually resonates with some of the students in your class, and they internalize it? I understand that you female sex scandal teachers are horny for teen cock, and the thought of sex with minors triggers an outrage within your loins, but not everyone feels this way. To be clear, it[sex with students] is irresponsible; negative and these behaviors and ideas carry consequential repercussions for society and yours are rather disgusting, even in jest. It's your life and your career and relationships to ruin. Do what you want, for the worse."

-Smarter version of Krissy,

who would likely be a man named Kris, a wise person


We have female teachers every week, sexually assaulting minors.

Yet, according to Krissy, I am the bad guy.

I wish I could make up my reality, but honestly, comedy sometimes writes itself. My job is just too easy these days. As society gets dumber and dumber, my life seems to get easier.

Again, I am the writer. This isn’t about me. What you really should be thinking about is the content, the themes and the ideas being set forth. I want to bet that if there was no author tag on the article or website, if articles were just generated anonymously by AI, people would actually stop wasting their time trying to deflect responsibility and actually think critically about the messages that are being put forth.

But you see class, people are stupid and they always need a scapegoat or boogeyman to deflect all blame and responsibility into.

Just like women. Just like Krissy! Welcome to the show. Enjoy the decline.

Krissy’s email is yet another pure example of what my satire exposes: People like Krissy.

People like Krissy don’t want to be responsible in any way for society’s follies. Instead, they would rather foster the problem by enabling it.

This is currently Krissy’s thought process:

1. Author exposing female teachers banging their student’s= bad/the problem/irresponsible.

2. Female teachers exposing themselves to their student’s and fucking them=Not the problem.

Krissy, first-off, thanks for your unsolicited counsel like many before you. You are stupid and I am about to lay some wisdom on you. Brew some coffee or get your rabbit vibe out to numb the pain you’re about to endure. It's people like Krissy who think they are smarter than authors (who have done the work) because of their feelz about things.

Feelings don't make you right; feelings make you stupid. Feelings make you look stupid. Case in point:Your email and what will follow below, at length . I know your hate mail is a love letter in disguise because of the fact that it's actually a compliment.

When I get hate mail its acknowledgement that I have done my job, correctly. You want to fuck me, it's's ok. I know....I know. Your email is just a vague attempt at trying to get my attention and establish a relationship.'s ok, sweetie.

Also, I’d like to welcome you to the peanut gallery, you are not the first. No, you don’t get an award for being a retard. Just, please, I know you women have smaller brains than us superior males, but for the love of baby Jesus, you need to shut-the-fuck up and make me a roast; send me some beer in the mail as an apology for the blind spot that was your email.

I know you all deep down and secretly just want to suck my cock for hours and fuck my brains out, but honestly, this game is getting old.

It's why you all keep emailing hoping to start some sort of You've Got Mail scenario with an asshole of an author.

It's so easy to see through you women! It's cute.

However, thanks for using periods and proper sentences; being somewhat clear. If you are hot, I just might do you the honor and fuck your brains out. I am pretty busy, but if you send nudes I can make schedule changes the moment (if) my cock gets hard. Again, I know its difficult and hard to swallow (like something else) but the responsibility is on you to make that happen.

Ok, where to begin.

Your email perfectly exposes the satire: People like you, always, want to deflect from the problem and make the issue all about the artist; author, or whoever is exposing or pointing out what is going on in society. I don’t know if you people even realize this or you do, but my fucking god you guys make this too easy for me.

Again, if you had listened to the podcast or read my blog posts about this epidemic, you hopefully would have stopped yourself from well, embarrassing yourself in front of me and now the entire internet.

“Do you understand that your material actually resonates with some folks in the subject line?”

Yes, that is the whole point. I want it to resonate. Fuck you are dumb. Hopefully you are hot, otherwise, you are going to have a hard life.

Yes, this is social commentary and satire. The point is to mock and ridicule, to expose and criticize people’s stupidity, society, vices or other people’s behavior in order to shame individuals into improving their behavior.

It’s interesting that at the same time our society is decaying, comedy is as well.

Our society has lost all sense of shame. In fact, shaming is no longer ‘appropriate’.

That’s why society is so fucked up now because people have no shame and no thought in regards to what they are doing—much like these horny female teachers that you are defending.

Whether you know it or not, your email exposes this: Your defense of these teachers instead of treating them as criminals. They are not victims. Yet, you come to my office and try to portray me as the one who is “irresponsible”.

Are you a complete, fucking moron? You better have huge knockers...

Do you ever listen to yourself and how your email sounds? Turn off your vibrator when you type...

Are women this stupid? Sadly, countless examples like this every day. Answer: Yes.They.Are.

They also get stupidly horny.

You want to stop being stupid? Well, we can’t fix that. You can try to get a sex change and grow a penis but that won’t give you logic and reason. I am sorry, there are only two genders and you are born with either a nice velvety vagina or with a meat hammer to pound said velvety vagina into a moist mess.

Right, I am the “irresponsible” one exposing the clear epidemic of female sexual criminals that is going on in the shadows, that nobody else seems to want to talk about. Instead, society would rather focus on the fake sexual harassment/rape culture in where most of the cases are false accusations.

Yet, almost every single case that involves a female teacher going to trial, involving the sexual assault and rape of a teenager, almost 100% of them are guilty and convicted. However, almost all of them get lighter sentences than their male counterparts, if not, no sentence at all; a slap on the wrist; some of them even get to keep their jobs.

So don’t tell me who is being “irresponsible”.

You are an idiot. Are you a hot ,dumb, blonde by any chance?

It’s people like you who are so stupid you don’t even realize that you’re the problem in the system, today. There is still hope though, if you are hot and know how to make your mouth and sliz function correctly; sliding it down on a popped-up, pecker.

It’s people like you who always feel they need to emotionally masturbate in front of me via an email. Instead of doing that, why not just masturbate first before you send me a love letter like this.

Karma? There is no such thing as Karma. Women love concepts like Karma because it absolves them of any responsibility. Why, if Karma exists then you don’t have to do anything, right? The world will just solve all the problems, some magical and divine force will just make everything fair, right? Women like Karma like they like healing beads, yoga and energy crystals.

They are all bullshit and do nothing for you. Yoga is not exercise; healing beads won’t rid you of disease and your low energy levels are due to your sedentary lifestyle: A life style that revolves around zero accountability, laziness and worthlessness.

Change it, you won’t need to depend on stupid shit like the above to make you happy, energized and give you meaning and purpose.

It’s why women love government so much because they won’t have to depend on themselves actually solving their own fucking problems. A man (the government) will just do everything for you!

“Yay, now I can go and fuck my pussy three times in a row after I watch Fifty Shades of Sexual Assault!. The government can take care of all my other needs!”

You know how I know you are stupid, Krissy, babe, sugar tits? You contradicted yourself (typical of women) in your email. You said that you, “Understand that it is social commentary and use of humor..” yet in the next sentence you blabber on about how its “negative” and “irresponsible”. Not to mention the biggest laugh-nugget of all, “hateful.”

Comedy is not hate. Comedy is not “irresponsible”.

Comedy is truth.

So if comedy is truth, that is the reason why people like you hate it. That’s why anything funny now or critical of society is considered ‘hate speech’. It’s because people like you hate it, because it’s true.

That’s all that ‘hate speech’ really is: Speech that doesn’t agree with your worldview. So, with that said, people like you just plain hate, speech. You hate free speech. Thus, you are literally (Hitler) someone who would like to see a society in where everyone’s mouth is duck taped; people chained-up in a bedroom. Oh wait….that’s Fifty Shades of Grey!

Rape culture.

You want to see rape culture.

People like you are self projectionists.

You know what is “irresponsible”? : Grown, adult, female teachers fucking their students (minors).

You know what is “irresponsible”? : Calling authors like me irresponsible for exposing this crime.

You want to know, Krissy, who is also “irresponsible”?: You are.

It’s people like you who go out of their way to defend and portray criminals as victims.

End of fucking story.

By Krissy's logic, a journalist who blows the whistle on criminal activity is to her "irresponsible".

By Krissy's thought process, a female teacher who blows some kid's 'whistle' is thus, not irresponsible.

By Krissy's 'rationale', a detective who tries to solve crimes is "irresponsible".

What Krissy is trying to say is: Let's all just ignore the elephant in the room and it will go away.

It is the truth. Truth today though is apparently ‘hate speech’. Lies are not. In addition, what you feel or others feel from my writing is actually your problem. Control your emotions. You are an adult. It’s time to grow up and live in reality. The world is not a fucking safe space. You would know that from my blog because of all the female predators that I cover. The world is a dangerous place, rife with a lot of scum and degenerates.

It doesn’t matter if you think it is “irresponsible”, “negative” or “hateful”.

You want to know why, Krissy?

No matter how you feel about it, at the end of the day: I. Am. Fucking. Right.

And thanks, I will do what I want, when I want and how I please for the better.

You want to know why?

Well, big shocker, I own and pay for this domain; I own the copyright; I pay the bills. I run the show.

This isn’t the house you share with your husband or lesbian partner – I am not sure if you like licking and flicking the giner or getting a hard cock to pump your beef petunia; have two balls drain their effluence into your cushy cauldron.

This isn’t your home in-where, somehow, you get to make all the rules and concessions, even though your beta husband pays all the bills (typical modern cuckhold/household).

This is the Red Island. This is not your home or property.

I pay the bills.

I make the rules.

I have authority. If you don't own something you have ZERO authority. Get it?

At best you are a guest.

You can shut-the-fuck up and listen. That is all you can do here because you don't pay the bills.

A man is speaking and spewing out wisdom. The only time your mouth should be open is if its about to envelop my cock and start the suckjob of a lifetime.

The last line of your email is what I’d expect from a woman. I suspect you are older; most likely married. Your tone is that of which you would take with a husband (beta). What’s funny is your attempt to shame in order to try and get me to correct my ways. Again, I am not your beta boyfriend or husband.

You can’t shame me or make a man like I, feel bad for doing what needs to be done: For executing my craft and my work. My mission.

A lesser man would. Your female ways won’t work here.

Thanks for trying though; it’s always entertaining to watch how you ladies think you are so powerful and manipulative.

Thanks for your email and thanks for helping me expose stupidity. You email is great for the simple reason that I don’t even have to work hard around here to expose stupidity.

Stupidity just seems to land in my lap everyday; land in the inbox.

Warmest regards,

Frank Cervi—Famed internet asshole, zero-fucks author

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