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Christine Blasey Ford: The Face That Killed #MeToo for Cash & Prizes

It should be clear by now that the #MeToo moment is nothing more than a proxy for divorce. It is the new divorce since more men are figuring out that marriage is now a death trap in today's female primary order.

It's the new way for dried up old cunts to steal money from white men with power, status and a job because their ass-ests are now completely worthless; they are too lazy to get a real job or earn power through merit. If women were oh-so 'independent' and strong, they wouldn't need to pull these stunts while slash and burning everything around them.

It also a new tactic that the inferior, the less capable and the less intelligent are using to usurp power from people who have earned it—mainly capable heterosexual white men who have jobs and produce things for a living. #BelieveWomen is basically: Give women money and credibility for nothing.

You may not see it just yet, but “Dr.” Christine Blasey Ford— Doctor is in quotations due to the fact there is no record of her being registered anywhere—, this dumb bitty, is actually a blessing in disguise. Ford may go down in history as being one of the dumbest women to ever try this tactic; go down in the books as the face that finally killed the MeToo movement.

Believe Women Are Capable of Lying, Too

Even before this Garth look-a-like took to the stand at the Senate hearings, anyone with two brain cells to rub together would have gathered that this hag was lying from the beginning with all of the inconsistencies and uncorroborated statements from her supposed friends and witnesses.

The first red flag was obviously the lack of a police report filed and her bringing up these accusations from over 30+ years ago and until the very last minute—right before a heterosexual white man was about to be nominated for the Supreme Court. Ford could also be an operative of the Democrats; they used her for their own agenda of trying to grab power in naked fashion.

After all, the Democrats are a month away from losing power in the Supreme Court for at least a generation. The Supreme Court, for decades to come, will be tilted to the Right—Meaning the nonsense will stop soon. Democrats will have to suffer in a world where they don’t get their way anymore (i.e killing babies, free abortions, open borders to allow illegal immigrants and actual rapists *Cough cough Molly Tibbetts, free tampons; free money provided by heterosexual white men who have jobs).

We now live in a society where common sense seems to only manifest in a small percentage of people. We now live in a world that clearly hates white heterosexual men, who have jobs and are successful.

We now live in a world where the media would rather focus on false accusations made by women instead of the real sexual assault culture that is currently happening with female teachers. Of course, we can't talk about that. Of course, we can't talk about the hundreds every year; 1-3 stories that pop-up ever week now. Oh no, we can't talk about that, because it contradicts the female primary order.

It directly contradicts vagina and its all and powerful magic spray of splooshy goodness and virtue. We can't talk about or mention all the female teachers sociopathically 'grooming' young boys in order to have sex with them because that would be critical of women. And in a gyocentric society, you can never say anything truthful or critical of women, because it would expose either:

A) their sexual strategy for men

B) Their biological nature and predispositions and

C) Make the responsible for their actions.

Or, more accurately, we now live in a world where common sense is willfully tossed aside for the express purpose of an agenda at foot. For instance, if let's say a horrible thing happened to you, like you were gang raped for instance (not a big enough deal apparently to warrant going to the police), why would you not go to the police and file a report to get the investigation started and the law into motion? After all, without the police, who would be able to gather evidence and determine, in an unbiased nature, what really happened?

Now, if your goal is not to have a proper investigation (because you are lying) then you wouldn't want to involve the police. Why would a person do that, you ask? Well, if the police get involved, they would shortly find out that you were a lying piece-of-fucking shit and you would be charged with filing a false police report.

The default response now for any man in this position (being accused) should be: Where is the police report?

If there is no police report, you are full of fucking shit. You have a responsibility if you are indeed a victim of a crime. What is that responsibility, you ask? It's to REPORT THE GODDAMN CRIME!

If nobody reports the crime, how the fuck do you suppose it will be solved? How in the actual fuck will justice prevail? Do you think the criminal is just going to willfully turn themselves into the police and do it for you? You fucking idiots! But again, women apparently have no agency because of the patriarchy, and aren't allowed to report crimes. Right?

And that is my point. People (women) who are doing this are either so fucking stupid that they don't know how to pick up a goddamn phone (they are on them all goddamn day) and call the police, OR, the more likely reason: They are full-of-shit and would rather turn to the Court of Social Media (where due process is nonexistent) where people will just #Listen&Believe them in order to get cash, attention, and prizes.

MeToo has now been exposed as nothing more than a naked power grab in order to dethrone white heterosexual men from positions of power. The sad thing is, the movement takes away from legitimate sexual assault and rape claims. Go figure.

These lib-tards, these women don't care about other people or women for that matter; real victims of assault. All they care about is Me-Me-Me Too. It's all about them and their agenda.

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Christine Blasey Ford, if doing this for the money (attention) and money alone, is just as stupid like all other women before her. Divorce or #MeToo'ing a man is what women do best: Short-term thinking for short-term gains. The only difference between Ford and a housewife is that the housewife isn't subject to felony and jail time for lying to Congress and the Federal fucking government. Is Ford that stupid, or is she that crazy?

Perhaps its both. Women today are truly desperate and have truly gone to the next level of complete and utter lunacy: Lying to Congress.

The amount of money this woman[Ford] has received through her multiple GoFundMe accounts is staggering and should be investigated. More than likely, the vast majority of money was supplied by her Democrat handlers and George Soros. This is nothing more than a woman trying to get money after she has hit the Wall hard, backed up in reverse and has hit that same Wall, again.

With no boyfriend or husband to rail-road, what is the next best thing? Oh right, make baseless false accusations that can’t be corroborated by your friends, family and even one of your ex-boyfriends! Since everyone asked Judge Kavanaugh about his beer drinking habits, why didn't anyone ask anything about how many sexual partners Christine Ford has had, or had during her HS and College years, hm?

Maybe she has had many and can't remember who did these horrible things to her 30+ years ago, whilst finding it extremely hard to find a nearby police station in the city to file a report (which takes maybe an hour or less). Or, maybe she chose the judge because, I dunno, she is a feminist; he is about to be nominated to the Supreme Court and will overturn the ruling on any anti-freedom feminist policy/case that comes his way for the next two decades?

The Past Will Always Come Back to Haunt You, If You Abused It

Everything that Ford’s ex-boyfriend has stated—under penalty of perjury—to the FBI directly contradicts everything that Ford had stated in her own testimony. Ford is a liar and was stupid enough to lie to the Senate committee. Lying and making a false report the police is considered a ‘misdemeanor’, however, lying to congress and the federal government is a felony. Ford is definitely a victim, but not because she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh. She was either sexually assaulted in her mind, or she has mistaken Kavanaugh for someone else. After all, Ford, as stated under penalty of perjury by her ex-boyfriend, is a known liar based upon statements by witnesses and has also committed fraud in the past.

A short summary of the above for the morons out there:

- Ford never mentioned sexual assault

- Ford never mentioned Kavanaugh

- Ford not scared of confined spaces

- Ford not scared of flying

- Ford knew how to beat polygraph

- Ford cheated on him/committed fraud

Remember how Ford said she couldn't fly to the hearing? Well, she flew on all of the vacations she took in the past. Let's now play a fun little game called: Hypothetically, Go-Fuck Yourself.

Let's say that you were a person who was afraid of flying, but in some cases you could make exceptions, or 'bite the bullet' if you will. If you were going to make a trip, or fly for anything, why wouldn't you make that exception for one of the most important moments of your life: A Senate hearing in where you will be testifying, under penalty of perjury, to not only Congress but to the entire nation?

Oh but, you could make the exception for all of those vacations, though. That's just one of the many inconsistencies and lies that has come out of the wrinkled, saggy and dried up mouth of Ford.

Another good one is the fact that Ford could remember that she had 1 drink on the night of the supposed sexual assault, yet, she can't recall or remember any of the more important details like: When, where, how? When you appear as your own 'expert witness' you would think you could remember what actually happened, if it indeed did happen. You see, that's the hard thing about being a witness to fiction; sometimes you can't remember all the characters and their story lines. Story-lines that have either been made-up by you or your handlers, and keep them all straight (as well as your face) when lying to the Federal government.

Julie Swetnick And Christine Blasey Ford Should Co-Author a Dark Erotic Novel

Also, one of her 'witnesses', Julie Swetnick (a lying cunt as well) who was in college at the time, supposedly attended the party (a high school party, mind you). Now, she mentions that the judge was involved in a drug & gang rape ring and that he was drugging and raping girls at parties in the 80's. Hm, interesting. You would think that if you, as woman or anyone, witnessed this happen would...i dunno do something crazy like CALL THE POLICE!

Oh and also, if you, Julie Swetnick, witnessed this all happen and knew about it, why did you leave these parties and the poor women at them, to then go back to more? What are you, some kind of sick voyeur? Again, its all bullshit. That's why.

It's also important to point out that apparently, Julie Swetnick, likes to have sex, a lot of sex; group sex to be exact. Group sex involving multiple men at one time. This is all according to one of her former lovers who dated her back in, well you guessed it, high school. Again, all of this is some sort of bizarre self-projection of some deep psychological issues/hang-ups/desires that these women are engaging in.

It is also noted that Swetnick suffers from some deep 'psychological issues'. Really? I wonder why? Certainly a woman who adores group sex all the time doesn't have some issues or hang-ups.

Another day, another floozie imagines a world in which she is getting gang-banged by high-status men. Go figure.

Any decent person would have called the police if this shit was going on. Also, if this type of activity were happening on campus, word would have got out pretty fast. You don't just start a drug and rape ring and it not come to light real fast. Yet, a lot of the public, as per evidence on social media, the mainstream media itself, tells us all to just #BelieveWomen and to throw out habeas corpus, due process and common sense and to just swallow this blatant bullshit hook, line and sinker.

Ms. Swetnick should be locked up as well after all of this is over. What a fucking lying piece-of-shit. I wonder how much money she was handed after making those outrageous claims that only a fucking retard would buy on the open market of lies.

She is either a huge gambler—rolled the dice on her vagina, thinking everyone would just #Listen&Believe and #BelieveWomen because of vagina—or she is that stupid. She should be charged and locked up. Why?

Examples Must Be Made To Save The West

Ford should not only be publicly shamed, ridiculed and frankly ostracized for such a heinous act, she should be imprisoned. Christine Blasey Ford should be punished to the full extent of the law and then run through the streets so she can experience the torture that she has put an innocent man and his family through. This should be done in order to make an example of this type of behavior that more and more women are doing in order to capitalize on this current social and cultural climate of lunacy. Jailing Ford would be akin to a tribe putting the heads of their enemies on a pike; warding off those who dare to do the same.

Like with children, women need boundaries. If we as a society don’t punish and make examples of bad behavior all we will have is fucking Romper Room.

What is even more perplexing and worrying are the amount of people on social media, and on the street, who are quick to believe, and bend over backwards, for a woman who made an accusation(s). An accusation (s), mind you, that is not provable and will not be provable due to zero fucking evidence.

A 'Credible' Witness, An Incredible Load of Horseshit

The fact that all of her[Ford's] witnesses, ex-boyfriend and friends and family don't support her outrageous claims, is all that you need to know about Ford's wild novel-esq tale of intoxicated rape. If anything, Ford has proven to be a woman who's talent for acting and creativity would be best used for some chick-lit book. Ford is a great actor, and if you are a person who has even a sliver of knowledge regarding human psychology, body language and vocal tone analysis, you would have been able to pick up on what Ford was trying to do during her live testimony in order to sway public opinion. The key word being: opinion . All her 'pretty poses', child-like talk, and inconsistent body language didn't match up with what she was trying to project (defiance, vulnerability, innocence, and cuteness).

With no hard evidence or corroboration, the public and the media could only drum up the moronic lines of, "She was a credible victim/witness". What in the fuck does that mean and who the fuck cares?! Feelings are not facts. Feelings are not evidence. Witch-hunts were based off this type of shit. Yet, living in a gynocentric society are we surprised at our arrival to this type of 'justice system'? Where people believe someone to be guilty until proven innocent? Where feelings and emotions (How women navigate the world) guide the rule of law?

Did you know that ANYONE can appear to be a 'credible victim/witness'?. All you have to do is tell a convincing story, cry a little, and speak like a fucking child who talks like they just got their bike stolen. If your bike got stolen over 30 years ago, would you wait all this time to report it to the police? If you got injured on the job and suffered a great deal of trauma, would you keep on working and come in the next day with your arm hanging from its socket and side-step your boss (who's wondering why you suddenly developed the look of handi). No, because if you did you would be a grade A, fucking moron, who clearly has no agency or common regard for their own health and quality of life.

If something happens to you that is a criminal matter or would bring on a lawsuit (like a workplace injury) you report it to the proper authorities, so the proper channels can get involved and resolve the issue in a timely and effective manner.

Are you a fucking child? No, because children are the only ones who we can grant being incapable and lack capability of knowing such things due to their undeveloped brains, thinking and reasoning skills. However, a grown woman who is an adult would surely have the knowledge of: If something terrible happens to you, that is a crime, you go to the POLICE. Even a fucking child by the age of 10 knows how to dial 911. Is Ford a child?

Well, technically no. But I digress.

Women are like children; give them an inch, they will take a mile. Give women a mile and they will destroy your entire way of life. Feelings have no basis in reality. If logic, common sense, the rule of law and due process go out the window, we are truly fucked as a society and it will be hockey mask time— Mad Max to the, well, max.

#MeToo is the match that a child would find in your house while the adults are out.

Listen & Believe That You Can Hear The Tomahawks Coming

To the insidious people behind the MeToo movement I say this: You can all go and hashtag yourselves to death for all I care. Rest in peace.

If the agenda of MeToo is allowed to permeate and exist within our culture, the West will surely collapse even more rapidly than it has been. #MeToo is the reason why men are leaving CorporateLand and exiting the plantation en masse. Once this trend grows, the economy will take a huge hit and the welfare state can finally collapse. If you think women will save businesses and multi-billion dollar companies by assuming power by way of dethroning men, through baseless claims and affirmative action hiring, you are again a fucking moron.

Women will run these companies into the ground just like they do with their own personal finances. Women are short-term thinkers and all they know how to do is spend other people's (mens) money. It has been proven through observable reality why women can't run an effective business and why there are so few exceptions. Just look at your own workplace. Who does all the heavy lifting? Answer: Men. Who runs the place? Most likely a man and if a woman does, she's probably doing a less effective job at it or is running a huge deficit on the books.

Who built the world around you? Men did. Who built the iPhone that you use to contact men on, fuck them, and then accuse them of rape 30+ years later?

Men did.

After tomorrow (when the vote for Kavanugh's nomination happens), we will know whether or not feminism, and its bullshit, will be further tolerated even at the highest of echelons in society.

Think about it, just in the last couple of years these crazy cunts started small: They went after their bosses; they got away with it. Then they went after CEO's; they got away with it. So, then they went after celebrities; they got away with it. And now, they are even so bold as to go after one of the highest positions in government. Again, give them an inch, they will take a mile.

How much more will society give these crazy fuckheads?

Everyone involved in this scheme, this fraud and deceit, should be locked up for life and rot in prison while experience true sexual assault (prison style). To boot, anyone who disagrees with the rule of law, habeas corpus and due process should be rounded up, gathered, and put onto a ship and driven out to sea; where tax-payer dollars could be put to better use: Launch a plethora of tomahawk missiles at said ship, to allow the smooth transition from stupid and worthless, to rational thinking and common sense.

Let's all believe that evolution can regain a foothold in our society, once again.

True progress.

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