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Empowering Women Increases the Price of Sex

The Atlantic published an article recently that brings attention to the ‘shocking’ fact that young people today are having less sex. This is in direct correlation to the even direr situation with birth rates plummeting in ALL Western countries well below replacement rates.

As we all know, when the media tries to bring attention to an issue, they totally ignore the real root cause of them problem and instead blame men. Almost EVERY socio-economic problem plaguing Westernized countries today can be traced back to the onset of feminism and the creation of our current gynocracy: Female empowerment.

The Atlantic and other outlets won’t actually tell the truth or even attempt to consider this, because again, Vagina. We must not upset all the vaginas or else they might not want to slide up and down on your Johnson; the exact opposite is true. Pandering to women actually dries up their pussy faster than Ellen Degreneres at the sight of Channing Tatum.

Tinder Economy

Despite the easing of ‘taboos’ and the introduction of such hook-up apps like Tinder, the Atlantic still can’t figure out why young people have hit a Bang Bubble. They don’t point out the 80/20 rule in where 80% of the women want/are fucking the 20% of men.

They don’t point out the fact that modern dating apps tilt in the favor of a woman’s hypergamous nature and leave the vast majority of men in the desert with their cocks in their hands.

Dating apps cater and optimize a woman’s hypergamous instinct.

Studies have already proven that for every 300 women a man will DM he might get 1 or 2 on the line. Women get more hits, likes and messages; but it's all quantity, not the quality they are actually seeking. What this means is that women are getting more hits from less desirable men than for high-status men; men whom they would like to fuck and get their sliz squished by.

Whereas women get hundreds of messages a day on these apps, literally giving them the Candy Store effect where choice is abundant and they can pick out the best value for their vagina. There have been countless Tinder experiments done which prove that if you are a ‘hot’ guy you can say the nastiest vilest things to a chick and she will still send her number to you for a hook-up. Tinder is for a ‘hot’ fuck all you can eat, shopping experience.

Tinder has its own economy and it is much like the dating economy in the off-line world in where those who are of high physical status will see the best results in terms of getting an easier lay. In the real world, those with high monetary status will get LTR’s and initially will get a woman’s ‘best’ but that will tamper off once she has you on the hook.

What the Atlantic doesn’t really point out, or make clear, is that for the vast majority of men the juice is just not worth the squeeze—Modern women are such a chore compared to 30-40 years ago. If modern women are tiresome and their value over-inflated it can only mean that the price of sex has gone through the roof. Price meaning the time, energy and potentially money having to be invested in order to get just a modicum of pussy, is becoming more risky and or not worth the investment all together. Sex is business because women make it that way. To a woman, sex is always transnational it’s how they’ve been biologically hardwired.

When the transaction fees rise, the men will retreat. The reason being is because, yes, sex is great….but it’s not as dire as women think it is for men. At the end of the day women only have their vagina and their sex and women now and in the future have to compete with: porn, sex doll brothels, sex toys, VR etc. All of which are STD free and cost way less in order to get your balls drained. This study by the Atlantic and it’s results are more problematic for women than it is for men because after all women need men more than men need women.

A man’s resources, security and provisioning has far greater value (even if it comes from the government in the form of male tax payer dollars) than a woman giving you a blowjob in the bathroom; Sliding her sliz over you cock until you shoot a liquefied Pillsbury dough boy all over her stomach. Women really have nothing else going on other than their Vagina. It’s what get’s them 99.9% of their lifestyles (diversity hiring, welfare, alimony, dinner dates, concert tickets, free drinks at the bar etc.).

The Sex Recession

You would initially think that with the rise of technology making it easier to ‘connect’, people moving in together rather than getting married and the loosening of morals, that the sucking and fucking would be a fever pitch; cum everywhere and women moaning until they're put out of their misery by the thunder down under.


It may seem like there would be an over-supply of sex in the marketplace, except the Atlantic doesn't point out where that supply is being concentrated; 80% is being supplied to the 20% of men.

Now, does the Atlantic or any other media outlet even consider that maybe the cause is women and more specifically; female empowerment? Do they consider what feminism has done to women and the fact that most women today have become sociopathic cease pools of STD’s?

Have they pointed out that most women today have become so trashy, overweight dyke-cutted hedge hawgs? More importantly, have they considered that the price of sex has increased in our gynocracy; which is what always happens?

No, why would the Atlantic consider such truths and realities? Why do stupid people publish studies that don’t point out the real issues and problems? Why is the world full of dumb-fucks?

Moving on.

When you go on Tinder, believe you me, there are all kinds of skanks. However, a lot of men today will say that the vast majority of them aren’t worth the drama, the false rape allegations, the STD’s, the extortion, the baby jail, etc. Men respond to incentives and cost benefit analysis.

The other point is that with female empowerment, you have even fuglies (women who are 5’s or below) thinking that they are entitled to high-status men. When this happens, all standards among the majority of women, rise in where even a 5 is seeking above her fighting weight (which is a lot).

Hypergamy floats and women will naturally, if given the option, go for the top 20% of men. This distorts the marketplace when you have unrestrained hypergamy.

Women Are Their Own Worst Enemy

A woman's greed (her hypergamous instinct) knows no bounds. This will ultimately, if left unchecked, will be her undoing.

The 80/20 rule and the unchaining of female hypergamous nature, also has an effect on modern women and their thirst for quality sex as well: They are all miserable. Feminism not only ruins women, it ruins men as well. What happens when you ruin men (the backbone of your society)? Well, your economy goes down the shitter! What happens when you switch from a family support system to a child support (welfare) system? Well, you get a shit-ton of single moms raising their young boys to be beta pajama boys; who don't hit the gym or try to better themselves.

The supply of beta will increase, the demand for Alpha will increase. The price of sex goes up for the vast majority of men due to the 80/20 rule. further below we will touch more on this.

The price of sex for Alphas will drop (no need to buy her drinks, dinner, concert tickets) as she will suck your cock in the bathroom stall on the first date; the price for beta's will increase (you will have to invest a lot of time and money just for a chance at a handjibber).

When the economy goes down the shitter, women's security and provisioning takes a massive hit.

Women won't be fine, but men will be, because men understand how to make money; women just understand how to spend it (which any retard can do).

Men are motivated by sex, if the price is too high, however, and the opportunities become low or scarce, men will stop producing means or produce at a rate lower than fair market value. If the price of sex for the majority of men today will cost them their jobs, cost them their freedom, cost them lawyer fees, cost them their health, then the will to achieve greatness will slow.

Everything you see around you (skyscrapers, computer systems, wireless telecom, bridges, roads, trains, airplanes etc.) were all invented or made because a dude wanted to get some pussy.

It's how societies progress.

Why is that when everything is catering to their hypergamous needs? One word: Supply. If all the women flood the sexual marketplace and throw their pussy at 20% of the men….there just simply isn’t enough high-valued men to go around. Women will then have either two options:

1)Share an Alpha with multiple women.

2) Lower their standards.

Women have made it abundantly clear that they will not lower their standards. Hence, this why women today are more miserable than their mothers and grandmothers.

This chart (which I have shown before) shows the dating scene in a Patriarchy Vs. Gynocracy. This shows the 80/20 rule in effect when a society enters into a Gynocracy.

In a gynocracy, even the average man has less of a chance to have sex with an average women because she thinks her farts don't smell; she thinks she is somehow entitled to Chad's pint-sized penis. Thing is, high-valued men, at best, will fuck even the average chick, but he won't settle for her.

In fact, when the top 20% of men have all of this pussy supply thrown at until they are 50....they most likely will never settle and be life long bachelors due to the economics of it all. It's much cheaper to rent than to buy, especially when the price is lower for the top 20% of men.

Sex is getting more expensive by the day for the vast majority of men (80%), and for the vast majority of men (80%) the quality has diminished as well. Like Aaron Clarey pointed out in a recent video, “It’s like shopping in a Soviet grocery store.”

Female empowerment has distorted the natural sexual marketplace and has artificially inflated prices. Sex between men and women will and has always been transnational. However, the difference between today and yesteryear is that in the past the quality and the price were reasonable; risks were lower also. Today, investing in a modern woman is like investing in the Canadian oil patch; dead money. If anything, all it's good for is a quick trade and a pump & dump.

Empowering Women Dooms Your Society

This isn't fucking rocket science.

What this comes down to is our society having a massive blind spot (political agenda). Everything is about blaming men; why aren't men getting married? Why aren't men dating more? Why aren't men doing x,y, z? It's never about women being responsible or women's behavior being the issue.

The fact is, feminism has changed our society so drastically over the last 40 years and has radically altered the course of our progress toward the negative. It has essentially fucked with the natural order of the sexes and economics. It has turned the world upside down.

Almost every social and economic issue can be traced back to empowering women and shifting your society toward a female-centric order. When you do this you will get: Lower birth rates, lower wages, higher prices, more consumer debt, more taxes (women vote for welfare), more government, less stable families, etc.

Giving women (who are essentially children trapped in an adults body) all the power and none of the responsibility, what you get is the cluster-fuck you live in today.

Would you give a child a box of matches to play with and leave the home for a week in Barbados?

No. So why would you do that with your society?

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