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Bang, Liberally

If we are to state the obvious on this blog, it is a fact that TheGreatOne, Himself is truly great. Not only is his podcast highly entertaining but it is full of life lessons, wisdom and some pretty deep insight into the current zeitgeist.

To Bang or Not to Bang? That is The Question

Recently, TheGreatOne,Himself put out a podcast episode—that all of you should go an listen to, by the way—in which he detailed his account and romance with a married leftist woman.

The man is a genius, in his philosophy much like how Uncle Nick is in his. In Uncle Nick during the last chapter, he details in the same why banging married liberal women—whom wed limp-wristed liberal men—is a no brain'r.

As usual, TheGreatOne’s story-telling is spectacular, which is mainly why I tune in ritualistically every time he puts out a podcast—whether I’d be ‘Stating the Obvious’, ‘College Kid Cast’, or an ‘Anarchy Moment’. My personal favorite topic is when TheGreatOne, Himself talks about Weyland-Yuntani; the modern workplace—an ongoing saga.

The reason why you shouldn’t feel bad for the cuck-husband and for banging his liberal wife is the very same reason why you shouldn’t feel bad for poor immigrants who want to come to America for ‘success’ but then fuck themselves over by repeating Third World behavior—i.e having more kids than they can afford.

If leftist women and the beta-liberal White Knights, who turn that hoe into a housewife, insist on putting the environment, high price of avocado toast, the government and Social-Justice before the family unit, then why in the absolute fuck would you care if you banged a married leftist woman? More so, why should the ‘husband’ get mad at you for doing so?

Not very tolerate, eh?

As a dude, if you aim on marrying a leftist woman, realize what you are buying.

If she has ridden the cock-carousel through her Twenties, her ability to pair bond with a man has significantly decreased over that time period. If you are a liberal man yourself or a White Knight, realize that as much as you think she will respect you for this virtue, she will not internally in her biology.

This is why, in my own experience, the bulk of women who hit on me are liberal women whom have boyfriends and who are even married. It is because their spouse or boyfriend holds a weak frame in their relationship and the environment is ripe for her to cheat—i.e she can easily get away with it due to the lack of consequences and the cost/benefit of trading up is in her hypergamous favor.

In today’s culture, if you are a masculine man—who hits the gym on the reg, who can hold a conversation with a woman, who is interesting and who projects an attitude of strength—dick’n around with liberal women who have boyfriends or are married is like fishing with dynamite.

Through the ages, it is no secret that women have always cheated or looked to monkey branch from their boyfriends and husbands; however, in the days of long ago this was a lot harder to do. It was more difficult because of the moral and economic climate. Before, it was extremely risky for a woman to cheat because she was dependent on the husband for security and financial purposes.

Today, women have the government and their vagina tingles to guide them through life's journey.

The Invisible Husband

Today, women do not need a husband and they intuitively know this. Even women who are married( more importantly leftist women) know this. Women today want to get married; they don’t actually want to be married.

Marriage today, for the vast majority of women is for several things: Extra financial security and the prospect of a ‘severance’ package; to show off to their other whore friends that they got some shlub to pay full price for her lemon of a pussy. Very few marry for the intentions of doing it for the right reasons: Form a business union in order to raise a healthy and stable family to progress society forward another generation without having to ask the government for some cheese.

‘Bob’, in TheGreatOne’s story, reminds me a lot of Barry in my short story titled Tyrone: A Story for Empowered Women.

Barry, much like Bob, pretty much lets his wife crack the whip and do whatever she pleases. Both characters should have known something was up, and maybe deep-down inside they knew what their wives were up to. For Bob though, in TheGreatOne’s story to get angry for his wife’s thottery, is probably the most hilarious part about the story in all of this.


It’s because he built and fostered his own prison. Expecting your leftist thotty wife to be faithful or try to be monogamous—especially with a limp-wristed liberal man—is like asking a child not to pick it’s nose when nobody is looking.

Fantasy is Reality, Reality Must Be Fantastic!

Lucy, in TheGreatOne's story, is a perfect example of women today. You watch what they do and not what they say.

"Women say what they want to be true, not what is true"TheGreatOne, Himself

One of the best lessons I have ever learned by dating a lot of women is that they will always let you know if they have thought about banging you. You just have to be aware in their subtleties and a bit about female psychology. Women will always project their ideal world when they speak to you, or will project what has been on their mind.

For instance, if a woman you're dating ever says to you the line, "By the way, we aren't having sex tonight" when you are on a date or meet-up, it means she is thinking about having sex with you. If you hold this place in a woman's mind for long enough, she will internalize it and will want it to manifest. She will fantasize about it and like all women, fantasy is reality; reality is fantasy.

No matter how adamant she is about this 'not happening', it is a signal that the thought is, or has been, entering her mind (frequently). It is even more of a signal if she is the first one to bring up sex...especially if it's out of nowhere and is not relevant to the conversation at the time.

It's a woman's way of rationalizing or trying to control her emotions with words. Simply saying that she isn't 'going to have sex with you' is her trying her very best, not to think about having sex with you.

That's how horny she is.

When a woman is stupidly horny, she will make a desperate plea with herself, in her mind, to stop thinking about fucking you because it is causing her distress and frustration. She is basically afraid of how horny you are making her....and why she is having all of these intense emotions and nasty thoughts. Her own hornyness becomes alarming as she knows what happens when 'Loose Lucy' comes out to play. Or if her name is Debbie, when "Debbie Does Everything" comes out to play. Women have two women inside of them at all times:One version of themselves is hysterically horny; the other is the coldest body you will ever come across in a morgue.

This also applies when a woman has a husband or boyfriend and constantly brings him up in conversation while at the same time keeps talking to you, or better, keeps flirting with you.

These are mental forms of clit-blockers that women build or stack up in their mind so as to virtue-signal to themselves that they are being a 'good girl'. Simply saying to herself that 'she has a boyfriend' makes her believe that she has 'done her job' of making it clear he[the boyfriend] is recognized and that anything that happens beyond that point is not her fault.

After all, she said she wasn't going to have sex with you! Must be true!

Watch What They Do, Not As They Say

She said she had a boyfriend.

She said, she said, she said.

Women use their own magic spells on themselves. Yet, things "just happend". This is what they will tell their boyfriends and husbands after you are done deep-dicking them to a wet pulp.

In her mind, she did everything she could to prevent the sex from happening. It's plausible deniability in a woman's mind.This is what is happening, even though you may think it is stupid and makes no sense, to her it is justifiable.

Women need to feel good about being a whore when the right man comes along. Women need to feel good at the cost to reality and society as a whole. Women constantly self-shame themselves because half the time they don't understand why they get stupidly horny when certain guys enter their lives as opposed to when other guys are already just there.

Uncle Nick (aka Nick Tyrella) also pointed out in Burning the Midnight the phenomenon of female idealism projecting onto the real world canvass.

In the chapter titled, Nick's After-Bar Bang Survey, it is revealed through his observations and findings that women today insist that a rape culture exists (the FBI statistics prove otherwise among other variances) due to a collective sexual frustration among the modern female.

Women today project a rape culture or epidemic onto to our current society, not because they want to go outside and get raped or because there are rapists everywhere, no, it is because there is a massive void of dominance in the sexual-marketplace today.

Women today believe that every man out there is a rapist; that men can't control themselves because their pussy is just so fucking amazing. Women today, even the fuglies truly believe in their mind that their pussy is full of magic and that every guy would fuck them. That is the 'rape' culture in a nutshell. It's a woman's solipsistic view of the world.

More specifically, a supply shortage of dominant men. It is not the act of rape that women are mentally clambering for, it is the act of dominance by men that they are seeking. Women today are obsessed about rape; just look at all the movies and books written by women about such topics. They are yearning for 'enthusiastic' consent with an Alpha.

It's only rape if its by an inferior male. It's considered 'great sex' when the right man dominants her pussy.

You have to remember that women put men into two categories: Men with whom they want to fuck, and men with whom they want a buck out of.

Hence, the modern day thottery. It's rape when she deems you as a less than desirable male, with less than desirable sperm/genetics.

Will you help her in her quest for another vacation to Cancun and be the supporting 'loser'? Or will you help her in her quest to have her pussy serviced like her gas tank at a pump station?

The modern day prostitute works on Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Youtube etc.

If society wants to take the path of self-destruction with feminism, then as a man who is enjoying the decline you should take full advantage of this situation. If women insist that stealing from other people (raises taxes) and praise putting the government before the family (getting married, not being married), then why not enjoy some young, 24-year old pussy?

If women can't control their vagina's and the tingles that come with it, why not be the guy with whom she would like that deep-dick'n from?

Women are ultimately responsible for the sexual market place and it's rules. As a gate-keeper you make the rules, so don't be upset when Christian Grey or Chad isn't there when your cooter is all beat up and looks like the trenches of Verdun. Don't be upset when at 30+ you realized that you can't have it all anymore.

You Have a Choice, Choose Wisely

Today as a man, you have two choices: Be the guy she comes to for provisioning; or be the guy she cums too while she's masturbating at night in bed beside her beta provider. One of those choices for a man carries far greater financial risk. If you have to ask yourself which one that is then you are fucking stupid; get off of this blog, now.

Bob chose to be the guy she 'settles' for after taking barrels of dick for 12+ years. Bob chose to buy a used product at full retail and then expect it to perform the same as a brand new one. Bob wanted to make a certain meal but had the wrong ingredients for that meal. That meal was marriage. You don't choose cock-carousel riding leftist hussies to make an ideal marriage.

Lesson of the day: Don’t be like Barry or Bob; be more like TheGreatOne, Himself.

Visit TheGreatOne,Himself at Cynical Libertarian Society


Choose to Bang Liberally Like Nick. Pick up a copy of Burning the Midnight!

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