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Gillette: The Best A Cuck Can Get

As you are aware by now, this author has seen and heard some very, very stupid things in his life. I have witnessed and been around so many painfully, fucking stupid people, that I have managed to carve out a nice little living from it—my writings and satirical novels. Society is doomed; mine as well mock it until it burns.

However, the other day, I managed to witness one of the most retarded, idiotic, hate-filled, misandric, fucking stupid things I have ever witnessed in my entire thirty years on this wasteland of a planet: The latest commercial Ad (left-wing propaganda piece) from Gillette.

It currently has over 3.5 million views; over 313k dislikes to 66k ‘likes’: A complete marketing, disaster the likes of which are on par with EA’s Battlefield 5 or worse. Gillette, is just one more brand in the current year that has chosen to commit corporate suicide instead of what they are suppose to be doing—selling their fucking products to their fucking target customer.

As usual, the leftists who control Youtube are helping Gillette delete as many critical comments as they can, censoring comments ( I can't comment any more, apparently), and have been caught buying up-votes already; also choosing to up-vote only positive comments and censoring top 'negative' comments. Are we surprised? No, this is what weak lefties do; they want to censor reality.

That commercial Ad was so gay that I almost got the urge to shove one of Gillette's shaving- cream cans, up my asshole. I could taste the soy.

That's how fucking soy, pussified, and fucking gay that Ad was. For a company specializing in masculine products, it begs the question: Who let a vagina into the boardroom that day? Who decided to put on their pussy-hat that morning instead of a suit and tie?

Everyone involved with the marketing for Gillette is so fucking stupid, that even people with mental handicaps can’t stand to be around them, or this Ad.

If Joseph Goebbels were alive today, he would've creamed in his suit pants—he would have got a boner that would’ve saluted stiffer than his dominant hand.

The level of brainwashing to get White men to hate themselves (notice how it was just White men who were under the microscope), is on par with some of the greats throughout history in terms of developing propaganda.

Gillette, a brand owned by Procter & Gamble, is supposed to be a company to which sells razors to men. Yet, they go ahead and commit every imaginable business/marketing sin in the book: They insult their core customer (masculine men); sell virtue-signaling propaganda instead of razors.

Just think about what they are doing, from a business perspective for one second.

They chose to pander to people (leftists, women (SJW’s) and soyboys) who will NEVER even consider buying one of their razors. Soyboys today can’t even grow a fucking beard, let alone a pube. Yet, Gillette decided to put politics over profits and put out, what has to be, the gayest, most fucking retarded video Ad for a product I have ever seen in my fucking life.

The video was gayer than Pilates.

The video was so fucking retarded (from a business perspective) that now, whenever I think of the word Gillette, I picture it with a helmet on-top. Yes, the people in charge of Gillette are so fucking retarded that they put the helmet on-top of the word ‘retard’.

The person(s) in charge of the marketing for Gillette should be not only ashamed of themselves, but should be embarrassed for producing one of the most ‘disliked’ videos on Youtube(currently #5) soon to be #1 of all time.

That is how fucking stupid you people are. That is how fucking pathetic you people are. You back-stab your customer for the sake of staying relevant in the current year (Procter & Gamble is no longer a relevant company) because you sell over-priced razors to men who are starting to go and find other companies that charge less (Dollar Shave Club, for example).

I am not finished, yet.

The ironic part about all of this virtue-signaling is the fact that these people, these retards, have no fucking idea that it is the LACK OF MASCULINITY to which is causing EVERY MAJOR problem that we have in the current year; school shootings are overwhelmingly committed by young boys who come from single-mother households.

FYI: 43% boys raised by single women. 78% of teachers female. So half of the boys have 100% female influence at home, and 80% influence at school. Toxic masculinity is not the problem.

The problem isn’t ‘toxic’ masculinity.

The problem is toxic gynocentrism. There is nobody there to lead you men in the household because mommy was a total slut (lack of male authority/unchained hypergamy) and chose to spread her legs for multiple deadbeat. Ads like the one by Gillette shame men for being men, as being defective from birth; makes them believe that they are the cause of every fucking problem in the world. Well, guess what? Without men, you wouldn’t have the fucking society that we live in now.

If everyone was a pussified woman (the way you are trying to socially engineer it), we would all still be living in mud huts. Nothing would ever get done. Just a bunch of lazy fucks, asking for welfare.

So, with that said, I am re-configuring my wet-dream list.

My wish and ultimate wet-dream for the future is to see the biggest ironic event to ever happen: Heaven forbid, some berated White male should shoot up Procter & Gamble. If that happens, it would be the most ironic thing to ever happen in the history of all things, ironic.

If there is a terrorist attack, like 911, and planes fly into the Procter & Gamble building; only hitting the marketing boardroom, well, this is what would happen if someone uttered the words to me: Where were you on the day of 911: 2.0?

Answer: I was watching the T.V and saw the planes fly into the marketing room; I didn’t shed a tear, just creamed my jeans. I then proceeded to call up the nearest hotel to book a ‘party room’ and invited a bunch a masculine men who built society; we then popped champagne and put the footage of the planes hitting the Procter & Gamble building on repeat; we danced the night away. I slept as sound as a pound. Not losing an ounce of sleep.

If Hitler were alive today, I would make it my mission to get a ‘sit down’ with him and convince little ol’ Adolf to ignore the ‘Jewish problem’ and focus more on the Procter & Gamble, problem. Just fly a couple Stuka JU-87’s over the building and be done with it.

If you think that is hateful, then you are fucking retarded, again. Hate is what I saw in the Gillette ad. What you just read above was a hilarious depiction of fantasy. It will never happen….we aren’t that lucky as a society.

The Gillette Ad is on a whole new level of hate; it is nowhere close to wishing a couple of planes hitting their marketing team.

Propaganda (the ad that Gillette put out) will cause so much further damage to society than a couple of stupid fucking planes.

If Procter & Gamble, a corporation with a supposed ‘culture of tolerance,’ can be hateful towards the men in our society, then I think I am allowed to be hateful against evil.

If you are a man of any salt, and you continue using ANY products associated with Procter & Gamble, you are a cuck.

If you are a ‘man’ who works in the marketing department for Gillette and you support what your company is doing (committing corporate suicide), I bet in a year’s time your wife’s son will be enjoying your razors. And if you didn’t just get that joke, you are fucking stupid as fuck: Brain-dead stupid.

Everyone responsible for this Gillette ad can eat the biggest bowl of steamy shit, and fucking die.

Fuck you all, have a nice day.

Ps. If you work for the Gillette brand, you mine as well just send me your girlfriend’s/wives, my way— because men like me will be the ones fucking them instead of your soy, asses.

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