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Gaslighting: Petty Dictators In The Workplace

CorporateLand, if you have read the book, outlines the many potential landmines in the workplace.

Like in all relationships, whether they’d be of a 'romantic' nature or in a workplace setting, it doesn’t matter. The same diseases and symptoms you will find in one, you will surely find in the other.

In CorporateLand, sometimes you will come across a co-worker, supervisor, or someone in a position of ‘power’ whom are mentally-ill, jealous, and power-hungry control freaks.

One of the main psychological and manipulative tactics that you will, in no doubt come across, is the Psyop (Psychological Operation) of: Gaslighting.

Gas Lighting: A Mental PSYOP Campaign Commonly Used by Dictators & Known Abusers

Gaslighting is a technique commonly used by narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths.

If any of you know your WWII history, you would have come across a man named Joseph Goebbels—A Nazi Snap-fuck, German politician and more importantly, a master at propaganda and brainwashing.

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes accepted as the truth.” –Joseph Goebbels, a Nazi fucktard

Gaslighting is a form of persistent manipulation and brainwashing that causes the victim to doubt her or himself, and ultimately lose her or his own sense of perception, identity, and self-worth.

People who gaslight others are 99.9% of the time, worthless and sick individuals: A worthless individual who seeks to obtain power and authority through passive and manipulative ways because he/she cannot physically dominate or compete themselves.

When specifically dealing with workplace gaslighting, the victim (the Gaslightee) will often be someone who is powerful, superior or is generally better at their job than the gaslighter (the actual inferior) in question. Remember, people who gaslight escalate their tactics when they feel they are either: Losing power or about to lose power.

Now, people who are generally unaware of these despicable tactics in the workplace tend to be the young and inexperienced—Interns, greenhorns and or individuals who are not versed in human psychology, inter-personal dynamics and sexual dimorphism/sexual dynamics.

Being experienced, by having been in many relationships— having extensive experience dealing with people in the workplace— yours truly can spot a gaslighter snap-fuck from 100 miles away, like Vasily Zaytsev with his Mosin-Nagant M1891/30.

Being astute in human nature, an authority on the matter, and putting in years of research on human behavior, can make one have a state-of-the-art radar system for these sick individuals.

What I have come to find is that people who gaslight others tend to be weak individuals—male feminists (manginas) or their close counter-part: Unstable women. Specifically women who have some sort of mental hang-up or psychological damage.

In today’s modern culture, where more and more women are becoming narcissistic (while entering the workforce in droves) in their quest for power, control and attention, we are seeing gaslighting come back into vogue as being a common occurrence in the workplace and in ‘romantic’ relationships. Feminism has unleashed the worst in women: Their petty, dictatorial nature.

Give women any means of power and they will abuse it to its fullest for their own selfish gains. Women are lazy, women are petty, and women can only get what they wish if you let them...because they aren't capable of physically taking it by force.

The worst offenders of gaslighting tend to be low-level, female managers who are wannabe dictators— a simpleton, who is given the slightest bit of power and abuses it; uses their ‘power’ to dominate and control their employees like some Queenbee, wannabe.

They do this for a variety of reasons:

  • Are insecure about their performance/abilities.

  • Want their employees to do their job for them because they are lazy.

  • Feel threatened by the positive performance/competence of their ‘subordinates’.

  • Are feeling a loss of control in their own personal lives and seek to control and dominate others elsewhere (at their place of work).

The PSYOP Campaign at Work

Below I will go through a pattern/playbook I have noticed that most gaslighters use when trying their hardest to control and dominate others through manipulative, psychological gymnastics.

Lie and Inflate

The gaslighter creates a negative narrative about the gaslightee (“There’s something wrong and inadequate about you”), based on generalized false presumptions and accusations, rather than objective, independently verifiable facts, thereby putting the gaslightee on the defensive.

“I have noticed for a while now you have done X, Y and Z…..are you feeling OK?”

“Are you feeling bored working in Department X? I have been noticing you have lost your zest as of late…..”

“Are you sure you want to be here, in Department X…?”

“I have been noticing an attitude with you as of late…..”

By the way, the most common way this tactic is executed in the workplace goes as such:

You will arrive at work, barely getting to your office, while your abusive and mentally-ill manager will come up to you and start sounding like a poorly crafted commercial ad for a pharmaceutical drug.

"Are you feeling OK as of late? Are you lacking the zesssssst and passion that you once had for this job....?"

The tone will be very patronizing and insulting; like how commercials try to make the consumer feel inadequate with their lives (Buy this product to make you happy!). Like how Hitler would talk to a lowly Jew.

You will, no doubt, come across a manager or boss using the words 'zest' and 'passion'. Which, by the way, are the two gayest words in the English language aside from 'palates' and 'flaming'.

Again, these psycho bosses are just as evil as Gillette in the current year. Gillette is now one of the gayest brands out there.

“Some people try to be tall by cutting off the heads of others.” —Paramahansa Yogananda

What causes the gaslightee to go on a defensive is due to the above claims being so outrageous and opposite to the current situation.

The false accusations usually come out of nowhere and are usually dished out during a period where the exact opposite is true. The victim at this point in time is usually or has been at the top of their game. This is what the gaslighter has really been noticing and it is driving them to the point of mental insanity.

But you see, that is the point and mission of the gaslighter—to take you down a peg. They want to make you believe that you are not as great as you are; cast doubt in your mind for the sole purpose of making you fall victim to the frame they want to put you in: A weak frame and worldview of yourself.

The ultimate goal and agenda of a gaslighter in the workplace is to make you submit or relinquish yourself (quit your job). The latter is due to the fact that the victim in question is making the gaslighter look bad—exposing their incompetence.

Projecting Ones Own Sins

If the gaslighter is a liar and an incompetent fuck, they are now accusing you of being a liar and an incompetent fuck. You constantly feel like you need to defend yourself for things you haven’t done.

The gaslighter will always project what they are doing onto their victims to distract, not only themselves from their own failures, but to make others think it is them [their victims] who is to blame.

Remember, these people are certifiably insane and need help.

Using What You Love Against You

Additionally, people who gaslight use what is closest to you against you. If you love your job, they will find 'issues' with it. This abusive manipulation tactic causes the victim to question the foundation of themselves as well as what they hold close.

If you are especially good at your job, this will be the focus of the gaslighters attack: Trying to make you think you aren’t even when all the facts and evidence prove otherwise.

Again, gaslighters are incredibly worthless and inferior individuals who need to exit the world, stage right; saving the world oxygen that can be used for better individuals.


Like psychological warfare, the falsehoods are repeated constantly in order to stay on the offensive, control the conversation, and dominate the relationship.

Usually pointing out facts and other rational conclusions to the wannabee dictator goes in one ear and out the other of the person trying to gaslight his/her victim.

Gaslighters as notorious hypocrites who usually cast accusations that they should be casting upon themselves. Most of it is psychological projection of what they are doing, or are not doing in their job—they are trying to make you the bad guy; distract everyone from their incompetence.

Escalate When Challenged

When called on their lies, the gaslighter escalates the dispute by doubling and tripling down on their attacks, refuting substantive evidence with denial, blame, and more false claims (misdirection), sowing doubt and confusion.

This is a person with some serious, mental issues that not even doctor Josef Mengele ('Angel of Death') could fix.

Wear Out the Gaslightee

By staying on the offensive, the gaslighter eventually wears down their victim (if the victim is unaware of this tactic), who becomes discouraged, resigned, pessimistic, fearful, debilitated, and self-doubting.

The victim begins to question her or his own perception, identity, and reality.

Flattery & False Hope

A common technique of a person who gaslights is to tear you down and then build you back up, only to tear you down again.

However, the uneasiness comes from the love and flattery. Whether you realize it or not, you are becoming used to being torn down.

However, the praise may lead you to think that the abuser isn’t all that bad.

As a manipulative tactic, the gaslighter will occasionally treat the victim with mildness, moderation, and even superficial kindness or remorse, to give the gaslightee false hope.

This false hope will normally come in an awkward and non-sincere apology from the gaslighter in hopes that you (the gaslightee) will also apologize for the false accusations put upon you.

But beware. The temporary mildness is often a calculated maneuver intended to instill complacency and have the victim’s guard down before the next act of gaslighting begins.

Never apologize if you haven’t done anything that the gaslighter has accused you of. And NEVER accept the non-appology from the gaslighter.

Why? If you accept the apology, you are giving them permission to continue the abuse.

“It’s OK that you are a fucking liar and are trying to manipulate me…please…continue.”

That’s what you will be communicating to the wannabe Adolf.

In these circumstances, the victim might think: “Maybe she’s really not THAT bad,” “Maybe things are going to get better,” or “Let’s give it a chance.”


Being gaslighted is an assault and you should be on a war-like footing.

How to Defeat the Gaslighter

It’s actually pretty simple: Just use their Psyop against them.

Turn the tables on the gaslighter. Remember, these individuals are already emotionally unstable, fragile and in a weak mental frame—they will break easy. You need to break them; crush them.

Like with bullies, the only way to defeat them is to annihilate their will with equal to or superior counter measures. In life, in alot of things, you have to fight fire with fire. There is no other way.

Just like how firefighters fight forest fires, you need to do a controlled burn around the fire in question; to suffocate it.

Bullies will only stop if you just tell them to fuck off and that you will not stand for their stupid bullshit. At work, you can't physically punch or beat their ass to a bloody pulp as you don't want to get an assault charge and fired. However, you can do something better: Make their work-life a miserable hell by sticking around and doing what you have been doing the entire time: An amazing performance/job.

If you are aware of the primitive and quite frankly, amateurish tactics of the gaslighter then you will have no trouble turning the tables.

Do not spare these people any quarter, make sure you crush their soul and make them pay for their mistake of crossing you—a highly intelligent person, well versed in human behavior and inter-personal dynamics.

In CorporateLand, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty.

That is the nature of cubicle warfare.


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