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How to Compliment A Zero-Fucks Author

Having sold thousands of books, as an author (fairly new to the scene), is an accomplishment I will gladly own. It's something that I didn't really expect to happen so quickly when presenting my craft to the world.

However, I showed up; which men are great at doing.

We show up, we stick to our craft; honing that art. We see things through with a purpose, with a fire in the belly; drive and ambition.

Women are great at showing how they might show up; not really great at physically showing up and being consistent.

How Great It Is, To Have a Nutsack

TheGreatOne, Himself goes into detail on why women can't be consistent in their lives, let alone show up; why men are more successful than women in everything. You can find this wisdom throughout his recent podcast episode, here.

You see, just like yours truly, TheGreatOne, Himself shows up and has been showing up for a decade and a half; doing podcasts and writing. We, like many other men like ourselves, show the fuck up and do what we do best.

Unlike your typical female blogger, who does things because she sees other people doing it (emotional), you will notice that TheGreatOne,Himself doesn't have a blog or a website like your typical, half-ass; one that hasn't been updated in 6 months or even years. You see, TheGreatOne, Himself has something called: Consistency.

He puts out regular and multiple podcasts a week and updates his website. Being consistent has a lot to do with showing up. Everyone who listens to it is forever grateful because it is not only fucking hilarious, it is also informative and insightful.

We are all grateful for TheGreatOne, providing us with entertainment and insight into stupid college kids, Stating the Obvious things that your average snap-fuck can't understand, or exposing how All Women Are Like That.

Thank you, for showing up, sir.

Being consistent speaks volumes. It shows that you take what you do seriously. Women can't show up or be consistent because even they can't take themselves seriously.

Showing up is half the battle. Women have a hard time showing up to things, let alone, seeing things through.

Kinda like female bloggers; their emotions rule their will to do anything. When your emotions rule you, you tend to do things without a clear direction, purpose or meaning and are more likely to give-up on those things.

Kinda like women and their relationships with men. 80% of divorces are initiated by women because of rapid changes in their 'feelings'. Women give-up easily because they never have to work for anything in their lives. That's what a vagina is for; doing the work for you. Vaginas do the getting 'worked'.

Remember, a woman cares not for the abuse her vagina takes throughout the years (roast beef sandwich); only cares about what her vagina can get her. Her vagina is like her car: She doesn't care how dented it gets or if the oil is leaking, she only cares about if it can get her from point A to B.

Giving-up and 'giving it up' are both related.

Why work on anything, develop character, a craft or a skill, when it's easier to just suck-off a cock or two, or three or a hundred? Its not an insult...I mean...if you are good at one thing, like sucking cock for resources, then by all a parasite.

Society needs it's metaphorical cock sucked. Hopefully, you are just really good at it and can separate yourself from the 4.3 billion other cock-suckers. Maybe you developed a new and crazy tongue technique?

Be the best cock-sucker you can be; a pioneer of penis.

Speaking of compliments.

Complimenting The Size of My Pen

(The Ink Spilled)

There are only two types of compliments that you can give to a rare author like myself:

One type comes from intelligent people (mainly men) who read my work; the other comes from stupid simpletons, who obsess over my blog;check it religiously, only to get triggered by it; telling others about it, so they can all let me know how triggered they got by it.

That's the peanut gallery, though. Sometimes you just can't explain the stupid; just let them be.

Life is great when you are a zero-fucks author, because even people who hate you will pay you with compliments (spending their finite energy on you).

It's hilarious.

They could be spending their time working on bettering themselves, yet, choose to spend it stewing in their own hatred of themselves, really. That hate is what my writing brings out in them. It's the way in which I write; like I am having a conversation with them specifically...but not really.

That is the art of my craft.

You see, what I mock is the common. The people who hate me are usually common idiots who all have something in common: They are all common... morons.

When you are a part of the herd and have commonalities with the majority, it will come across as though I am making fun of you (a common person, if you are one), specifically, but I am not.

That's how common these people [stupid people] are.

If you are smart, intelligent and enjoy true comedy, you will probably not fall into the camp of: Common. Thus, you won't be offended because you are not a part of the herd and won't feel that you are the subject of the roast.

If you do [get offended], I don't ultimately care... because that's your problem. An adult in the room can manage their emotions.

Women and children, can't.

If you can't manage your emotions, please, after reading any of my work, find the nearest adult (a man) and cry. If you do this, he will most likely pat you on your Dyke-cut; leave for the bar to bang some women...whom are hotter than you.

Even if you do feel that way, but at the same time have a sense of humor about it, you are better off for it.

It takes balls to learn, laugh and move forward.

Praise To the Lord On High

The other day, I received a compliment from Black Label Logic—a prominent writer in the manosphere, author of Gendernomics. Gendernomics is a book that you all should read as it delves into some serious numbers and data behind much of which is discussed in our sphere.

Every craftsman, every writer has their own uniqueness. Yours truly is best known for delivering some of most savage and hilarious satire written in recent times. It takes a genius to compliment another genius in such a manner as follows:

Black Label Logic tweeted some very important points when it comes to dealing with corporate psychopaths, a topic which I wrote about last Tuesday on the Red Island Blog in a post titled Gaslighting: Petty Dictators in the Workplace.

Check out his[Black Label Logic's] website if you get hard-on's for statistics and data, paired with nice sides of inter-sexual dynamics.

High praise from one to another.

Writing the book on corporate culture [CorporateLand] through satirical prose took a lot of work, thought and creativity. Even though I could care less if anyone is listening or reading (Western society is doomed anyway), it's always good to see that there are still a few sane, rational, and intelligent individuals out there who can recognize good satire when they read it. That is the aim of my writing; exposing the truths through humor; mocking the stupid is also a bonus and comes with the territory.

On the other hand, I would actually consider that the best compliment a zero-fucks author can receive is from his haters, hating.

Why? Well, when your haters (the jealous idiots) are obsessing over your blog, it means you are doing your job and doing it well.

If you read my blog/books and sperg-out on your couch at home, it just confirms that the truths I expose through my writing are indeed, striking at your core.

It says a lot about a person when they lurk on your website, waiting to get triggered. It's like someone waiting to get fucked by a rapist; a weird orgasm will happen without your consent.

Triggered by a rapist wit.

I can just picture the masochistic libtard-hater out there, opening up my most recent post (their choice): Having a silent tantrum while they drink their soy juice and eat their 3-piece almond dinner, with a side of cranberries (the vegan diet).

Nothing gives an author like me more pleasure than hearing, through the ether, all of the silent tears hitting the fabric of flannel shirts; puddling onto the screens and keyboards of social justice warriors and virtue-signalling hypocrites, alike.

It's almost better than sex....almost.

Why is this the best compliment that I can receive?

Well, it means that my writing is so potent, that even people who can't stand it, can't even pull themselves away from it to ignore it completely.

It's that addictive.

It's that much of an emotional roller-coaster, especially for women.

To boot, these people who wish to see me fail are actually helping me out, because they don't seem to understand how the internet works.

Every time you visit my site, every second that you spend, and every click that you give it, boosts it's searchablity on Google.

Which means more people will be able to find my website and books, in turn, exposing them to the truth and comedy (the way it was meant to be done).

Even if you leave a negative review, it still boosts the algorithm for that book. Smart people (men), my target audience, can see right through fake 1-star reviews, anyways. In fact, they will be more likely to purchase and inclined to read that book.

Why? Because when something is considered 'taboo', it makes people interested.

In fact, when Burning the Midnight got it's first 'review' ( by a SJW saboteur), sales actually went up and increased, significantly.

I thought it was the funniest thing, ever.

I laughed and almost jizzed my jeans.

Today, Burning the Midnight, along with all of my other books, sell multiple copies (every goddamn day).

The only problem this causes me: Extra work come tax season.

Oh, no! The horror!

I not only thank the smart and intelligent men who read this blog. I especially would like to thank the haters and the jealous snap-fucks out there, for making all of this possible.


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