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PunchRiot Magazine Publishes 'After School Special'

Volume 2, Issue #2 of PunchRiot Magazine has just dropped, and yes it is a banger: Chalk full of heavy-hitting writers from all over the interwebs, issue two is a giant load for sure.

After School Special is my fourth piece to be featured in PunchRiot Magazine since its inception.

It is a story told in mockumentary style in where you, the reader, are a fly on the wall, part of a TV film crew documenting the going-ons inside a typical American high school full of angsty, sexually curious teens; immature and horny teachers as well.

You might be asking yourself, "Dude, how do you do it all?"

I know, being a White heterosexual male is no easy existence. Aside from doing podcasts, writing C|Suite letters, keeping up with real life Female Teacher Sex Scandal stories, crushing my haters, crushing beers, smashing pussy, and also crushing it in the stock market by making 124k+ in 2020, you would think I'd be dead from exhaustion.

It's called being superior; being a renegade. You should try it sometime. A good start would be to subscribe and read Punch Riot Magazine. Get a taste of the renegade way.


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