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The Kampf Is Over: 100k+ Earned In The Stock Market For 2020

Christmas came early this year; so did I.

Sitting at my desk right now, drinking Veuve clicquot.

I usually drink beer, preferably a good Ale. I really don't care for champagne, honestly.

However, deep down I just thought it would be the proper product to celebrate with. I'll most likely pour the rest of the bottle down the drain....because I can.

The goal and mission of making 100k (in just the stock market) this year for yours truly has been met, and then some. I've even managed to exceed said goal by 24k as of typing this.

This is what happens when you live your life like a renegade.

The main Kampf is over, but now the real problems begin: Having a huge boner right now is one of them. I also need a new pair of jeans, as they'd been creamed instantly the moment the digits marked the occasion.

You are probably going to ask, "So, does this mean you are going to buy a new car or blow it on the latest do-dat?"

No. That is what losers do.

My life will continue on, living in the shadows and appearing as though I have very little money.

That is the trick. Drive a modest car, wear stylish but reasonably priced cloths; live a modest life on the surface. When Vegas is back up though, that is where the fun will happen. And other destinations, of course.

In effect, live like you're an MI6 spy with a cover: Have a normal "job" or gig on the side. There is a chapter in the novel Uncle Nick about keeping the Gold-Diggers away that talks about the desired outcome of being a minimalist, asshole.

Man, that Nick should listen to him.

Karen et al On Suicide Watch

Karen and her brigade of haters (whom lurk on this blog daily/attack it) are now on suicide watch. This of course is not making my hard-on go away any faster.

This morning, Karen probably woke-up as usual: Had to witness a POV shot of her fat, fucking, GUNT...while trying to sit up in bed to take a deep, wheezy breath.

I, on the other hand, had to witness yet, another day of my stocks going parabolic, like my boner.

Who do you know that makes +63% or 40K+ in just one month in the stock market?

It has been the best month so far this year, and it is all thanks to two of my best picks of 2020.

The Kampf/struggle to hit 100k was getting real last month, when I'd realized I was around 14k shy of hitting the target, but then the Canadian government finally tabled legislation to finally lift the stupid prohibition on single-event sports betting.

That fucking fag Trudeau finally did something right.

I'm going to assume businessmen from the sports, media and gaming community had to lobby him, hard: They first tried female hookers; found out Justin likes gay butt-sex and anal fissures; sent some male dancers from Exotic Divas to pack his fudge at 24 Sussex Drive.

You have know idea what it was like to be short 14k just months away from the end of the year, not knowing if you were going to be able to nut and blow your load.

You think Santa has issues? He isn't the only one who had to wait all year, with a sack so big.

This stock just got the biggest hard-on in the last month.

Look at that fucking's massive!

I bought this hidden gem when it was in the weeds at .40 when the market crashed back in March-April 2020. With knowing it was just a matter of time before the Federal legalization of single-event sports betting here in Canada, and knowing how successful it has been in the United States (i.e PENN, DRAFTKINGS, etc.) this was going to be a big winner (pure play).

Up +284%....not bad, room for improvement.

Shall we continue?

This thing has been getting a steady, slow-dance chubby too.

Bought this fucking thing when it was at .58 on the ground floor, knowing full well that the "pandemic" would cause more depression, suicide, anxiety and hopelessness than anything.

Recessions/"Pandemics" are where fortunes are made.

It is all by design. Enter, the Shroom Boom.

Psilocybin has been proven to work and everyone knew it back in the hippy-dippy 60's. It's just now that it is being accepted into the mainstream.

Once this thing up-lists to the NASDAQ and all the Robinhood Zoomer traders get a hold of it, my balls will likely burst.

Up +486%....not bad. Could do better, though.

Hopefully Karen et al hasn't self-harmed yet. I would like to dig the shiv in a bit further.

Also, now that people like Karen are going to be super-duper depressed over the remaining decades, ironically they will be the ones buying all the head-meds!

Thanks, Karen! Thanks, collectively, for making everyone depressed by locking down everything, destroying small businesses, and being a cunt on a governmental level. Thanks for your fearmongering, and mass hysteria.

Thanks for making me a fortune.

Further to that, I don't want Karen and company to commit sui, and end their insufferable lives....because it would gladden my heart to further witness the entertainment that is a Libtard's eternal suffering. States like JewYork and the exodus from that rat invested shit-hole is one of those; also commie-California.

By the way, Aaron Clarey just wrote an excellent book titled Sanity is the Future of Wealth: Why Leftists are Doomed to Poverty and Insanity

Also, I need all of the Libtard losers to buy head-meds, and stay addicted to their smartphones, so I can continue to drink very fine champagne (that I don't care for).

For all my readers in the good seats, you have no idea the pleasure one can get by seeing your enemies suffer, and suffer greatly after they've tried to nail you to the cross.

It is why my jeans were creamed this morning, after seeing such an incredible accomplishment being achieved.

You want real struggles?

Try getting jizz and Champagne out of your jeans!

Fuck you, Karen. Ya, cunt.

My 'Whiteness' Oppresses Me!

Karen et al will of course say it is 'White Privilege'.

Yes, my White skin made me do my due diligence on companies that would thrive and prosper during a "pandemic".

Am I not a victim, too?

My White skin forced me, against my will, to do the math on how many shares I could allocate for each company given my cash reserves.

Yes, my White skin took me hostage and bound me to my desk, made my fingers type the Buy/Sell orders, and my trading passcode. It is a struggle being a White heterosexual male. Everyday I am forced by my White skin to do things like this.

Why can't I be Free from these chains!?

You are right. This whole Whiteness thing is oppressive!

Then, Karen will say it is because "Women are oppressed."

Oh, so are you saying women are inferior?


To be oppressed means that one is being dominated.

For one to be dominated they have to be weaker than their oppressor. Hence, women are thus inferior. If women were so Strong, Independent, Brave and Bad-ass, they wouldn't be oppressed.

So what is it, Libtards? Are women oppressed, or are they inferior?

Does Karen know that women are allowed to invest/trade in the stock market?

Be A Renegade, Be Un-Controllable

The thing is, I even laid it out for people back in May of this year, in a series I did titled, How To Survive A Recession.

It is amazing how many people will attack individuals like myself, even though all the answers are there for them. All of my books are testaments of truth.

Yeah, they are satire....but fiction mirrors reality. Being an asshole, a renegade, an outsider, a person who travels his own path, that is what will get you results.

You want to fucking fail? Be like everyone else.

Be. A. Loser.

Those who stand-out will always get hit the most.

Sorry Karen, I can't help being a male.

I can't help the fact that your fantasy of male privilege makes my erect penis take control over my body everyday, and do amazing things for me.

You try living as me; your head would spin. Imagine, getting woken up in the morning by your hard penis typing on your laptop without your consent, writing novels for you, trading stocks for you and making you lots of money.

Imagine your dick flopping up to the keyboard, detached from your body, getting hard and stabbing a key, one-by-one, in order to turn-out a hilarious novel called Burning The Midnight, a prequel to Uncle Nick.

Imagine, Karen, how fucked-up your day would be if you had a penis.

It is a struggle being a zero-fucks-given, author.

My books were all typed by my cock, which was forced into years of writing by my White skin. Imagine, having to see your cock magically detach from your body everyday, while you drink fine Ale, watching old re-runs of Baywatch, and see the damn thing flop its way up to your desk chair, up to your laptop and bang-away.

Don't get me started on my Man-brain. It is a struggle to have one like mine.

While Karen and every other loser this year was out peacefully killing people in the streets, destroying property and businesses, I was making money.

While Karen was busy working away at her schemes at work (instead of actually working), trying to get hard-working, productive individuals fired from their jobs via false accusations...I was making a fortune.

While Karen was packing on extreme amounts of weight and fondling her FUPA, I was packing six....figgys.

Man, it's great to be man.

It's great to be superior (according to Karen).

It's great being a welcomed provocateur and privateer in a world so full of sheep.

Feminists can try to take away a lot of things, however, they can't take your gains at the gym.

They also can't take away your gains in the stock market if it is in a TFSA (Canada) account, which allows one to avoid paying taxes on said Capital gains.



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