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PunchRiot Magazine Publishes 'After School Special 2'

PunchRiot Magazine recently launched Vol. 2 Issue #4 this July, featuring part II of the 'After School' saga by yours truly. My fifth contribution to the magazine.

Continuing along from the last story, we find our main character Eugene taking issue with his politically incorrect gym teacher. A gym teacher, who is a breath of fresh air.

The characters you will encounter throughout the After School Special saga resemble icons of the past, how people behaved back in the early 2000's, 90's and even 80's. Today, someone like Eugene's gym teacher would not exist, because he would no doubt be fired for speaking truth and keeping things 💯.

It is a shame today that we live in a world where political correctness (cancer) has spread and ruined everything, and everyone. In the past, people didn't mince words, there was less bullshit to deal with. Most of the misery has been caused by letting women into the workplace and having the vote.

Women get in the way of true progress. How can their be progress when nobody is making the sandwiches for the men?

Everyone in the past, for the most part, respected the freedom of speech and was able to say their piece without being censored, silenced, fired or criminally harassed by weak little cock-suckers like Eugene.

The irony though is that someone like Eugene will still get nowhere in life, because at the end of the day, the real world elements could give two flying fucks about the thoughts and feelings of some libtard, fucking Jew.

So, head on over to PunchRiot for some politically incorrect writings from not just myself, but other authors who actually deserve to be called "Amazing!!!". Yes, with all the exclamation marks in the world.

Why? It is because they've done the work and have accomplished things in life, unlike every fucking Leftist cock-sucking, faggot cunt-bitch in the world.

Karen? We are all still waiting for your "yoga journey" to be over. How long is this going to take? You are almost 40 and still trying to find yourself? Still paying off all those loans are we? You getting a 'Masters' in "How To Breathe By Sitting Your Fat Fucking Ass On The Floor"?

Your life is already half over and you haven't accomplished a single fucking thing of significance, Karen. Also, how come you are still fat and carrying that FUPA around like some novelty fanny pack? I thought you said, "Yoga is exercise"?

Why are you still looking like a biker's wife? How many "sun salutations" will it take for you to be what you preach? Put the fucking muffins down already and "Do.The.Work." like how Rich Cooper has said over and over.

Spend some money on a proper website, Karen, you fucking Jew. Oh sorry, forgot, you live paycheck to paycheck. What happened to all that GofundMe money? Did it go straight into essential oils to rub all over your fat, fucking gunt?

Maybe, Karen, you can write into an E. Jean column for TheGreatOne,Himself to read and do a fantastic podcast over. Oh, but that's right! E. Jean's column got cancelled because she is a woman, is stupid, and doesn't know how to run a business, just like you, Karen! Karen and E. Jean have alot in common: Trying to falsely accuse superior men in order to get them fired from their jobs, or ruin their reputations. Only old, Wall-hitter women do this shit because they have no value left in live, and thusly should kill themselves for said injustice against.

Anyway, speaking of significance and accomplishment. When you are done reading PunchRiot, I also have five books that have been published, not to mention the hundreds of blog posts and score of podcasts.

What has Karen done? Nothing but point and sputter!


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