Special-Ed Teacher, Holly Metzler, 46, Sacrificed Her Job Title For The Sexual Needs Of A Teen

Original story at AltoonaMirror.com

Altoona, Blair County, Pa. - An Altoona Area High School special education teacher has been charged with Unlawful Contact with a Minor, several counts of Disseminating Explicit Sexual Material to a Minor and Corruption of Minors.

Holly Metzler was formally charged Friday for sending inappropriate photos and videos to a 17-year-old student. At the beginning of the investigation, Metzler and the student both denied any inappropriate contact between the two.

According to police, the Altoona Area High School District was told by a third party that a student was having a sexual relationship with a teacher. Upon receiving this information, the school contacted Childline and compiled the report.

Police received a search warrant to search the student's Apple I-Phone and found two naked photos and a naked video of a woman, later confirmed to be Metzler. The video was sent by Metzler on Snapchat.

The student and Metzler had been talking on Snapchat several weeks after homecoming and the student said he and other students found her attractive. Metzler was flattered and agreed to send the juvenile several photos of herself.

According to police, besides the photo, the two never met up to have a sexual physical relationship.

I love the beach too, Holly. The reason why I love the beach so much is because you can’t lie and fake it there; women have to let it all show. No yoga pants to suck in the fat; no getting away with Snapchat filter trickery.

Holly Metzler loves the beach. This is one of the only things we know about Holly, as the authorities here are a little skimpy on the details. We know our gurl is a Wife, Mother, Educator and Aquatics Director.

Good for her.

Women like Holly, though, are misleading in their social media. Her Twitter tag should read: Wife (soon to be divorced), Mother (i'd like to fuck), Former Educator, Pedo and a girl who likes to get attention in a bikini (Aquatics Director).

In the 80’s, you could get away with that hair. You could get away with a lot of things back then; sending teens nudies though, not so much.

Well, SnapChat hadn’t been invented yet. Female teachers who were dead inside (but still horny) probably just did a lot of cocaine to numb the pain; fucked dudes on Wall Street for validation.

In the current year, there aren’t too many Wall Street bankers or C-Suite dudes to fuck. Heck, feminism has eroded the masculine base so much so that these deranged and horny females are now getting giner tingles and seeking validation from the lowest hanging fruit—Alpha’s by proxy (horny teen boys).

It’s so easy today, as a young male, in order to bag yourself a MILF. Just tell them they are hot, beautiful, and that you’d like to dump a Peter North (cum-shot legend) styled 8-roper onto their chest like you’re trying to glaze two, over-sized, Polish Pączkis.

You see, women who are 46-years-old today love when you tell them the things they haven’t heard since they were 26-years old. Young and hot chicks hear how guys want to fuck them all the time, so your Game has to be a little different with those thotties.

However, 46-year-old MILFS are kinda like that older model car that your dad keeps in the garage (that you aren't allowed to drive yet); only takes it out during the summer: It still runs amazing, looks great for its age, you just have to warm it up a bit before you take it out for a spin. She doesn't need any fancy high octane gas to run; just needs to be rubbed right with a soft cloth and touch.

Holly, to a 17-year old boy, is like that used Slip & Slide that one of your friend’s parents got him for his birthday at a garage sale. It’s going to be a lot of find to slide on, even though it’s not the newest. You just got to make sure the thing is lubed up enough so that you can get the most out of the day with it. Sure, the lining is starting to weather a bit and some tears are forming at the base, but once you get off you still feel satisfied with the ride!

You just don’t want to slide into it too hard, or fast.

At 46-years old, Holly’s vagina still has a few more good slides left in it before the water-works stop working.

The Report Card

Methodology: Back in the 1980's, normal weirdos used Rohypnol. Today, SnapChat seems to be the method de jure for horny and berserk female teachers to subdue and lure their prey. According to the documents, Holly and her admirer didn't do the no pants dance.

Homecoming is a special time, for everyone. It was a special time for Holly as well. It's the start of a new; rejuvenation. Something must have triggered Holly around this time. A group of young boys flattering her looks at school must have taken her back to when she was a teen in High school. That would have been a little over 29 years ago; back in the late 1980's.

Perhaps during homecoming back then, the very same thing happend to our go-gurl, Holly: A group of jocks complimented her firm titties, her wide-birthing hips and her dick-suck lips; blew half the football team in an afternoon. Or, something like that.

Me thinks our gurl just wanted to fall in love again, like in an old 80's film. Where two people, so wrong for each other, can slow-fuck to songs by REO Speedwagon or Mister Mister.


Integrity: Mother, wife, MILF and a teacher who takes care of students with 'special needs'.


Presentation/looks: Will the real Dee Reynolds, please stand up? Seriously though, Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a great show. I don't know if I would fuck Dee but at 46-years old, our gurl Holly looks a bit better than her.

The look that Holly gives to the camera in all of her shots scream: Would be a great fuck.

Her box is probably more beat-up than the one in my basement which holds a vast collection of VCR tapes.

The crazy ones always wear hoop earnings or aviators at the beach.

Let's play a game called: Spot the Cougar....

I really like her shades;

They go well with her tits.


Personal Notes: Cougars always want fresh meat...

Overall Grade


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