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Young Men (18-30) Are 'Driving The Decline In Sex'(?); Young Women Like To Bang Established

Young men are not the reason behind the decline in their own sex lives, due to simple fact that it is women who determine if sex is to take place. So no, young men are not 'driving the decline in sex', you stupid fucking morons.

It is women.

Women are the gate keepers; women (generally)don't want to slide their sliz down on some cashless, status-less, average Twenty-something young man (unless his dick is the size of a Guinness can).

Or unless she is a deranged, horny and berserk female teacher.

Once again, though, it is vogue to blame men for everything instead of adhering to biological realities, intersexual dynamics and a woman's hypergamous instinct.

I'd like to thank the Washington Post for putting out a stupid and otherwise useless article, citing an even more useless study, because it should be common knowledge that young men have, and are having even less sex in the current year, for reasons I will have to explain below since the idiots out there can't read their own fucking chart, properly.

The much talked about chart in the study reads: Share of men and women between ages 18 and 30 reporting no sex in the past year.

Numbers,especially ages, are very important when we are dealing with intersexual dynamics.

The Washington Post doesn't seem to understand the significance of these age ranges between men and women in regards to sexual dynamics. That is because the people at The Washington Post are dumber than fuck, or care not to understand the truth about men and women when it comes to bumping bits in a world gone gynocentric.

That's OK though, I am here to save the day. You are welcome, Washington stupid fucking morons.

If you have read my articles The Endless Summer Effect and 12 Years A Hottie (which was published on Return Of Kings), you will already understand that young women, once they turn 18-years of age, don't (generally speaking) want to fuck 18-30 year-old young men. If they are fucking in this age range, the men with whom they are playing 'pop goes the squish-box' with will most likely be in the top-tier.

The Washington Post and a lot of other people on the internet, clearly don't understand this. If they forgot how to read a chart, yet do understand female sexual nature, then please do a better job at reading next time.

However, my likely suspicion is that people at the Washington post and other morons out there, don't know how to read a chart and at the same time have zero understanding about unhinged female sexual nature.

To be clear again, for anyone out there who is still having trouble reading an 8th grade level chart, it states that Young men (ages 18-30) are 'driving the decline' in sex. Not men whom are 35-55 or even 30-40, but no, men whom are 18-30.

What the article and study doesn't include is: ALL MEN. Specifically the important category of men ages 35-55.

A man's peak earning years (highest status) are between the ages 35-55

Men and women are different. It's OK.

It's OK to speak the truth because that is how we navigate life correctly. It's OK that women today treat themselves like legal prostitutes on Tinder, because women have always been like this. It's just that now, female nature is being amplified due to technology.

Women have always wanted to sell themselves (vaginally approve) to the highest bidder (HV male).

Men are valued differently than women. However, the blue pilled media can't seem to understand this, nor want to acknowledge the fact that women prefer men with either large balls to drain, or large wallets; Men prefer women who have young, glowing skin...with tight pussy's; women with peak fertility (18-22).

It would have been super helpful, and more interesting/insightful, if the study included a chart showing the data for men and women ages 35-55.

Why you ask? Well, that's because men whom are in the age range of 35-55 are in their prime sexual years. Women, whom are in that age range conversely, ARE NOT in their prime sexual years.

I am willing to bet that chart looks vastly different(there would be more fucking going on for men and less for women) than the one to which has stirred up so much conversation.

When you are a young male, nobody wants to fuck you; unless you have a huge cock, flat abs and have some sort of low-level fame thing going on for you (You're in a band, play varsity football, etc).

This has been explained in my book Burning the Midnight as well: When you are a young man you are basically trading with the equivalent of wood chips for a young, tight, fertile woman's sex; she is trading with gold.

It isn't until a young man hits his stride (value wise) when the legs to an array of women opens up to him.

Men, when they enter their late 30's, will start to notice that everyday is a pussy buffet. That is if young men have played the Game right through their Twenties: Focused on themselves, hit the gym, worked on their careers/business, stayed healthy; became an interesting person.

By the time a man is in his late thirties, his value cache should be well-stocked and ready to be on showcase.

Sure, chicks will fuck you in high school, because that's who they can legally and technically fuck until they are 18 (Other high schoolers). However, once women turn 18, and enter into their Twenties, POOF! They are all fucking 30-40 year old's who have established themselves: Men who have High status.

That's why, as a young man, you can't find any women your age to bang. They are all hiding in Chad's basement, sucking on his cock with three of their other girlfriends.

Studies have been done and have proven that men, no matter the age, prefer and want to bang a woman between the ages of 18-22 (22 being the most sought after) Why? Well, this is the peak in a woman's fertility cycle. It is the age that she will look back with found fucking memories; she will never be as hot or as tight as she was than at age 22.

This is explained in my brilliant, fucking, article titled, Why Older Established Men Look At Women Half Their Age.

Of course, people at The Washington Post don't read my blog or my books, because morons don't read my work.

So, I guess it is to be expected when news outlets and dykes at The Mary Sue publish garbage about how men are driving the decline in sex rates, birth rates, marriage rates, etc.

Now, there is something to be said about the sudden down trend amongst this group of men (who have always had lower sex rates) that the chart does show. It's not because of porn; men have had access to porn for multiple decades. It is not because of 'the economy'; young men have always been broke, bitter and besmirched by society.

In my opinion it could be a huge list of things other than those above buzz points. The decline since 2008 has most likely being driven by obesity rates, social media apps that prioritize a woman's sexual strategy over men's (hook-up culture), and increasingly low-testosterone levels among young men today (Soy boy generation).

The main factor, in my opinon, is that we have a huge population of young men who have been raised by single-mothers (raised beta). Raised on soy; not on the radio.

You kinda need a man around the house to teach his son Game and how to be a man. But hey, women (the most responsible teenager in the household) today clearly know better than some stupid author like myself, who has published five novels and countless articles on the matter.

What do I know?

The Female Sexual Arms Race

With the advent of such apps as Tinder, Whatsapp and Snapchat (All firmly used for fucking), women ages 18-30 have unprecedented access to the top 10-20% of males, whom they [women] really,really want to slide their sliz down onto.

Women today are all competing against each other on these social media platforms for the top-tier men. Usually, those men are not 18-30. Again, unless you have a pint-sized penis, or are a rock-star/demigod on the football field, you are most likely falling into that 80% category of No Sucky Fucky.

As stated in various studies done on Tinder and OKcupid, women (When cock-shopping) on dating apps find 80% of the male population 'unattractive'. That means 'not fuckable' for anyone out there who doesn't understand what 'unattractive' to a woman, means.

Man's biological nature is to spread his seed

Women's biological nature is to spread (her legs) for the best seed

So, you could be an actual 7 (average+) male and women will still rate you as 'unfuckable'. For women who are looking to fuck (Alpha seed), according to their own data, you need to be an 8+ in terms of attractiveness. Even if she herself, is a disgusting landwhale.

In a Cad society to which denounces monogamy and embraces the cock-carousel, women throughout their Twenties and even beyond into their 30's-40's will be seeking Alpha, because they can.

Women today have the government (Male tax dollars) to catch them if they should fall, so they do not need beta men (or any man in general) in the way they use to before(provisioning) the welfare state; before feminism and gynocentrism. The government and other beta providers (daddy/boyfriends/internet simps) now take care of a woman's provisioning.

Women, when their hypergamous instinct is unrestricted (as it is in the current year) will use every means necessary in order to get top-tier dick inside of their squish boxes. That is why you are seeing what I like to call, the Female Sexual Arms Race: Scores and scores of women using Facebook, Tinder, Whatsapp, Snapchat in order to market their sexuality (face, tits, vag and ass) to the highest bidder they can catch.

Loads of women trying to get the attention of Chad with the coke-can donger, by wearing their 'second skin' (leggings/yoga pants) to work, the grocery store and in their hundreds and hundreds of online photos.

Tinder recently joked about adding a 'Height Verification' mechanic to their app so that women can filter out short men (appeals to a females sexual pinning for power & strength). Something tells this author that this apparent 'joke' will probably be implemented/considered seriously in the future.

It was most likely a 'test run' to gauge public reaction.

Tinder and other dating apps are made to serve women and their hypergmany.

Everything has been designed so that women can find Chad's butter-churning cock inside of their pussy tonight, a lot easier than it was 30-50 years ago. Women, though, still have to compete with ALL other eligible (entitled) women for Chad's cunt punisher.

Every woman out there, fat, old or hot wants the top-tier.

That is why your brain fries when you see fat and tatted-up single moms all over these apps demanding high status men fuck them in their used-up, blown out pussy's; taking selfies in their yoga pants; showing their cottage cheese dimples and gunt (a gut for a cunt).

All women today expect, no, demand that they receive Chad's attention. No matter how gross, how fat, and how disgustingly unqualified these women may be (fat, ugly and old), they ALL feel entitled to the top 10-20% of men.

Every year the threshold for decency gets pushed because of this arms race for Chad to drop a warm nuke, down every woman's core.

Pretty soon women will just be walking around completely nude in the streets. Don't think so? We are pretty much there with leggings and yoga pants, to which show every line and every curve of a chick's cunt and ass.

That is the arms race: First it was skirts, then it was tank-tops, midriffs, tongue piercings, nose piercings, lower-back (cum target) tattoos. Wearing yoga pants and leggings is akin to being completely naked on the street.

The threshold keeps getting pushed out further because the completion keeps getting tighter for women today. There are fewer Alpha's to go around especially since feminism has done such a great job in emasculating men and driving them out of the workforce (#PoundMeToo).

You Have To Become The Prize

As I have explained, at length in my article Empowering Women Increases The Price Of Pussy there is no other choice a man has in a Cad society but to learn Game if he wants to be able to afford high-quality sex. 80% of men will have to pay a high price for sex in the current year; Top-tier men won't (or pay very little). Use your Twenties in order to build up your status (slay if you can), build up your brand and then subjectivity women to your product once you enter your prime years as a man (35-55).

By that time, if you have done it correctly, you will have so much pussy being thrown at you. Women, will be coming out of the woodwork. The pool of pussy opens up during this time frame. You are not only getting 18-30 year old party-gurls, but you will also be getting the pre-Wall and Wall-hitters, who are still riding that cock-carousel until the music stops and the lights go out.

It's a pump & dump paradise.

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