Western Women Are Oppressed By Their Own Privilege

In This Episode:

We discuss how women handle freedom, multiple choice, and the unlimited possibilities handed to them by our Gynocentric society: They tend to ironically default to a child-like state of overindulgence, whining, self-destruction, parasitism, dependence, slothfulness, foul-mouthed degeneracy. No grind, no hardships; a life of pleasure-seeking, leg spreading, cock-tasting, seed sucking, vineyard trollops, hope-the-government will pick-up the bill for the abortion, generation of women.

Handing someone ultimate freedom is akin to rigging the lottery for them to win; A true test of someone's character is seeing how they behave after giving them a bunch of money (freedom). Women today are failing, miserably.

It's funny how in places of true female oppression (The Middle East) you won't find feminism. Feminism only exists in the West because of female privilege; 'Men' (cucked), leaders of today, simply allow it.

It can be taken away at any point via a massive war, economic collapse, power-grid failure, a more dominant (hard patriarchy) culture (Muslims) invading and out-breeding Anglo-American culture (currently happening due tolerant and cucked West).

If we told women 'no' and limited their choices and freedom, society, the economy wouldn't be in the porcelain shitter that it is, today.

It takes assholes like myself to give the much needed spanking that is lacking in our culture.

You're welcome, fuck-wits. Daddy is home and he has a microphone; plenty of beer in the fridge.

"Carry me, Daddy!". Lose some fucking weight first, then we might talk.

Article Mentioned by The Great One, Himself: Linkage August 27, 2019- A Piggott Sandwich

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