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The Ultimate Suicide Guide For Leftists Charity Project

Today we found out that Don Cherry had embraced my words to become a free media agent and start his own podcast; Jessica Allen is still on the air at CTV's The Social, subsequently still breathing.

On one side we have a rational male. On the other we have a fugly-leftist cunt who, unlike Cherry, didn't listen to me. If she had, she would've killed herself by now.

And they say, "men don't listen"....

Today, on the show, we figure out why this is so. It's because Jessica Allen, may in fact, be too stupid to know how to kill herself.

Enjoy. Show notes below.

In Today's Episode:

-Don Cherry obviously listens to this show and reads the blog; he listened to us and started his own podcast called The Grapevine.

-We prove that I was right several times in my predictions and put forth one more.

-Me killing myself would be a selfish act due to my positive effect on GDP (less tax money for socialists); socialists who don't kill themselves are selfish due to their parasitism; killing yourself (as a socialist) would be a selfless act.

-Tis the season(s) to start giving; I launch a charity project to help socialists kill themselves and be effective for once in their life.

If you are a socialist and are going to take the time and figure out how to kill yourself, also take the time to buy your knives, rope to hang yourself, books on how to use a firearm at The Great One, Himself's website where you will find his Amazon affiliate page.

At least do one decent and worthwhile thing with your life before you end it and give a white heterosexual man a cut/percentage of the sale so he, not you, can go and do great things. Why? Because we all know, socialists are incapable of greatness.

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