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Sucking The Day's Dick: The Story Of Female Independence


Sucking The Day's Dick

MARY'S PANTIES WERE WET the day of her college graduation; her vagina a tingling mess. Not because she was 23-years-old and about to wed the man of her dreams, on the contrary. Mary was about to receive her degree in Communications after 4-years of empowering work, pats on the head from her lesbian professors who specialized in brainwashing and over $100,000 in student loan debt: Loans; money that Mary had borrowed from the tax-payers of America (other men’s money) that she will never be able to pay off in her lifetime.

So strong, brave and independent.

That night, Mary was very elated and excited to get home. Clutching that piece-of-paper with her name on it and the title of her degree, Mary couldn’t wait to get to her bedroom and celebrate. Upon arriving at her parent’s humble abode, she quickly ran upstairs to her bedroom to retire the day.

Being on a high, excited that she had achieved the be-all and end-all of achievements in modern life—achievements that would surely give her deep meaning and fulfillment—Mary proceeded to get undressed, fully nude with her degree in Communications beside her: She furiously masturbated for what seemed to be an hour or so before she tired herself of orgasms. After doing so, Mary cuddled and kissed her degree, goodnight.

Mary didn’t need the aid of lesbian porn, a vibrator or even a real man. Instead, Mary just laid beside her degree in Communications, stared deeply at that white, crisp piece-of-paper—paper that was produced from the kindness of deforestation— and frantically rubbed her cooter: Marched the penguin, roughed-up the suspect, tip-toed past the two lips, paddled the pink canoe. Tears ran down her face with every delightful cum; wetness ran down her sliz toward her asshole which made her giggle.

It was happily ever-after. Mary was finally married to her degree and looked forward to starting a career with it, until death.

A week went by and Mary got a job through a connection that she had. It turns out that Mary’s boyfriend at the time asked his uncle if he could shoehorn Mary into a position at his corporate office. Mary’s boyfriend couldn’t help himself from being the doofus that he was. After all, Mary had been giving him the best blowjobs he’d ever received from a woman— Mary had exceptional tits, a nice shaved sliz, an ass you'd just want to bounce a quarter off.

Sure enough, Mary’s boyfriend’s uncle looked over her resume (looked at her tits, ass and visualized fucking her from behind) and agreed that her Communications degree would come in handy for the position he was considering for her: Receptionist.

At minimum wage, Mary had reached the top! The highest she was ever going to go with her degree in Communications. She couldn’t believe that her dream was happening so fast! She was now a career-gurl, a go-gurl; rah-rah sista!

Overwhelmed with the news, Mary thanked her boyfriend’s uncle via text message for getting her the job.

So strong, brave and independent.

After rudely texting her boyfriend’s uncle instead of formally thanking him for his cronyistic nature, Mary couldn’t help but surrender to her emotions, again. She proceeded to go to her room and masturbate with her degree in Communications by her side.

This time, however, some wetness had managed to get on some of the surface area of that coveted piece-of-paper. It was an amazing orgasm. Mary didn’t care because at this point the degree had served its purpose and landed her the dream job of a lifetime: Receptionist.

With the new realization that she would be making the big bucks ($15 an hour) Mary then decided to go on a preemptive shopping spree at the local mall. In doing so, Mary maxed-out her credit limit on new yoga pants, make-up and perfume that she would soon use to attract more attention to her new and improved, life.

Lululemon pants (that were invented by a man), that she spent $300 dollars on (she bought a few) would surely help make her life easier. Wearing what is essentially a second skin would of course not in anyway manipulate how people (men) treated her in life and especially at the office. To Mary, the pants are, "Just comfy (tee-hee)".

Later that night, before masturbating furiously, Mary quickly texted her boyfriend and dumped him—A new career (as a basic receptionist), a new life! After all, Mary didn’t really need her boyfriend anymore. In fact, Mary, like all of her feminist professors, believed that she didn’t need a man in her life at all. Mary can do it all!

Soon after, Mary quickly got her own apartment and got a bunch of guys that she friend-zoned in college to move all of her belongings into her new pad.

Coincidentally, Mary stood outside by the U-Haul in her new yoga pants, licking a Popsicle while the boys moved her stupid shit into the apartment: Self-narrating in her head on how "strong" everyone was and how impressed she was that this display of male strength was imposing tingles on her vagina.

So strong, brave and independent.

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One day thereafter, Mary caught-up with one of her friends from school. They met for some drinks at a local bar to gossip, regal and stroke each other’s egos. Much like how Mary had been stroking her cooter every night.

Turns out that Mary’s friend Tina had just married a venture-capitalist and is expecting her first child. Tina told Mary about her extravagant life of travelling, how her husband pays for everything and how she was excited to be a soon-to-be, stay-at-home mom.

Tina shared pictures of all the amazing things she has cooked for her hubby over the years—All the homemade apple pies that she makes every Sunday for him. Tina and Mary then swapped stories of their sex lives. Tina shared the secret: That the key to a good marriage is to stay thin and healthy for your husband; to make sure to suck and fuck him every day.

Tina revealed that when she gives her husband the best blowies he treats her well: Provides everything from trips to buying her a new washing machine. In fact, Tina said that since she keeps thin, tight and attractive, her husband can’t get enough of her and will likely not want to cheat.

The key to a man’s commitment is homemade, warm apple pie; letting him stick his cock into his wife’s.

Mary was appalled by all this. She couldn’t believe that her best friend had surrendered to the patriarchy and enjoyed having great sex with her husband and thus getting rewarded with everything she ever wanted: Children and resources.

She couldn’t believe that her best friend would be elated when her husband jizzed on her face before telling her about the new Range Rover she wanted was in the driveway (with a bow on it). She couldn’t believe her best friend was a wifestitute!

Mary couldn’t believe that her best friend, of all but 4-years of college, felt ‘empowered’ by sucking her husband’s cock for money, a comfortable life as well as passing-on her DNA. Tina to Mary, was owned: A slave to the patriarchy.

With this knowledge, Mary couldn’t be 'friends' anymore with Tina. They still would keep in touch, though but not in the same way as before: Frenemies.

Not because they had different views about femininity, but deep down it was because she[Mary] hated to see another woman happier than she.

Mary felt sad for a bit, but then realized that tomorrow was payday at work! Payday is a special day because this is the day (that falls bi-weekly) in where Mary can feel ‘empowered’, unlike her friend Tina who had betrayed the sista-hood by being a slutty, wifestitute.

Yes, today was payday for Mary and she was getting all hot in the ass over it. Like on every payday, Mary gets super horny. Why? Well, because on payday Mary’s boss (who is a man) comes and finds her at some point throughout the day, to give Mary her allowance (paycheck).

Mary gets an allowance (paycheck) by her boss (a man) because she has been a loyal and faithful servant and thus gets rewarded for her subservience to the company.

To the company, but more specifically, for helping her superiors (men) earn more money and success. Oddly enough, Mary’s boss, coincidentally, always seems to find her on-her-knees when he is about to give her the bi-weekly paycheck.

This is due to the fact that aside from Mary’s regular office duties of answering the phones, Mary also takes care of the cleanliness of her boss’s office (dusts the shelves, shampoos the carpet by hand).

So while Mary is on-her-knees, getting the jizz out of the carpet because her boss likes to fuck his mistresses there during 'after hours', Mary waits for the wad—A wad of cash because the corporation that she works for just so happens pay their employees with cash and prizes!

On her knees, Mary waits for her boss to come into the room. She looks up at him with all the eagerness of a wide-eyed intern. Mary’s boss then whips it out. Mary closes her eyes. Shortly after, Mary feels her boss’s wad hit her face and explode, causing a big mess of greenbacks to shower her body.

“Good job, again.” He says to Mary. Before Mary can extend her gratitude for the allowance, her boss has left and makes his way to all the other girls in the office so that they too can feel his wad hit their face.

So strong, brave and independent.

Mary feels great on payday because she knows she didn’t have to suck cock for money and please a husband, like her friend.

As the years go by, day in and day out, Mary slaves away at her career, to which allows the company’s CEO (another man) to become even wealthier than the previous year. Every two weeks, Mary feels that huge wad hit her face after her boss whipped it out of his suit pants. Mary loves getting money for her services to the company.

Mary never started her own business. She was too strong and independent. Instead, Mary was so empowered, she wanted to show the world this by getting a ‘job’ (Just Over Broke) and receiving a capped salary (dependence on an entity). She wanted to show the world, her family and especially her best friend that she didn’t need a husband. That she didn’t need to suck a man’s cock in order to make her own way in the world.

Sucking the day’s dick, that’s what real women do.

So strong, brave and independent.

The years went by and now Mary was turning the stale age of Thirty-five. Being the 'successful' career-gurl that she was, Mary was making a yearly salary of $20,000. With mountains of credit card debt, student loan debt that was accruing interest at 7%, Mary suddenly got a severe case of the baby rabies.

Mary quickly fired-up Facebook, posted some spicy and racy pictures of her at the beach (that were 5-10 years old) and quickly got messages from old ‘guy friends’ whom she friend-zoned back in the day.

Soon enough, Mary was going on tons of dates and having lots of mediocre, unprotected sex with her new thirsty admirers. Mary’s sex life had exploded, much like her boss's wads to her face, and every week she was having a new guy pump her pussy with wads of Bruce juice.

Surely, Mary thought, that she would get pregnant, no problem. After about a year of getting pumped and dumped— having her vagina being treated like a re-inflatable jelly doughnut—Mary was dumbfounded. Surely, being pumped with that much cum would’ve resulted in a positive test result on the piss stick.

After booking an appointment with her doctor, Mary had found out that she was infertile at the tender, young age of spinsterhood; her doctor also had to inform her of the Chlamydia and Genital warts she had received from all of her ‘love stories’.

Being the strong, independent, fierce and determined woman that she was, Mary wasn’t going to give-up just yet!

Mary quickly deleted Facebook; asked her friend Tina (who she still hated) to generate a GoFundMe page for the IVF, test tube baby that she was going to try for now. Mary, after all, with all of her debt along with her lousy career, couldn’t afford to pay for the treatments and procedure by herself—let alone be able to afford a high-status man to pay for it because her looks and beauty by this point had faded like a petunia in autumn.

So strong, brave and independent.

During the first week of cyber-begging (GoFundMe) Mary’s cry for help only generated $50 out of the $20,000.00 that she needed to make her goal. Most of her girlfriends couldn’t help support her because they all, too, had lousy careers along with credit card debt. It also didn’t help that these women, whom were suppose to be a part of the ‘sistahood’ were also selfish, narcissistic, and jealous ego maniacs like Mary. Mary was the average of all her friends: All of her friends were shitty people, just like her!

In a fit of panic, Mary then turned to Cam-whoring herself; cyber begging men for money by showing-off what was left of her looks by wearing low-cut tops and flashing a slice of her sliz sometimes, while she played Call of Duty, shitastically.

So strong, brave and independent.

By this time, Tina, Mary’s ‘best friend’ had her second child. Effectively replacing her and her husband (2.0 replacement rate) and also replacing Mary. Suddenly, Tina didn’t have a lot of time for Mary and their friendship. After all, they didn’t have much in common anymore now that Mary was not in the sista-hood of motherhood.

Instead, now it was just Mary and her clitoral hood. Along with her new Hitachi magic wand that she bought on Amazon with money from her bi-weekly paycheck that she got from her male boss.

At least Mary can sleep well at night—with a glass of water to wash down the Diazepam, Vicodin and Ambien— knowing that she showed the patriarchy how strong, brave and empowered she was.

Mary can sleep well with the fact that she never has to get married and subsequently suck her husband’s cock for an allowance. This will never happen and Mary can be ‘happy’ on drugs and orgasms from her vibrator for the rest of her 40-long-years on earth, because of the fact that no self-respecting high-status man at this point would ever even want to cash a check against Mary’s used and abused, ass.

So strong, brave and independent.


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