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A Female Bridgeport High School Teacher, Courtney Rankin, Raped A 17-Year Old Male Student 10-15 Times At Her Apartment

Bridgeport High School Teacher Courtney Rankin

Original Story at IBtimes

Bridgeport High School Teacher Courtney Rankin

  • Courtney Rankin, 33, was arraigned on Thursday, May 23, and charged with felony sexual abuse by a parent, guardian, custodian or person in a position of trust to a child.

  • Rankin had taught art at Bridgeport High school in West Virginia.

  • On May 20, deputies with the Marion County Sheriff's Department interviewed a 17-year-old victim at the Marion County Child Advocacy Center, according to a criminal complaint.

  • Rankin, Student Allegedly Had Sex 10-15 Times at Her Residence.

  • The victim stated in the interview that the sexual abuse occurred at Rankin's residence in Fairmont "10-15 times" and that the victim "began communicating with [Rankin] in class and that it led to a relationship outside of school," according to the complaint.

  • Rankin on May 20, where "she voluntarily provided similar details of the incidents" and "confirmed that the relationship started during this school year" and that "the victim would come to her apartment and the two of them would engage in sexual intercourse.


It's always important to support women in the 'arts': Strippers, porn stars, Onlyfans girls and of course, female art teachers.

It seems as though Bridgeport high school had a low budget for supplies; Courtney must've ran out of crayons for her class. She, naturally, decided to teach this 17-year old boy some expressionist painting, by using his cum-crayon.

The canvass?

Her body.

We have to ask the tough questions here.

Who is the real victim?

What is natural, and who is at fault?

Did Courtney cum?

What isn't natural is women working, having careers and putting themselves in positions of authority and power without them understanding that both responsibility and authority go hand-in-hand. The only thing that women understand is a cock in their hand; two fingers in their bush.

Putting a 33 year old woman (basically a child herself) in this position was a stupid thing to do.

Who hired her? Probably another woman.

We all know by now, women can't control themselves or their vaginas, ever.

Women and their sexuality need to be regulated.

Like a child, women have low impulse control. Just look at who makes up the majority of spending and credit card debt in the United States year-over year.

Spoiler alert! It's women.

It is unfair for society to even suggest these females teach teen boys or be around them almost 24/7. Women, by default of nature, are sex addicts. They are nature's biggest perverts. They just tend to hide it better than men. However, when women get caught, we get to see their dark nature and said perversions slowly and then suddenly.

Just like how the U.S government/Biden's trading desk (hedge funds & Big banks) manipulates the CPI data, the COMEX, along with oil futures in order to disguise the real inflation numbers, in due time the chickens will come home to roost. It's like trying to keep a beachball under water, eventually it's going to spike upward and cause a massive facial.

Thanks to the internet, apps, and smartphones (all invented by men) women's sexual nature is rapidly being exposed and noted. Must be those 'red pill guys'!

As men, we have through the advent of our technological genius, been able to now quickly track and pass notes to each other over the last few decades about women's nature on a massive scale. Women can no longer hide this well anymore.

Men think about sex more than women, yes.

Women, however, are always having sex and usually with multiple men whom are unaware of each other.

A woman's life revolves around sex. It's how she survives. It's how she receives things.

Without a cock going into a woman's pussy, she'd have nothing in life. It's why women need so much support when they don't have a man.

It's why welfare exists. It's why DEI is a thing along with diversity hiring. Women aren't the best man for the job, that's why they need everything to be watered down for them so they can cosplay as one. And, as we can see, it can also be their downfall when left unsupervised, unchecked and deregulated.

A woman's sexuality needs to be regulated because they can't control themselves or make the best decisions. Women are famously good at making bad decisions for themselves. That's why everyone wins, including women, when men make those choices for them.

In fact, if you don't believe me, women were a lot happier before they started making decisions for themselves.

Women today are 'better educated' and better paid, but are less happier than they were 40-50 years ago. Wow, what a shocker. Women aren't happy no matter what you do!

The main reason why women are more miserable today, feel no direction in their lives is because they are all doing the opposite of what they need to do. Women are trying to be like men. Of course all you ladies are unhappy. Women coming out of college constantly report and say things like, "Now, what do I do?" and are confused about why they feel rudderless.

It's because by now you're suppose to be pregnant, you stupid bitch!

You are suppose to be getting married and pumping out kids so that society can function. So that we don't have to flood former First World (white) countries with Third World shit-hole immigrants who will breed and suck off (welfare) what remains here.

Women were made to breed. Women have a very narrow window to use (fertility) in order to fulfill their life's purpose: To make babies. Women have from 18-27 in order to get inseminated (happy), 27 being a plateau in fertility optimization, to accomplish happiness.

Oh don't kid yourself, women all through their twenties are having lots of sex, getting cum shot in every home they have. So, why aren't they happy then? Well, again, it's because they are cosplaying and pretending to get pregnant. Being on the pill negates actually getting properly cream-pied.

They are getting dicked-down by Chad but avoiding getting fertilized. The hormonal BC that women use tricks their body into thinking they are already pregnant. But at the end of the party-years, we can see that women are still miserable and can't explain why that is. They fucked Chad for years, and partied hard, they should be fulfilled from getting their pussies absolutely punished and cum-coated!

It's because it's all fake. Window dressing. These chicks weren't getting properly inseminated; just dicked down for short-term gina tingles. They were still dropping eggs and aging out fast.

Mother nature is the real 'oppressor and 'misogynist' Mother nature was the first bigot, and sexist pig. Nature made women stupid for a reason, and just smart enough to open their legs and get gina tingles so that a guy could shoot cum inside of them. It's so that women can reproduce other men in order to keep everything working.

There is a reason why everything you see around you was invented, built, crafted and placed there by a man and not by a woman. It's because women are too busy trying to have sex and get their cunts cum-coated. It's why our gurl here, Courtney Rankin, was busy fornicating with a young stud instead of being a responsible adult. Courtney's primary function is to seek out semen and a hard dick to pump that baby-batter into her nut-busting crevasse.

Women can never be fully responsible; they are the most responsible teenager in the room.

Women in countries that are more egalitarian, report lower levels of well-being, whereas in more patriarchal societies, women report higher levels of well-being and life satisfaction.

It just makes biological sense. In patriarchal societies, you have lower crime, higher trust and men take responsibility because they have authority. When you take the reward system away from men, they will not be bothered to provide anything, especially if that society constantly mocks, berates and punishes male strength by calling it 'toxic' or 'oppressive'.

As we can see in the West, all we get with a gynocentric system is abuse of power, people setting up tents in your parks, shitting in your streets and littering the ground with meth needles. A soft and pussified society. A 'whatever' society. A society that women created with their 'feel good' policies and lack of backbone.

Women should not be in Corporatland, period. They make horrible leaders and are terrible with the basic understandings of human nature, especially their own nature.

Don't believe me? Just look at the former CEO of Bumble (Whitney Wolfe) and how their stock performed right after they did their IPO. Bumble's whole business model was predicated on this: Women only being able to make the 'first' move on a dating app!

Do you want to take a fucking guess as to how that worked out for them?

Correct! Their stock tanked; it went down fast like how Courtney Rankin went down on that teen's dick!

CEO Whitney Wolfe of course stepped down citing that she was perusing 'other career opportunities' (didn't take responsibility) naturally. Meanwhile, everyone including myself on Twitter had been telling this bitch why her company and app were failing hard.

They must've heard us, because the new CEO has recently changed their policy and now Bumble is just like every other dating app in where both sexes (there are only two genders) can contact first if they choose so.

So, it doesn't really fix anything from an investor/shareholders view because now Bumble isn't special or 'different' from any other dating app, it only stopped the bleeding for now.

The point is, what a waste of time, money and fertility.

Whitney Wolfe is kinda hot. Yet, she wasted her primetime fucking around with a failed business model.

Instead, she could've been getting her holes filled with man-cream and produced something more valuable than a stupid dating app that nobody uses: more capable and smarter men in the future to invent and develop better tech.

If anything, on that note, women should not teach until they are roughly 40 years old and infertile. The solution to women's happiness is pretty simple, because I am a man and can problem solve pretty quickly. Allow me to mansplain further.

Ladies, why not between the ages of 18-22 (most attractive) get married and have children? Then, once you've raised the kids and they are out of the house you can pursue a job? You won't have the burden of coming home to kids or dealing with being both a 'working mom' and a bossbabe/cunt.

You can do them separately at different times in your life. You need to be fertile and young to attract a high status man and have kids, you don't need to be fertile to have a job unless you just want to do Onlyfans and be a whore. I know, life's tough.

We know that all women want to do is be whores and prostitutes because that's easy.

The Report Card


It's difficult to say if former Bridgeport high school teacher Courtney Rankin has a boyfriend or husband. It doesn't mention anything in the report.

I think it is safe to assume though that Courtney is your typical under-fucked Millennial girl who quickly found out that the phone stops ringing around 30 for women.

Chad stops texting, and you are left with a quivering vagina that had been use to getting deep-dicked every weekend by different studs and cum filling that thing like a jelly donut.

Then, a teen boy (Chad-lite) comes along and gives you compliments and makes you feel young again. he's horny and just wants to fuck like his friends, but you think this is love/lust all over again. You never escaped high school, remember? You're a woman. You're a female teacher and have literally not left school in your entire life from K-through-college.

Maybe Courtney was the DUFF (Designated Ugly Fat Friend ) back in the day and never got to receive Chad's meaty, pint-sized penis? Maybe Courtney was not done living her party-years and still yearned for Chad's Coke can donger to snake it's way down to the opening of her cervix and fire a hydrant's worth of cum at it.

The most important question of all is this: Did Courtney cum, too?

Hopefully those 10-15 times were worth it.

The nude art show that took place in Courtney's apartment must've been decent because bro went back for not just seconds, but for double digits after getting her number and most likely her Snapchat.

But again, no offence Courtney, teen boys will fuck anything.

I'll be the judge of whether or not you are hot and worthy of female sex teacher scandal Greatness!



Courtney Rankin has cleared the hurdle of satisfaction when it comes to integrity as a salacious skank and female sex scandal teacher.

10-15 times. I think you out did yourself, your pussy and that boy.

No need to showboat and over do it, Courtney. Unless you were trying to get pregnant.

It does, however, show dedication and passion for your work. Giving blowjobs and riding dick is an art form. Some women do it well, and others just think laying there like a Starfish is perfectly 'Okay' and acceptable practice.

If the teen came back for double digits, I think it's safe to say that Courtney at least let him hit it doggy, or rode him like she was at a PBR competition.

Female sex scandal teacher's like Courtney are solving the young male virginity crises, one student at a time.



Courtney is what I would call a 'slumpbuster'.

A brown-bagger.

A masturbation aid.

Something to pass the time with when you don't want to start your homework afterschool.

For a 17-year old boy, she's good practice but she is no superstar when it comes to being one of the Greats. At 33-years of age, Courtney is well past her prime. Usually the greats that we cover fall into the range of 22-27.

At Courtney's age, she really has to make up for a lot in all other categories. However, let's not kid ourselves, because the Looks/Presentation category is objectively the only important category.

As a teen boy though, I'd for sure let Courtney play with my cum-crayon and subsequently would color her white.

At Courtney's age, however, it's time to start looking for other hobbies aside from riding dick and starting workplace affairs. You are old, in woman years. Hell, Courtney shouldn't even be dating at this age. It's over. She maybe has what, 36-40 more eggs left in her?

Forget it.

With each month that passes, and with every egg that doesn't get fertilized, women age rapidly. It's why women who have tons of kids young look much better and age a lot slower, because they aren't constantly dropping and wasting eggs like most young women today.

It's why when a woman gets her period, she is miserable and it hurts. It's biology and nature reminding the woman that she fucked up and didn't get a man to ejaculate into her. If you aren't barefoot and pregnant ladies, nature will remind you of that every month until you are eggless and your muff a crusty and dust has-bin.

Bridgeport High School Teacher Courtney Rankin

Courtney Rankin Art Education Portfolio

That 17-year old boy for sure received a 'well-rounded' education.

No lies detected.

Excellent portfolio and honest synopsis of Courtney's expertise.

Bridgeport High School Teacher Courtney Rankin

Courtney here is bangable. Wood/would.

Courtney is for sure a mid, from Virginia.

But doesn't every boy or man want a mid to call his very own?

Courtney, for this picture, has done something very wise: She has surrounded herself with females whom are less-attractive than she is. Women often do this on their IG or in real life. They tactically hangout with less attractive 'friends' so that the outside world will perceive them as more attractive than they really are.

Courtney is really a 5 or on her best day a 6.5 on the HBS (hot babe scale) of things.

To be fair, it looks like she has very perky and cute tits, a slim physique. When you put these other two creatures beside her, Courtney looks like a 7 or to a teen boy, perhaps and 8.5 .

It would be fun to throw Courtney around the bedroom and degrade her body as she would want like any woman would. However, if you masked-out her ugly co-workers in this picture and let Courtney stand on her own, she's a solid 6. What saves Courtney here is the way her dress fits and let's us know that her tits seem to be nice, perky and firm as well as her legs to be slim and trim.

Hopefully, just like her pussy.

On a side note, it's good to see that those two other ladies are talented in their ability to paint. Their looks are not going to help them much and they'll need something to do with their time, because the dick-riding will be minimal or with less desired males if they become desperate between the legs.

Bridgeport High School Teacher Courtney Rankin

Not sure what is worse, Courtney's hairline or those fucking mom jeans.

Somebody has to say it, and it mine as well be me: Ladies, for Christ's-fucking-sake, 80's styled mom jeans are for lesbians only.

Who told women this fashion trend was cool? It wasn't cool in the 80's, it isn't cool now. Stop it! No woman has ever looked attractive in these fat fold hiders.

We have an epidemic of female teachers fucking teen boys and trying to get pregnant by them. We also have contagion of young women thinking mom jeans are hip and look good.

The only thing good that came out of the 80' was the music, the cocaine and the thin, sexy women who were fortunate enough to be happy before feminism went full-retard in the late 90's- mid 2000's.

Courtney, we all know how desperate you are to get cum shot up your pussy by a teen boy so you can become with child at the ancient age of 33.

We know, time is running out and you've come to realize (just now) that your biological clock is about to run out of batteries. Women somehow are always the last to know and figure things out, even when it comes to their own body. Again, why do we let women run companies (into the ground)?

They can't even understand how their own bodies function and that they need a man for everything in life.

What Courtney should've done was let us see her Facebook and or IG, so we could accurately determine if she has what it takes to be Great. What she should've worn to court were some tight-ass leggings and a nice tank-top.

We need to see some camel-toe and determine if her box is tight or if she has an 'outie' for her labia or if her mound is too beefy. She's a white girl from America, why aren't you wearing yoga pants everywhere you go so that you can get attention everywhere and for guys to stare at your meaty sliz?

Courtney obviously has a mental-illness of some sort. Otherwise, she'd be just like every other white girl in America who just wants to show off her camel-toe and get thirsted on.

It just shows that Courtney is so obsessed with this teen boy that she had chosen and modest outfit for court. Only he was allowed to see her goodies.

He must've deep-dicked her real good, so good she's turned 80's tradmom for him.


Final Comments: After assessing that Courtney Rankin did indeed drain the teen's balls 10-15 times, it's clear that she went above and beyond her duties as a female sex scandal teacher. Once, twice, even three times is enough. 10-15 times is passion.

It cannot be denied on this case.

Usually the less-attractive the woman, the more blowjobs and sex she is willing to give in order to compensate and to stave off other female competitors in the sexual marketplace. A 33 year old woman like Courtney probably needs to dish out 3x the blowjibbers and dick rides than a hot 22 year old in order to cement a semen contract with her lust interest.

Keep him interested.

I am sure they did a lot of 'finger painting' at her apartment with her pussy.

The teen beat her bush with his brush just like how Bob Ross would say, "Beat the devil out of it." With women, you can't beat the devil out of them, but you can fuck it into them. You hit a woman's g-spot by deep dicking her, watch her face turn into that girl from the Exorcist and then stalk the shit-out-of-you wherever you may go.

If she calls you back for double-digits (10-15 times), you're hitting something inside of her that she hasn't felt in a long time. It's called 'toxic' masculinity and women want it shot and rammed down their cum canal.

Overall Grade


This Article Was Brought To You By The Novel, CorporateLand

Bridgeport High School Teacher Courtney Rankin


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