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Studies Show That Men Are Happier Than Women, Despite Society's Constant Pedestalization Of Females

Even with everything working against men, it shows it can't affect men, they're happier than ever. Men are happier than 40 years ago; women are increasingly less happy thanks to Gynocentrism/Feminism.

In its Office Pulse survey, Captivate Network, a media solutions company, says its uncovered "profiles of the happiest and unhappiest workers."

Here are the profiles of the most happiest and least happiest person in Western culture, today.

And here is the profile of the happiest workers:

  • Male

  • 39 years old

  • Married

  • Household income between $150,000 and $200,000

  • In a senior management position

  • One young child at home

  • A wife who works part-time

And the unhappiest profile?:

  • Female

  • 42 years old

  • Unmarried (and no children)

  • Household income under $100,000

  • In a professional position (doctor, lawyer, etc.)

How's that feminism and gurl-power working out for y'all?

Remember, ladies and feminist cunts, this isn't "my opinion" (which is 99.9% of the time, correct). This is backed up as always by evidence, so don't even bother arguing with me via hate-mail.

If you thought the above triggered your fat, fucking, feminist asses, then just you wait. This post will seem as long as the rest of your miserable lives.

So Strong, Brave, Fierce, Independent and 'bad-ass'. Feminism seems to be working out great for White women!

If you're so Strong, Brave, Powerful and Amazing...then why are you so miserable? I guess being a fat, fugly, un-attractive, entitled, waste of life, manipulative, cunt has something to do with it.

In a study by Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, published in the National Bureau of Economic Research, we have an executive summary which reads as follows:

“By many objective measures the lives of women in the United States have improved over the past 35 years, yet we show that measures of subjective well-being indicate that women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relative to men. The paradox of women’s declining relative well-being is found across various datasets, measures of subjective well-being, and is pervasive across demographic groups and industrialized countries. Relative declines in female happiness have eroded a gender gap in happiness in which women in the 1970s typically reported higher subjective well-being than did men. These declines have continued and a new gender gap is emerging — one with higher subjective well-being for men.”

Gee, what a shocker! Now, I wonder what could have possibly happened between the 1970's and now?

The smart men reading this will already know, but for the fat, feminist cunt lurkers in the cheap seats, I'll give you moronic parasites a hint: It's like the Wuhan virus; it comes in Three waves.

Feminism is a cancer, and a virus in society.

It needs to be exterminated.

Let’s consider some things that have happened over the past half-century that one could reasonably expect to enhance women’s "happiness" (I.e pill-popping & dildo shopping). During that time, women have achieved nearly everything that the Women’s movement purported to help women attain.

Women now greatly outnumber men in higher education(taking on great amounts of debts via worthless degrees). Consequently, their presence in the workplace (or lack of) in most fields has increased dramatically, along with their opportunities for the same.

Women have gained almost complete mastery of their reproductive lives, with an abundance of birth control options (there hasn't been an 'accidental pregnancy since the 1960's), the availability and legality of abortion (ultimate expression of hypergamy) when wanted, and the ability to chase men to the ends of the earth for child support (so Strong & Independent), even when the man shelling out the money isn’t the father.

All this has transpired in a political climate that makes women’s issues and women themselves unimpeachable — above question for anyone who knows what’s good for them.

Women are now the very heart of consumer culture. As of 2012, women hold 60 percent of all personal wealth and 51% of stocks. Those numbers have almost certainly grown since then.

We can look at modern advertising and see the virtual groveling of advertisers before the alter of Gynocentrism: The idiot male who needs a woman’s advice to deal with a cold or a headache has become the expected norm for peddling over-the-counter medicines and the same theme has found its way into countless other consumer products.

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And yet women are miserable and getting more so as time goes by.

Even as our cucked-Gynocracy claims victory for women in breaking through alleged workplace and educational barriers, the statistic of 93% of workplace deaths being male hasn’t changed a fraction. Men are still the primary occupants of death professions and dangerous work. They are still the ones in coal mines, crab boats and combat. The triple alliteration is free as a courtesy to you, dear reader.

Men are still dying more often of the top 10 causes of death. They are still the ones who overwhelmingly lose custody disputes in family court, and when it comes to suicide, they still kill themselves at four times the rate of women.

Even with all of those stats, Men are still happier. Which is a giant, EPIC fail on the part of Feminism and women. I mean, men are better than women at suicide and are still happier! Men still work all of the difficult, valuable and essential jobs that may lead to their deaths....and are still happier than all the lazy, entitled, fat women out there! What gives?

Men And Women Are Different; Women's Misery Is Caused By Their Weird Obsession With Trying To Be Men

Men are superior to women. If you wanted any proof of that, here it is: If being female were so amazing and great, then why do women insist on becoming like men?

A similar analogy: There is a reason why everybody, Third world parasites, want to either become a United States citizen, or illegally come to this country. If their home country is so amazing, then why do they all want to come to America?

Men and women are not equal. They are completely different in every possible way. It's like trying to fit a square shape into a circular hole. It's no wonder why women are miserable. Men haven't really changed over the last 40-years; women are trying to be like men and it's causing them to suffer.

You can't give women the charge of responsibility and expect the same results that you would a man. When you spoil and give women total control and autonomy over their lives, they will always fuck it up.

With freedom comes responsibility. When making independent decisions you need to account for those decisions and assume responsibility for any consequences should they arise.

This has always been the problem for women. Women are solipsistic in nature, so the majority of their decisions are going to be emotionally based and inward; an ego invested decision; feelings first, facts last.

Women will always decide what is first and foremost best for her, then her children (if she even understands the concept of menopause). Greater society, and other men for that matter become a second class citizen to her. If society takes authority away from men, women become helpless.

Women are helpless if someone (a man) isn't making decisions for her. That is why women today use the government as a male proxy. Women need someone else to take the responsibility off their shoulders. That is why women are so miserable today. They can't handle all of the responsibility that it takes to be a man (the entity to which they are trying to be).

Women want all of the privileges' of being superior, but none of the responsibility. Women are incapable of power because they lack something crucial to being powerful: The hormone of the Gods, testosterone.

This, of course, cannot work in the real word. If you are put into a position of trust and authority, you must be able to be accountable. Yet, at every turn, we can see women deflecting all accountability, and thus blaming men for all of their problems. It's been 40 years of feminism, ladies. Why is there still a Wage gap? Why are women still not the majority of board members or CEOs? Women have had everything handed to them:

  • Diversity hiring quotas

  • Lowered standards in the military, workplace and University

  • More than equal opportunity in the job market

  • The media padding them

  • Social media apps that cater to them

  • Corporate culture

  • The Family Court system

  • The Justice system as a whole

Women aren't oppressed. A man can't sell pictures of his asshole online to pay rent.

The only way women can close the wage gap is to open another gap. Yes, more women than men are going to college, however, they are all majoring in stupid shit that nobody will hire them for. It's fun for women to throw this in everyone's face, but at the end of the day, they are the one's who are suffering by going to college (a Marxist indoctrination camp), and men are the one's winning by not attending.

Let's look at why there is a Wage Gap: Women hate Math and actual Sciences. They major in Life on Easy Mode = less money.

Yes, women earned more all the wrong fields. Men out earned the women in all of the hard, difficult fields, most notably the one that has the word "Mathematics" in the title. Women love the soft sciences because they involve little to no statistics/math. Hence, why women can't get the high paying jobs/jobs that are worth more.

Women avoid STEM like responsibility. Men dominate it.

Women are lazy, and on average have lower IQ's than Men

It's your fault. You are a woman, and no amount of social engineering or indoctrination will ever change your biology.

There are tons of women out there, right now doing Onlyfans, who are making way more money than any chick going to college will ever make.

All a woman has is her vagina, youth, beauty and fertility.

Prove me wrong.

Women Need Men More Than Men Need Women

Women are more miserable today because they have neglected their biological prerogative; having a family and children.

It is the reason why a 42-year old, childless spinster, empowered female is the profile of the most unhappiest person in America. Having a career, paying taxes and working all day to provide is not exactly fun now, is it? However, men have done this forever, yet, they are still happier.

Being a man is tough, But you know what, we can handle it....because we are..wait for it....MEN! It is in our nature to go out, scavenge, hunt and provide for ourselves.

Men and women need each other. However, when push comes to shove, men do not need women to survive. Men can fight off other violent men; women are physically weak and need "toxic" masculinity to do that job for them.

If women were so Strong, Powerful, Brave and Independent then why do they need the government (male tax-dollar$) so much?

Why do women need the welfare state and diversity hiring quotas to get them cushy government jobs?

Why do they need men's tax dollars to subsidize all of their programs and bailout their shitty small businesses/non-profits?

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Even when women swear off actual men (up until they are Thirty) they still need to suck on the Government cock to get by. Get that facial in the form of a stipend, cheese check.

Ultimately women need the commitment of a man to get by, whether that is in the form of Government checks, or an actual penis shooting cum inside her (child support/anchor baby).

Yes, women get to choose who they have sex with, however, men ultimately get to choose who they give their commitment to. Men can get sex without having to commit in various ways, women can't do the same in regards to security, protection and provisioning....because they are inferior, like a child.

A bachelor can survive on less than 30k a year; men have no problem lowering their standards of living, in fact, living a life of minimalism does away with many headaches. The only reason why men ever had to make more, or six figures, is if he had to raise a family, otherwise men have no need to earn or make anymore than they need.

Since today's empowered female has no concept of starting a family based around the male's authority, and since she seems to only want children as a way of anchoring the father into paying child support/divorce, men are a lot happier with this outcome of being forever bachelors. Women are not.

Women hate seeing men happy. Men are happier than women, as studies have shown.

Addiction Is A Choice, Not A Consequence

When women are left unchecked, and are given all the freedoms of man yet none of the responsibility, they will prioritize their hypergamy over everything else. They will delay having a family, getting married and having kids until the last minute, so they can ride the cock carousel up until the music stops playing.

By then, it is too late.

Again, menopause is a real thing, ladies. If women were so damn smart as they claim to be, they would already know this and wouldn't have to hear it from a man.

Menopause doesn't just happen all of a sudden around 38-45 years of age. Menopause actually starts at around the age of 27-years old for women when their fertility begins a rapid percentage decline every year from that point out.

Infertility isn't an illness or a suffering disease like how most moronic spinsters will spin it. Women who waited too long will treat their infertility like how addicts or alcoholics treat their addictions. They don't want to take responsibility for their failure as a woman.

Addiction is a choice, not a consequence.

Women today are addicted to the Party years, the cock carousel; getting pumped and dumped by Chad from 18-30ish.

All women eventually become infertile. Infertility is not something that is unique to any woman. Ladies, did you know that you, at some point in your life, most likely between the ages of 14-38, were FERTILE?

Did you know that you were the most fertile at the age of 22 years old? Coincidentally, that is the age that all men prefer to date and fuck!

Women, come Thirty, can't find a Good Man to optimize the BetaBuck$ side of her hypergamy. This is due to the entitlement to Chad that all women, regardless of whether or not she is a 2 or a 10, have.

It's impossible for women to lower their own standards when given unlimited access to men via social media, birth control, abortions, the entire system.

With technology, cheaper and faster modes of transportation, the sexual marketplace has become global. In the past women would only be able to meet the pool of men in their hometown and at the very most, the next city over.

Now, at the click of a button and an account on Tinder, women can have access to a seemingly unlimited supply of dick to choose from. A High value man can pay to fly them over to his house in Tuscany, for a weekend of rough fucking, and cum-guzzling. He can show her that little hole-in-the wall restaurant after he fills all of her holes with a pint-size penis, and both balls; give her both barrels.

Naturally, a woman's hypergamous instincts will select, and only entertain the Top Tier 10-20% of men. Before, with just the communication of the telephone and in-person interactions, women would be forced to be less picky about their mates due to a supply crunch. Hypergamy was checked and controlled, for the most part.

Access to the workplace gave women access to more Alpha men, more affairs...more cock carousel riding. Before the internet and cell phones, in order for a woman to communicate with men she would have to use the house phone which would usually be pre-screened by the head of the household (a man). Unlike Big Brother, there were no HOH competitions; the man had the word.

Today, women are their own HOH and are making stupid decisions because they aren't a man.

There are simply not enough High Value men to go around; High Value men in their prime are not looking to settle down, because they are too busy experiencing what is known as the Hot Cheerleader effect. Women today are too busy experiencing what Feminism has promised: The Endless Summer effect.

Men, who did it right, whom are in their prime, are now the equivalent of the hot girl in high school; he has his pick of women, and his sexual options are that of a Chinese buffet. If you are a Wall-hitting, 40-year old, washed-up cumbucket, do you really think Chad is going to settle for your dusty, fucking snatch?

If anything he is going to fuck, pump your pussy, and shoot his cum into your face before he leaves you to go and get some Taco Bell for dinner. A slow Tuesday.

Wow, who knew?

It's amazing that us men know this and have to explain such simplicities to women...just like how one has to explain things to a teenager.

And to think, women are allowed to vote and sign contracts. Women can't even figure out why they are so miserable, they have to come here and read it on this blog.

A blog, written by a man.

The irony.

Women Are Children, Stop Treating Them Like Men

We have said it before, and we will keep pounding this home like I did to your mom last night: Women are Children; your girlfriend, wife or co-worker is the oldest teenager in the room.

Women are like children because they can relate to children. It is in their biology to behave and act like children because they are biologically predisposed to taking care of said child.

This is why every woman you know, and every female boss you have ever had, patronizes and reduces everyone around her to that of a child.

What happens when you give a child freedom and all the privileges' of an adult? Well, they stay up too late and eat ice cream before bed, then they blame everyone else for getting a tummy ache.

Women are miserable because they choose to be.

Until women change, I suggest investing in Amazon and Shopify because a lot of dildos and cat litter will need to be purchased in the coming decades.


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