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Minnesota Mom, Allison Schardin, Sexually Assaulted Two Teen Hockey Players In A Play To Get Revenge On Her Ex-Husband

Minnesota mom Allison Schardin

Original Story at People

A Minnesota mom, Allison Schardin has been accused of sexually assaulting two youth hockey players after discussing marital problems in hotel hot tub while on a 'staycation' with her recently divorced husband.

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Show Notes:

  • Allison Schardin, like all women on vacation, are the easiest and horniest women; your chances of getting laid go up exponentially if she is recently divorced.

  • Women having sex with (raping) teen boys is not an accomplishment, it's just sad and pathetic at this point.

  • Hooking up with women (meeting up later) on airplanes is easier than you think.

  • Season 1 of True Detective is a masterclass in film noir; season 4 with Jodi Foster and that other dyke is absolute garbage.

  • Women have sex for a variety or reasons other than pleasure; revenge is a big one.

  • Strangers will tell you their life's story on airplanes because of anonymity and the subconscious thought of, "I will never see this person ever again in my life."

Allison Schardin And Her Sponge Bob Body

Minnesota mom Allison Schardin

Minnesota mom Allison Schardin

Minnesota mom Allison Schardin

Minnesota mom Allison Schardin


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