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Hot Math Teacher, Hailey Clifton-Carmack, Sucked & Fucked Teen Boy While Using Other Student's as 'Lookouts'; Boy's Father Arrested For Allowing His Son To Have Sex With Her

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack

Original Story At New York Post

  • Hot math teacher, Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack, 26, a Missouri high school teacher is accused of raping a 16 Year old student while other students served as “lookouts”.

  • Allegations of the sex crimes committed by Clifton-Carmack first arose on Dec. 7, 2023.

  • Hailey had only been a teacher at Laquey High School in Laquey, Missouri for only 18 months.

  • Police were informed of the alleged relationship between teacher and student after a classmate came forward and showed photos of the teen's scratches on his back.

  • The witness also claimed the math teacher had been in trouble with school administrators in the past for “being too close with students.” 

  • After a warrant was issued to access the phone on Dec. 22, police found text messages that showed an alleged relationship was going on between the 16-year-old student and the educator.

  • Teen's father, Mark Creighton, is accused of knowing about the relationship but failing to report it - he has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

  • He[Mark Creighton] also reportedly told a witness he would lie for his son if he had to.

  • Her bond was set at $250,000, according to court records.

  • The teen’s father is being held on a $50,000 bond.


The only way I can begin this piece is by first saying the following:

I am a pretty good writer, but honestly, even I couldn't make this love story up.

This is just, perfect.

Is this even real life or is this a masterclass in erotic fiction?

Ladies, I know you've all been told that in order to be a successful Girlboss/teacher you need to make a "splash", a big first impression, "blow way" the competition and be able to 'standout' amongst your co-workers (competition) and peers.

Fucking and sucking a 16-year old boy during your first year of teaching is just a tad dramatic and to be perfectly honest, it comes off a bit too 'try hard' if you'd ask me.

Are all women today autistic or what?

The Witness said Clifton-Carmack — a recently divorced mother of two — would often wear “tight or low-cut shirts” to show off her “headlights” and “tight leggings that ‘showed off her camel toe,’” according to court documents. 


I really do think a picture of Hailey in a low-cut top and leggings is more important than putting her mugshot on a picture of the school and showing us that the school does in fact have flagpoles.

Women at work wearing lululemons and showing off their meat-flaps between their thigh gaps is standard operating procedure these days and we'd expect no less. This is not 'try hard' and shouldn't surprise anyone.

What will surprise me is if Hailey has no pictures of her in said leggings, sporting said camel-toe, and us being able to envision our cocks fucking her sliz. If there are no camel-toe teases in the presentation, that will be the real injustice here. I swear to God, I will be fucking pissed at this point.

Did you know that wearing low-cut tops and showing off your camel-toe is vital to teaching math? It first of all teaches men about physics when those chestpillows bounce off one another. Secondly, it teaches boys about angles; what positions to fuck your hot teacher in if it's possible to bend her at a right angle over the desk and still be able to stick it in.

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack

You can always tell the target demographic for a website by how the author of the article writes, or uses certain language. At they took the time to explain what "camel toe" is to their boomer readers. Or, since it is a law orientated website, maybe they are just being really detailed and thorough.

Either way, I literally Hitler laughed out loud when I read the article while doing my own research.

The information about Hailey though gets better. To recap: She is a recently divorced mother of two ( I think one of the kids is Black). So we have an unhinged, hyper-sexual single mom wearing low-cut tops and camel-toe revealing leggings to school in order to attract attention from boys and get them thinking about fucking her 26-year old Arby's sandwich of a sliz.

She's a math teacher, however to me, something doesn't 'add up'.

There's got to be more to this story...

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack Divorced Husband Because She Didn't Want To Do Anal With Him

The witness told investigators the victim was the reason “her divorce was pushed through” and that “Hailey had wanted a divorce due to her husband only wanting to ‘do butt stuff,'” the court document revealed.

So, your husband wanting to do anal was 'too gross' and a hard "no".

But you thought fucking a 16-year old boy while you used his classmates as 'lookouts' was just fine and dandy?

Women are so stupid.

Hailey would've been better off if she would've just took it in the ass at home like a good woman. But no, she had to be selfish and ruin the lives of many. Her husband rationally wanted anal because Hailey's box has been beat-up so badly over the party years that it's lost all its glamour and tightness. He was just trying to tell her in a nice way, "Hey, honey, your front door has been kicked in way too many times, time to use the back."

Again, Hailey is not good at math; all women aren't.

The age of consent in Missouri is 17. Hailey can't count because all she had to do was wait another year.

Do women not think that a 16-year old boy is going to say anything?

For Christ sake, she had other students involved as 'lookouts'!

Yet, women are allowed to vote and have jobs.

You really can't make this shit up, the jokes write themselves.

This story is one of the most surreal cases we've ever covered.

If you thought you were the best dad this Christmas by giving your son a new Xbox, get over yourself.

You aren't winning Father of The Year like Mark Creighton. Mark is being charged for giving his son a 'high five' and giving his blessing and letting him hit his hot teacher's x-box. And, took a $50k bond for it and possible jail time.

If that isn't love and the best Christmas gift, I don't know what is!

In all honestly, my educated guess here is that there may have been some sex extortion going on here, and the dad was also probably banging Clifton-Carmack.

You could win a State championship on your HS team as a QB, point guard or the no-hitter pitcher.

However, at your 25 reunion, you will be recognized as the dude who fricked the math teacher. In the small world of high school, you reached legendary status.

There is something greater going on. This keeps on happening.

Why do these teachers keep throwing their careers/lives away banging these boys?

One of the reasons, in my expert opinion is that it's a mixture of a rise in masculinization of females as well as an extreme obsession with youth culture in our society.

The crazy thing about this whole 1984 world that we live in is:

She'll[Hailey] be fired , but some math teachers that are teaching 2+2=5 are getting promotions.

I believe a lot of these chicks are unhinged and horny women are reliving their high school years, they are on social media, they see who the popular kids are and want to be a part of it all. They are immature, even 20 years ago a 30 year old was for sure a grown adult, not anymore. Childlike mindset these chycks have.

The Report Card


Hailey, like most of the greats before her, decided to take a page out of the 'Offensive' section of the playbook: Fast and loose. Just like Hailey.

In just 18 months and the first year into her teaching career, Hailey began texting and sending nudes to the boy and then quickly turned that into sucking and fucking. Not only this, she had the bold nerve to employ other students as 'lookouts' so that she could get her pussy pounded on the regular at school and make sure that thing was filled to the brim with cum.

On-top of this, she knowingly or inadvertently involved the boy's father in a quasi love triangle in where he was culpable and is now also being charged with endangering a child's welfare.

Hailey's pussy must be amazing. She sounds and looks like a great fuck. I can see how this all spiraled so quickly.

It sounds like a female student ratted on her, or a British cigarette did; maybe one of the other boys got jealous and was getting tired of being a lookout and jerking himself off to the scene of his hot female teacher getting piped over her desk.

Hailey ruined a lot of lives and put the life of the 16-year old boy in danger.

You have to remember that if she would've got pregnant (she might be, who knows) the boy is on the hook for child support once he turns 18.

Also, another thing we don't talk about enough is that which leads to a bigger point:

When these women sexually assault these kids, they put them in danger. All it takes is one pissed off/embarrassed husband to wreck the kid.

Passion, dedication and no regard for anything else than how her pussy feels.

These are the true traits of a great female sex scandal teacher.



Hailey is a now a divorced single mother with two kids who ruined the lives of four individuals including herself, all because she wanted to have sex with a 16-year old boy. What a despicable human being. And a horrible teacher.

On the flip-side, she is an incredible female sex scandal teacher and deserves a round of applause. She did everything textbook (pun intended) and the passion cannot be denied here. Incredible effort and execution. She also taught her other students the value of helping others and what it is like to be employed and work a part-time job (lookout/sexual security guard).



The more face pictures I see, the more suspicious I get.

Two kids and a husband [recently divorced] and good-looking enough to get most guys (older than 17). Unreal. Her ex-husband looks like a fucking MMA fighter and a young Chad.

After looking through what we could find picture-wise of Hailey, am I the only one who prefers her mugshot? She has the second best mugshot we've seen since Rikki Lynn Laughlin and I would consider her as a runner for Best Mugshot Of All Time.

However, a simple Google search of her full name will result in the stinging feeling of being deceived by fakeup and witchcraft.

After seeing her pics of what I can assumed she looked like in HS, it all makes a lot of sense: She was the ugly duckling back then. Now, she's the hot chick, the attention that she desired back then is finally coming to fruition, and that totally overrides all sensibility for her.

Not saying its right, and it's even worse that the dude is under the legal of age of consent in this case, but I can see the motive. Not all times is this the case, but in this one, it seems pretty clear cut.

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack

Fav Position: Doggystyle

Years Servicing Teen: 1 Year

Family: Had a husband and left it all to Chance. He wanted anal and that was gross so I fucked a teen instead. I come from a blended family which is code for Dysfunctional.

Favorite Hobby: Pleasing my students with indoor activities.

Fun Fact: I am Left handed ;) This year I created opportunities for students to find my pussy and how to get it in. I gave a boy growth (down there) and allowed him to mature faster by trying to knock me up.

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack

Is that an airplane tat? She's a Mile high club member...

Nice titty tat.

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack

Will give her a pass. Nobody looks amazing when camping and hiking for a weekend. However, starting to see lunch-lady arms at 26.

The Wall cometh quick!

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack

Women are not hypersexual, bi-sexual or pansexual.

They are, and always will be Chadsexual


Final Comments: With a name like Hailey Nichelle Clifton-Carmack, is it painfully obvious that this chick is wack and fucks. A woman who hyphenates her name has mental issues. A red flag and the most clear signal that she isn't yours, it was just your turn.

Hailey did her tour of duty and we salute her. She has met all the satisfactory measures of what it takes to be a Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

However, I have my criticism. The presentation. We all know it, Hailey. You oversold and underdelivered. All this talk about your students saying how you'd wear low cut, tight tops to school with leggings that would show off your juicy camel-toe. Yet, not one goddamn fucking picture of you in said attire.

No open social media accounts or anything. This is disgraceful and unbecoming of a female sex scandal teacher. I know you were busy with your love triangle and possible sex extortion by the boy's father, but this is unacceptable as far as giving you the title of Greatest. You were close to getting A's in all categories. Let's be honest, the only real and important category was the 'Looks' and you blew it.

Just like you blew that boy.

Women really are this stupid. They can't even be great at having sex with teens.

Women are on their phones all the time, and take nudies and butt shots for IG. Yet again, I stress, Hailey has not even one photo of her in yoga pants. No camel-toe. All we have is folklore and legend has it.

Overall Grade


This Post Is Brought To You By

Hot Math Teacher Hailey Clifton-Carmack


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