Women At Work: In-fighting Between Women In The Workplace Is The Real 'Glass Ceiling'

Who would have thought, that women experience more ‘rudeness’ and abuse from other women more so than from their male counterparts in the workplace? No shit. We apparently needed a study from none other than the party capital of post-secondary—University of Arizona.

We have already gone through, at length, how women today make great liabilities in the workplace and for the most part, the worst and laziest of employees. It turns out that they are toxic when it comes to working with their other empowered sisters.

You have to understand that women and men go to work for different reasons; men go to work to work, women go to work to dick around and collect a paycheck for breathing. Women treat the workplace like high-school 2.0 as they never seem to mature past the age mentality of a 16-year old suburbanite princess. Women, instead of being able to compete based on merit and the ability to do the job, they instead take the path of least resistance and rely on passive aggressive behavior—manipulation, gas lighting, spreading rumors—in order to move up the ranks and sabotage anyone in their way. If women could do the job, they wouldn’t need to pull this bullshit.

One thing that is observable is that the recipe for ultimate disaster is when you have a young female manager who is above an older woman. Women at work cannot work well together in this power dynamic. With men it is dysfunctional in the same way but to a lesser extent if the younger man is indeed the better candidate for the position and has either earned it or his points on the board are true and reflected in his results.

With women it comes down to beauty and age. Women objectify themselves and each other in the workplace; nothing has to do with competence or doing the job. Usually the older women at work who have already hit the Wall are always in competition with the young interns or the hot ones in general because of all the attention they steal from men; most notably the male upper management/bosses. People tend to gravitate and give preference to attractive people and the same goes for hiring managers and bosses. Attractive people have the upper hand; especially when it comes to promoting women in the workplace.

Again, CorporateLand is just high-school 2.0. It is now become a feminized artificial environment based on ass-sucking, cock-kissing and normie conformie behavior. With more women joining college and the workforce, the corporate landscape is rapidly changing from an environment of results; profit and doing the work, to a culture of: petty behavior, laziness, lawsuits, back-stabbing, disastrous quarters, bloating over-head, politically correct cubicles, anti-harassment training courses and a place to get your soul and being crushed from a solid mass into suicide fuel.

Once all the men leave CorporateLand you will see its demise because an office full of just women will ultimately implode on itself. Women cannot run a business amongst themselves. This study says it all.

Does anyone remember that one season of Survivor when one camp on the island was just all women and the other, all men? Remember how the male camp was organized, pristine, shit was getting done, huts were being erected, food was being hunted and gathered; a system was in place. While over at the women’s camp everyone was laying around, sun-tanning; no food, place was a fucking mess, no one had built any shelters.

Women cannot lead themselves or each other. It’s not in their nature to do so.

That season of Survivor is what you will find in most workplaces today. Departments—especially in retail—that are run by women are just a complete and utter mess (literally and figuratively). It’s because they really don’t care about the job at hand, ultimately. Their departments and work spaces look most likely like their own apartments, cars and homes; a complete fucking spread of garbage, rappers, paper, bills, and food everywhere: A disorganized shit-hole. And they wonder why upper-management is breathing down their necks about numbers, profitability and just the state of their department.

Can’t imagine what their household finances and the physical state is if that is what you do at your job in which you are paid to be there. I bet home looks amazing where the work is “unpaid”.

Women will never be able to compete with men, because they are too busy competing with other women at work about petty, stupid, shit.

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