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Why Your Female Boss Is An Incompetent Cunt

Women can’t manage their emotions, so how can they be expected to manage individuals, effectively?

Multiple studies have shown that women, on the whole, make for terrible employees and more so, horrible bosses.

An article in The Atlantic outlines what everyone has known all along, but are too politically correct to admit: Women who try to lead in CorporateLand rule like petty dictators— are uninspiring and ineffectual.

The Queen Bee effect has been outlined before in our CorporateLand series and in the fast- selling book CorporateLand: Surviving Cubicle Warfare.

"Studies have shown that when women have a preference, they would choose to have a male boss instead of a female boss. Participants in one study described their female bosses as 'emotional,' 'catty,' or 'bitchy'."-The Atlantic

Men in leadership positions are typically more forthright.

Men don't have time for backstabbing, gossip, and sabotage. Men are doing all of the work. Even if they[men] had the time to be passive-aggressive, it would just look incongruent with being masculine. Kind of like how women look in-congruent when they try to be like men.

Women are really bad at being men. Gee, what shocker! Who would have thought that men and women are different?

Get fucking triggered; find a safe-space with a coloring book (you won't find it here).

Men will set aside their emotions when shit needs to get done.

Why do studies show that men are better than women at being a boss?

Men aren't inherently selfish like women. We understand that there are other people in this world who are depending on a business's production (Customers, shareholders).

The reason why men don't do these inferior things(petty shit, being lazy, blaming others for the faults of ones self), is because men are generally, competent.

If you are competent, you don't need to be passive-aggressive, back-stab, and sabotage people because competent people can compete. Women usually can't compete on equal terms, thus they have to play dirty.

Most women in the workplace, no matter the position, are work-shirking sleazes. They treat the institution like they do their marriages, boyfriends and the government. "Give me everything....even though I won't produce anything....or I will scream and cry 'abuse'!"

Women love being victims or creating the illusion that women are oppressed, because without the victim card, women would actually have to do something of value for society.

And that takes hard work.

Anytime a woman is in front of money (i.e paycheck, a rich husband, or boyfriend) she will try to skirt responsibility, effort, and hard work, in order to receive resources.

Resources come from men.

The government is made up of male tax-payer dollars; women feel entitled to that money (welfare). Companies are usually owned and ran by men;women feel entitled to do nothing at work for that man's(CEO's) resources.

A husband/boyfriend typically makes/earns more money than his legal prostitute...sorry...his wifesistute/girlfriend; the wet-hole/wife will feel she is entitled to all resources because: Vagina.

The reason why women feel entitled to resources (no matter the source), without doing anything in return, is because they have a wet-hole between their legs, which is always nagging them to be filled with something. Women, through evolution, are use to laying on their backs with their knees near their ears, in order to get resources (a very lazy existence).

Imagine trying to work a real job when your vagina is screaming at you to go lay down on your back; wait for a man to cum inside you; win the lottery of life.

This evolved nature(Being a Star-fish, cum-dumpster) still carries into a modern woman's laziness/existence within the workplace.

It's why women shop online on company time; their hindbrain is mistaking the euphoria of getting a paycheck for getting a dick inside their vagina (money pit);resources can now be spent.

The reason why so many modern women are taking anti-depressants and are miserable cunts in general, is because of this:

They[women] thought that having a career would be fulfilling and fun, along with paying taxes. Women bought the feminist lie hook, line, and sinker; 'need no man like a fish needs a bicycle'. Now, the majority of women are man-less, childless, and marriage-less, which results in their[women's] mental instability that we are seeing today.

Your female boss today will typically be a miserable, middle-aged, man-less, child-less aging party-gurl (historical slut).

Women Approach Workplace Relationships Like High School Ones

What you have to realize about women, is that they are effectively stunted ‘adults’. They are children trapped inside of an adult body. Women may ‘mature’ faster than boys (they hit puberty at 11/12 instead of 13 like boys) but they intellectually cap-out at around 18 years of age. Boys, however, expand their intellect, as well as physical capabilities, well past the teen years.

This is because men, on average, score higher on the IQ scale. We[men] have the hormone of the Gods (testosterone). With the hormone of the Gods, men are able to work longer hours: We don't have to take 3 naps during an afternoon.

With the hormone of the Gods, men are better able to handle stressful situations; women don't have enough testosterone to off-set cortisol levels (stress hormone); they[women] break down, crawl into the fetal position, and cry.

Since women are not natural leaders by default of biology, when they get into a position of power they typically have to compensate for their lack of hustle and mental handi-cap:Micro-managing people, criticizing minutiae of the day-to-day; pointless to the overall business—essentially masking their incompetence with passive-aggressive control tactics in order to create the illusion of power.

Instead of going to work to simply work, women go to work as if they are going back to high school: They try to be friends with others instead of leading them.

Women are emotional creatures and can’t stand the thought of people not liking them, wanting to be around them, kissing their ass all the time, and feeling a sense of ‘community’ and inclusivity.

People who need the 'community's' approval and acceptance are inferior, weak people. Needing the approval of the consensus is a weakness.

Women, thus, when in positions of hiring and managing, will typically fill their roster with other women (even if they aren’t capable workers) because women are easier to control/manipulate and are more likely to 'Go-along, to get along'.

Women hate rocking the boat even if the ship is about to sink via captain incompetence.

You will notice that if men are under the wing of a female boss she will likely treat them as she does her beta husband: Berate, criticize, undermine, and generally be ungrateful for essentially carrying the load due to the female boss’s laziness and incompetence.

Just like a modern ‘wife’.

Your typical cunt of a boss will view her co-workers/employees just as she does men; a disposable resource.

Women make horrible bosses and generally can be horrible human beings, due to their solipsistic nature.

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In fact, if you are a highly intelligent man, who displays great capabilities, a female boss will likely want to throw you under the bus and get rid of you as fast as she can.

You are probably saying to yourself,”Why would she do that, that makes no logical sense. If a boss has an All-star on the roster, why would she do that?”

If you are asking yourself the above, you clearly need to do your homework on female nature.

You have to remember that when you have a vagina, your life, behavior, and attitude doesn't have to make sense. You are awesome, strong, and powerful. You can do no wrong. Nobody else in the world, except you (the vagina holder), has a vagina. Right?!

You are special.

Having a vagina means that even though you can't do math, you are still right in your calculations. Math is a tool of the patriarchy. Math is oppressive.

Having a vagina means that you don't have to manage your emotions around people in order to get the job done; women hate when men infer that their bitchiness is the result of menstruation; women will call in 'sick' because they have cramps that day.

So which is it: Your period doesn't affect your mood/your ability to perform, or does it?

A woman's biology handicaps her, from the very start, from being an effective boss.

Men are better than being in charge.

Moving on.

Women are emotional, weak individuals. Women are, more importantly, intellectually inferior (a kind word for 'stupid') and lack logic (the very thing that is needed in business). They lack critical thinking (kind of important..); abstract thinking requires seeing beyond what is present; macro views, creativity, and thinking outside of the box. That is why men are better at marketing than women, even if it is marketing directly to the female consumer.

The TV show Mad Men is a demonstration, depiction of truth, and illustration on how very intelligent men during the 50's-80's shaped and even caused the formation of certain institutions (De Beers diamonds linked to marriage/romantic 'love') based off of selling shit to people through human psychology (exploiting our base desires).

To push the American economy (the greatest in the world during that time period) to such great lengths like that, takes abstract thinking.

The reason why we don't have a great economy today is because we don't have a whole lot of abstract thinking going on. You can thank the 'creativity' of your diversity-hire, female boss for that.

Women find it hard to think outside of the box because they are constantly adhering to their vagina tingles; thinking about their own box and how it is feeling at any given moment of the day.

Women are the most responsible teenager in the household. If a woman could go to work and get paid to scroll through Facebook all day(masturbate a few times after doing light chores) they'd sign-up for it. Oh wait....that's basically modern women at work, in and outside of the house.

Now, to your question as to why a female boss would want to drain the orbiting excellence around her is because of one main reason: Highly intelligent, capable people, are a threat to highly stupid, weak individuals.

Female bosses mainly hire other women and surround themselves with easily controllable people, because they don’t want to lose their job to somebody who can run circles around them; whom will point out their incompetence and lack of hustle.

It doesn’t make sense to you and I [men], and it doesn’t make good business sense, either. However, women do not go to work to make money, to make profit, or to achieve excellence in their professions.

Women go to work to have fun, hang with their ‘friends’, and waste enough time so as to glide through the day as if it were a free skate at the local rink, in order to collect their paycheck for as little work as possible. Women treat the workplace like they do their husband: A welfare check/cash cow.

You have understand that women are solipsistic, in that they go through life believing that the world revolves around them; their vagina is oh-so important to everyone. Women, by no fault of their own(biology) are inherently flawed individuals.

If you are solipsistic, you are inherently and uncontrollably, selfish by nature.

A typical female boss will abuse her power in order to do as little as possible during her day at work. Women want all the glory, but none of the responsibility. Women want to be praised for not doing anything. It's why they like taking so many selfies; 'like's for doing nothing of value.

A typical female boss in today's workplace will also, like in high school, play 'favorites' with her subordinates/co-workers, even if said subordinates/co-workers all earn the same salary and are responsible for all the same duties.

Certain employees(mainly the men) will be delegated to the heavy work loads, while anybody who kisses thy highness's ass or is part of the 'Licking Clam Club' will be given a reprieve.

A typical female boss will nit-pick and nag you for really stupid, petty, un-called for, and inconsequential things; ignoring the major and more important things you've done.

Like any modern woman in a relationship(business or romantic), she will ignore/forget the 20 amazing things you've done and focus on the one thing you didn't do. She will never compliment, address, or recognize your successes; she will just point out petty shit.

Female bosses do this to rational hamster their way into making herself still believe that you aren't as great as you think you are at your job. Even when the evidence is mounting in the opposite direction.

Women like to lie to themselves because it makes them feel good.

Women don't know how to manage because they can't recognize what is important and essential, in any given situation. Women can't see things in a macro-sense; they can only feel what their vagina feels; how The View told them they were Strong, Powerful & Independent ™.

A woman's vagina is a short-term thinker...women feel through the world; they don't think.

Modern females in the workplace, who have somehow (sucked ass & kissed cock) made their way into managing positions, will naturally try to set up a matriarchal system within the corporation and or department.

This doesn't bode well for business efficiency, and making money. Just like with their boyfriends/husbands, modern females in director positions will often equate managing with slave-mastering.

Women do not understand how to manage people. People are humans, they are not your beta boyfriend/husband ( a second class citizen) who you like to control and abuse, while you go and suck-off the Denny's waiter. Save it for your home, not for the workplace.

Women, in fact, allowed Hitler to come to power when he was the leader of the NSDAP in Germany. Women voted for Hitler because women would vote for themselves if they could.

Like women, Hitler blamed everyone else (Jews & Commi's) for the problems of Germany. Women love blaming anyone (scapegoats) and everyone else, except themselves, for anything.

But seriously, women vote with their emotions and that is a fact. Women voted for Justin-faggoty-Trudeau because he was 'handsome'; he is the worst leader, ever. A closet fag, who panders to the Punjabs; eviscerates the oil and gas sector; wonders why the economy is tanking. A fucking idiot.

Women voting is a whole other post/topic, though.

Moving on.

Modern female managers/directors also don't understand that you don't have to be an aggressive, conniving cunt in order to project strength. Women, for some reason, think that the badge of manager/director means that they suddenly have to become Hitler in order to get their 'authority' across to people they work with.

That is not how you project strength and leadership.

But, this is because women, like I have said before, aren't natural leaders; they[women] over-compensate for their inferiority complex (Resting bitch face, yelling, threatening, micro-managing, nit-picking, nagging,scapegoating etc.). They[women] have to do these things for this lack of natural knowledge that men have internalized through evolution.

A typical female boss will not care for the business in a way that a man would. A typical female boss won't set aside emotion, politics, and personal views in order to get the job done as best as possible; to make money and to have work flow efficiently. No, the typical female boss will want to run things in a way that benefits her, not her co-workers and most certainly, not the company.

She will most likely hire people who will kiss her ass and make her feel important, even though their work ethic is clearly lacking the proper results.

The typical female boss will also be hypocritical in that all the faults, loss of money and mistakes being made will be placed upon her co-workers, resulting in massive cognitive dissonance.

A typical modern female boss is usually overweight, unattractive, lazy (a feminist); a general, hypocritical, cunt. A basic bitch.

A nobody.

Women Like To 'Lead' From Behind

There is a reason why we have the saying, "Behind every great man, there is woman."

Exactly, because men are the ones who do everything. A woman's natural place in the world and in the workplace, is in a supporting role. The best thing a woman can do for a man is stand behind him; give him a 'reach around'.

That is why we have a 'wage gap' (earnings gap). Women who do advance into leadership roles typically burn-out, or make the news in spectacular ways (i.e Yahoo, Ebay, Equifax).

They fail; ruin once great companies.

Nearly every time I have a problem with a company that used to be good, I just think to my self, What the fuck just happened?

I then take it upon myself to lookup leadership roles. 99% of the time it’s either a female CEO or top management positions filled with females and then I get my answer.

When looking to invest in a company's stock, I 100% of the time avoid putting any capital to work if its a female-led company. It will mostly turn out to be: A guaranteed failure.

Here is one recent example: Peekaboo Beans Inc. BEAN (CSE)

Peekaboo Beans is your typical, delusional idea, on par with some basic bitch thinking she is going to make money selling cakes (something anyone can do out of their home).

When I did my DD (Due diligence) on BEANS, all I could think of was, "Does this chick even want to make a profit, or does she just want to masturbate to the idea that her company is on the CSE; Flick her bean to the fact that she is a CEO?"

Her company's stock is worth as much as a few beans.

A female-led company to which has been bleeding cash like a stuck pig. BEAN's problem is that the CEO is spending more money than she is taking in. Pretty simple. That is women with money, in general. Now, they[BEAN) have maybe a few months before they will have to do a financing of some sort. To come up with working capital just to keep the lights on, they will have to dilute their stock's shares. And at .19 cents a are fucked!

Female bosses, typically, can’t lead if their life depended on it. Women can’t lead effectively because to lead effectively you first have to lead by example. If you don’t have confidence in your own abilities, how are you going to inspire others? If you can’t demonstrate the very thing[Be excellent] that you require from your employees, then how do you expect them to fulfill those very requirements?

If you don’t know what you are doing in your job (most women in the workplace) then how are you suppose to lead your troops onto the battlefield for profits?

Leading by example is a demonstration of competence. It goes a long way in terms of employee morale. Seeing your boss being a lazy, incompetent fuck and doing the very things that she says ‘not to do’ is extremely uninspiring. It[being an incompetent fuck] will likely question somebody’s leadership, credibility, and overall sanity.

Leading people by example takes hard work; the very thing women like to avoid.

Most female bosses in the workplace will conduct themselves like a quivery sergeant on the battlefield. They will haphazardly tell their troops what to do, or better yet, won't tell them at all. They[female bosses] think that everyone can read their mind and will be able to figure that Rubik's cube out.

Female bosses who are lazy will skimp on training new-comers for one of three reasons:

Training someone new is hard when even you (the boss) doesn't know what they are doing. Secondly, training new-comers effectively takes a lot of time and energy (women are lazy). Thirdly, a female boss will typically avoid training a new-comer effectively because that person will become competent, thus a threat to the incompetent person's(the boss) job security.

Remember, most women in the workplace can only survive if they keep weak people around them (people who are weaker than them).

Throughout the battle of the day, instead of clearly outlining a plan of attack, your female boss will typically not give any direction or be flamboyant about the mission at hand, causing the troops to be confused.

A good leader and sergeant will, before the battle, outline a plan of attack and then will be at the front of that attack, leading the charge. Your female boss will typically tell her employees all of the tasks that need to get done, using words like ‘we’ and ‘should’ but will then not take charge, herself; she will most likely be farting around on her phone and trying to waste time by going to the bathroom 5 times in the span of an hour.

A good leader will specifically detail each person’s task and will take on the larger and more important tasks that they are getting paid top-dollar for. A sergeant who delegates the work duties of a sergeant to a private, is not only confused about true hierarchy, but is just plain lazy. Your business is going to lose the war for profits.

Like on the battlefield, hierarchies in the workplace exist for a reason: To create an ebb and flow for the day-to-day activities. Hierarchies establish order. When you change-up the natural order of the hierarchy, you effectively will screw up the order and create chaos along with confusion.

Women, of course, don’t see this nor do they care; emotions are what matter. If it doesn’t suite them (their internal struggle with being a lazy cunt) then it won’t matter. Female bosses will typically try to hand-off their work duties to others because women, like we have said, aren’t at work to work.

Cubicle warfare doesn’t have to be this hard. It is a hard battle today, because we have women (incompetence) 'leading' the fight.

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