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Attractive Former 'Teacher of the year', Tracy Vanderhulst, Busted For Sex With 16 Year Old Student

Teacher Tracy Vanderhulst

Original Story at New York Post

  • Tracy Vanderhulst, 38, has been arrested on allegations of engaging in sexual activity with a student.

  • The math teacher from Yucaipa High School in California was booked into the San Bernardino County detention center on $30,000 bail.

  • Vanderhulst, who is married with two children, had been honored as 'Teacher of the Year' at the school in 2017.


Alright, class. Let's start off with a good old fashioned math question to get this love story (rape) rolling.

Can anyone figure out how many times 16 goes in 38?

That's correct. The answer is many times in this case.

16 can go into 38 as many times as it takes 38 to become whole.

It's a mathematical conundrum.

We don't know the exact answer yet as we don't have all the details.

What we can solve for at the moment is this:

38 divided by 16 =$30,000 bond.

As we all know by now, when trying to solve a female teacher sex scandal math equation the rule is: The hotter and more attractive the female teacher, the less the bond; the less the jail time if any.

That 16-year old boy for sure divided Tracy Vanderhulst's pussy lips with his pubescent pint sized penis and found the right angle to attack her G-spot. It's basic trigonometry she was trying to teach him. We really don't understand why the public is so up in arms and shocked by what happened.

Tracy seems to have some nice, wide hips with a cushy if you are the 16 year old on top and she is on her back, her cum-canal is already going to be angled in a slightly upward direction. Which means minimal adjustments need to be applied when attempting a downward penetrative angle. You also must take into account the curve or angle of your donger. Is it straight, or do you have a slight upward curve at the end? All of these factors can be compensated with just re-adjusting Tracy's hips and legs. You are a this case though a boy...and Tracy is an object. So, objectify her and move it around to your liking.

What Do Sane White Women From North America Do Every Day, Versus What Tracy Vanderhulst Did?

Now, the detectives in this case are saying that they 'believe there are more additional victims in this case'. May I remind the class that Tracy is indeed married (since 2007) and has two kids. Where does she find the time to look so good for her age...and oh yeah, screw all these boys while trying to run a family household and a classroom?

Women are really trying their best to 'do it all' aren't they?

It blows the mind and penis that a grown 'adult' woman, that is married to a husband (who has presumably a functioning penis) needs sex so badly that she offers herself to her teenaged male students. But again, if you have been here long enough, had listened to the podcast and have read this blog, you would not come to find yourself shocked in any way shape or form.

Yes, Tracy could've just had a 'normal affair' by heading down to her local tavern, found a finance bro or college Chad to suck and fuck her brains out, cheated with the principal or co-worker, or gone on Amazon (where you can find all my books) and bought a few vibrators and dildos.

That's what an everyday, normal and sane white woman from North America does.

However, Tracy chose and made the conscious decision to fuck and rape a 16-year boy (possibly more) in order to settle her pussy's insatiable appetite for cock and cum.

Teen boys for women is like shooting fish in a barrel: Hormonal and ready, guaranteed to get dat pussy jackhammered and beat like it owes him money.

These female teachers who do this are predators, puma/manthers. Do you remember when you were 16 and could get it up five times in three hours and cum buckets? Tracy knows this and knew this. Heck, she was a teen girl back in high school not so long ago.

It appears she's never left...

Was she having problems with her hubby in the bedroom, or was the life that she set out to have (wifey-lifey) not all that it's cracked-up to be and wanted to feel that young rush again, that surge (in her cock pocket) when everything was new and exciting?

Being around hormonally charged and behaviorally aggressive male teens all day, coupled with being a decent looking female teacher is a recipe for flirtatious disaster.

Women are emotional and are the most responsible teenager in the building.

Women have a different moral development than men; they stop progressing in high school. -kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development

Kohlberg had shown that the average female attained a moral judgment rating of stage three (good boy-nice girl), while adolescent males score at level four (law and order) and are more likely to move on to postconventional levels.

If women are capped at Stage 3 in moral development, how can we expect women to run the world and become Girlbossbabe, CEO in CorporateLand and not fuck things up royally? If women are dumber than men on average and have the physical strength and mental fortitude of a teen boy, how can we expect them to lead and not burn the place down?

How about we ask all the people in Alberta, Canada right now given the fact that a bunch of Mary-Sueing female firefighters almost burned down the entire province. This, causing major oil producers to curtail almost 300,000 bbls/d and potentially 2 million barrels a day if these fires continue to get worse and spread to the oil sands. If you think WTI Oil at $71 is high (it fucking isn't) and CDN gasoline at $1.57 is high (it fucking isn't) then just you wait. It's going to be a white boy, fucking summer soon.

If women can't control their own vagina and keep it from sliding down some teen boy's dick, how are they suppose to control anything?

The Report Card


Tracy Vanderhulst needed dick badly. It must've hurt. Imagine being married to a husband with a penis, but your vagina is constantly throbbing wet and never satisfied. Imagine not knowing what to do or heaven forbid, ask said husband to pound your pussy into the next solar system. Imagine being a woman like Tracy, too stupid to ask. It's no wonder why women don't receive raises at work. They never ask.

She asked the teen boy, though, so we know she isn't shy. He gave her a stiff raise.

Is her husband secretly gay and likes to get pegged on the weekends? These are serious and legit questions we have here. Also, I forgot, did Tracy cum? That's important, too. She's a woman and we must make sure she got an orgasm and came her brains out. We have to always make sure white women from North America never feel discomfort and are always happy and cumming.

Tracy did what any good math teacher could do for her students: Branched out and offered other services besides math. Biology!

Tracy understood her market and audience, and teen boys are very interested in biology especially when they have to look at their fairly-attractive teacher all day long, doing boring-ass math problems when all they wanna do is just think about smashing her pussy and smashing every other girls in their class. Yeah, so what, Tracy is 38. She looks good for her age...and when you are 16 years old...she looks even better. She looks like she could just take all the cum and would be a lot of fun.

Still waiting on the details. There is talk of there being multiple victims. If you wanted to hazard a guess, I would say that Tracy did the standard offering of afterschool math tutoring sessions (kids today suck in math because women teach it). It's hard to focus in math class as it is, throw in an attractive female teacher and these boys are hopeless!



Yucaipa 'Teacher of the Year' 2017. I can believe it. Tracy, for sure, goes above and beyond for her students.

Tracy is married with kids and hubby. This means she likely has no curfew.

Do you know who does have a curfew? Teenage girls (and boys). Even if you had a gf in high school, she'd still have a curfew and a paranoid dad. You know who doesn't have a curfew? Tracy. She's an adult and her hubby is most likely a limp-wristed, milk toast, "I let my wife go out for girls night" type of bro.

If you are a horny teen boy and your teacher looked like Tracy Vanderhalst, you are going to smash that if you can. Easy access. An endless receptacle for your jizz.

What's with all this talk about women not being attracted to brokies that live with their parents, have no car, no job and play video games in their basement?

Tracy doesn't seem to give one solid fuck about all that! Calling bullshit on women's bullshit standards.

It appears more and more likely that Tracy did indeed have sex with this boy and there may be more. Her integrity as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher is solid, just like the state of her victim's penis as it was about to unleash an unrelenting force upon her cock-holster.



Some words to describe Tracy Vanderhulst's presentation: Lacking, sparse, visual, audio, tease.

When doing my 'research' I was ready to throw my laptop across the room and give Tracy the fucking D she so desperately deserves/needs. However, finding out that she had a video/audio presentation saved her and my laptop. At 38 years old, her warranty is about to be up. Yet, she looks and probably operates almost like a 28 year old. Mentally, yes, she is 16 years old, guys. Just like my laptop, which is going on 13 years now, still runs and performs great. The warranty is up, I have to keep it now.

That's another reason why I didn't throw it across the room in a fit of rage given the lacking of photos on Tracy's behalf. No, we don't get to see Tracy in a full catalog of sweet, sweet bikini shots, leggings to show off her presumably meaty camel-toe and pics of her chest pillows in a tight tanky.

When grading for this category it is always important to not only consider a woman's body (her only personality) but her body for her age.

At 38 years old, Tracy, what is your secret? Is it consuming a high protein diet of teen dongers and cum? The afterglow on her skin is Maybelline commercial worthy.

Tracy is not a knock-it-out of her pussy smoke-show of a teacher. She is just a slightly above average suburban soccer mom at her age and possible MILF fantasy for a lot of neighborhood boys on her street. The type of wife/mom that a teen boy thinks he could actually have a shot with if invited over to 'cut grass and chill'. A bit of lemonade after with her on the porch. Cut Grass & Chill is MILF game. Netflix & Chill is normie game.

You see, the most captivating thing about a woman like Tracy is that she is: Obtainable.

To a lot of men, you don't have to be a knock-out. Being fairly attractive, soft presence, with a massive hint of obtainability is sometimes the hottest thing about a woman.

No pictures, that's fine. What we do get, however, is Tracy (a female predator) in her natural habitat: Her classroom. This is where she stalks her prey and has calls the janitor to put down a 'Wet Floor' sign due to all the pussy-goo dripping down her inner thigh all day and on to the floor.

At the 1:10 mark you can see for a moment the thirst of Tracy for that bro with the white shirt...

Female teacher Tracy Vanderhulst

The bell rang, the other students have left. You're alone with your attractive teacher.

How do you open?

Married teacher, Tracy Vanderhulst

Good, clean family fun. Just like this blog!

Teacher of the Year, Tracy Vanderhulst

You know these boys are never going to invite their male friends over ever again.

Their 'friends' will just use them in order to get to their very liberal mom...


Final Comments: After reviewing all the facts that we know of, it appears that Tracy Vanderhulst has met all the satisfactory requirements and will be granted the title of Female Sex Scandal Teacher.

Congratulations, Tracy. Not only has Tracy claimed the former title of 'Teacher of the Year' at Yucaipa back in 2017, she has now put herself as a contender for Female Sex Scandal Teacher of the year! Putting those notches on the bedpost, you go-girl!

We gave Tracy her two stars, now we need to give her a wish.

Tracy, we wished you could've put a bit more effort in the photo gallery.

A catalog on an IG would've been choice. But yet, you chose to go with audio and visual, which frankly is a refreshing change here on the blog. However, there are some things that pictures can do better.

For instance, your classroom is not at the beach. How are we suppose to see you in a bikini and getting your tits all hard and wet? Your classroom is not at the gym where you are wearing yoga pants, not exercising, but just showing off your camel-toe and ass in the mirror. These could've skyrocketed your fame. But you chose to be average.


You are about to go viral. Why not go for greatness in style? We got to see the frumpy but attractive watered-down version of you, but what about that horny-minded degenerate of a woman that you exposed to the 16-year old boy?

Looking forward to your Onlyfans that's coming soon I bet.

Overall Grade



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