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Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch, Touched 15 Year Old Student's Genitals In The Back Seat Of Her Car, Ordered Him To Let Her Take His Virginity; She 'Wanted To Be His First'

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

Original Story at DailyMail

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch
  • High school teacher Tatum Hatch, 32, is accused of grooming a 15-year-old boy and sending him explicit pictures on Instagram messenger, say authorities.

  • Is said to have sexted him and demanded his virginity.

  • Allegedly told the boy she wanted to be the “first” person to have sex with him, prosecutors said according to court documents.

  • Accused of groping the youngster in a car while her baby was inside.

  • The teacher’s alleged actions came to light in December when the West Monroe Police Department contacted the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office about a student who came forward about Hatch.

  • The boy’s father allegedly told the OPSO that his son confided in him about a sexual relationship with Hatch, saying it had gone on for the past year and a half, court documents state 

  • Hatch was released on a $10,000 bond on Thursday. 


If you're a woman and you've been trying to suck and fuck a 15-year old for over a year and a half and he still won't hit, you need to get over yourself.

Tatum, you're a 32 year old woman. It's over. A woman Tatum's age is ancient.

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

At 32 years of age, Tatum has a pretty comparable sexual marketplace value to a 15 year old boy.

If Tatum was a decade younger, guaranteed all she would've had to do was show up instead of this kid playing the tip drill for over a year with her.

What a Chad. What a tease. Either that or he's gay. We don't know. Ratting to your father about your fairly-attractive teacher's pursuit of your penis and V-card is a bit sus. Why not just hit and quit, pump and dump?

Did her pussy smell?

These are all serious and legit questions to be asking...

However, let's actually get more serious and analyze what's actually going on here.

De-virginizers, Power & Control And The Moral/Biological Implications Of Older Women Having Sex With Teen Boys

If you are shocked by the degeneracy that has been going on, you clearly have been living under a rock. We've been covering this stuff since 2016. It's been going on even before then. 2024 is going to be no different. In fact, things are only going to get more degenerate. This is what happens in a late-stage collapse of a civilization.

The West is comparable to the Roman Empire in many ways. When you start seeing women doing things like this, it's over. There is no coming back from this.

The women are lost and unhinged and nobody is willing to bring back the pimp hand and tell women the word 'no'.

Women have always been degenerate and have always been big perverts. The only difference in today's world is that all societal conventions that had once put restraints on women's dark sexual nature have been lifted. There are no boundaries and there is no enforcement.

Men achieve power and control through their physical strength.

Women gain power and control only through their sexuality.

Getting sex is a by-product of men having physical strength and status.

Getting power and control is a by-product of women using their sexuality on men/boys.

For men, rape is not about power and control; it's about solving reproductive needs. Men don't need to have sex with women in order to control them. All they have to do is just take it by force.

Women on the other hand can't physically dominate the world or take things by brute force. They can only manipulate. Their main weapon is sex. It's how most women move up in the corporate world by either sleeping their way to the top or, by using sex to falsely accuse a man in order to get money and resources out of him, or from the system (government/corporations).

Moral and Societal Implications

When rationally looking at both older male teachers and female teachers having sex with teens, both are unlawful, no doubt.

These teachers are in a position of trust and authority and to do this is an abuse of power. It can also cause favoritism and effect marks/grades (grade inflation/deflation), in both negative and positive senses not just on the victim but on the whole class.

However, when looking at it from a moral and biological level, older women having sex with teen boys is far worse than an older man having sex with a teen girl.

Lawfully we don't live in medieval times in where a teenage girl would be married and spitting out offspring with her 32 year old husband/King. This use to be the norm for centuries. And the birth rate was not in the shitter like it is today. Older men can physically take care of and provide if necessary unlike a young boy if she gets pregnant.

It is why to this day, women prefer to date older guys. Even young women 18-22. If a young woman gets pregnant, what's the worst that can happen? She won't be able to slut it up in college, pursue a worthless degree, to then work at Starbucks or become a secretary or 'social media manager' for a stupid start-up.

Now, an older woman having sex with a young boy has far greater implications for society.

For starters, on a reproductive level, the birth rate would fall and the species would die out quick. At 32 years old +, how many more kids (healthy being the key factor) could a woman like Tatum pump out? She has like maybe 3 good eggs left in her.

Secondly, the teen boy is on the hook for child support once he turns 18. Who is going to financially support the kid when the teen boys these women are sucking and fucking, don't have a job, a car, savings, can't physically protect the family, live with their parents and can't pursue excellence and become the man or potential man they were going to be?

Thirdly, if Tatum weren't married she'd become a single mom and would need government (other men's tax dollars) to support her. She is married at the moment, however, would her husband cuck himself and support/raise the kid?

Older women having sex with teen boys would have such a negative ripple effect throughout society if the majority started doing this. But yet, when they do it, the court system lets them off with a slap on the wrist and they maybe get 3 months in jail at best.

When men do this, they get more time than if they had murdered somebody, people would hang them in the street if they could. Their lives are ruined. When women do it, the court system lets them off and they start an Onlyfans.

Female De-Virginizers, Power & Control

There are women who actively seek out sex with virgin males. A lot of the female teachers fall into that category. We've analyzed and covered the whole power & control aspect as to why we are seeing female teachers doing this at a rate never seen before. Tatum though represents the more specific sub-set of female de-virginizers and there is evidence of her explicitly saying that is the reason why she wanted sex with the boy in question.

There are a few reasons why women will do this and we are going to go over those right now, class.

  1. Women Having Freedom & Taking Control

One thing that motivates women to go after male virgins is that it gives them the freedom to take control and make sure that they get the kind of experience that they're looking for.

These women have discovered that they prefer to have sex with male virgins because they can be more in control and dominate play, in addition to being more vocal about their needs and directive about what they want.

They prefer a virginal boy without much sexual experience because they show up with less expectations and more enthusiasm. These women like that the boy is nervous and not knowing what to do so that they can take control. Women like Tatum might not be getting the type of sex or attention they crave at home, from their boyfriends or have never had that in the past.

They could have an inattentive sexual partner at home who refused to listen to them about what made her comfortable and happy in bed, and now would be grateful that when[she and a male virgin]  they did have sex, he [teen boy] prove to be anxious to learn, enthusiastic, happy to be there, caring, comforting and considerate.

2. Innocence & Inexperience Is A Turn-On

There are women out there that like being the 'teacher' in relationships. It's about power and control. They like the trill of teaching a boy how to get it done with them, but more so this is about the woman molding the boy into the exact kind of lover she wants since he is right off the assembly line. Women treat men and boys like products to be used. Like science projects. It's why they like to use robots to masturbate with (vibrators/dildos).

Women will get off on this because she will seem like a rock-star in his eyes (even if she is terrible in bed/not that attractive). He will have a look of amazement during the whole thing. Everything will seem to blow his mind. Touching her with his hand will make his eyes get wide. They like seeing the reaction to what she is doing, not emotional but very clinical.

Female cherry-poppers get a lot of satisfaction over being someone's first. Remember, women are always on a journey and are the main character always in the world around us. Women like Tatum seem to crave being memorable, or being the reason someone masturbates in the morning. She likes making boys/men nervous and controlling that.

She likes the thought that years down the road someone will remember her sexually.

3. The 'Cougar' Ideology

Decades of feminism has indoctrinated women into going against their own biology. They have been taught to dislike, even hate men in general but yet are told that to be a 'real woman' or a strong, brave and independent woman...they must become like men. It's really fascinating with the cognitive dissonance on this one.

We are seeing more older women abusing boys and men like this because it fulfills the discourse in that they have been taught to dislike men and crave power and control that men have, however the only way they know how to get control is via sex.

Women like sex and still want to have sex with men (biology) but now this collides with their feminist narrative. So today, women like Tatum are getting their power & control fixes by trying to bed young boys. They have the freedom to have sex with anyone, but it feels good to the feminist smooth brain to also be able to control men and boys in every aspect from an early age on.

To put it blunt, these teen boys are ripe for the picking for these women.

It is a quick and big ego boost for these aging party-girls.

However, it is possible that Tatum Hatch in particular may have been the awkward nerdy girl (artist) in high school that never had Chad pine after her and it wasn't until now that she could maybe attract an aspiring Alpha. All women want to be Chad's first, they want to be remembered by the Alpha so that he will keep coming back to pump that high octane seed into her pussy. This is just an educated guess as to why Tatum specifically wanted this bro's V-card.

The Report Card


Tatum being 32 years old had to play the long game it seemed. It had been, according to the documents, a whole year and half of this back and forth going on between her and the teen boy; sexting him, sending him nudes, and him still not tapping it.

Sad and honestly pathetic. Tatum should've thrown in the towel after a few weeks to a month. Normally, the female teachers we cover whom are in their early twenties have no problem getting pounded into the next solar system, that's because they are young and extremely fertile and usually highly attractive.

It's something (a nice slice of sliz) that as a man or any boy just can't pass up, unless you are a flaming faggot.

It is a bold endeavor for a female teacher to want to become a female sex scandal teacher. The ball(s) are in your court so to speak.

If you get rejected, it is such a massive L!

It is every man/boys sexual fantasy, so if you can't pull this off, then yeah either you are way too old (not attractive enough) or your pussy smells. Or, your nudes were low-effort, with no passion.

Generally women hate taking the initiative when it comes to sex as rejection is the end of the world for them (so it feels like for them).

A woman's sexuality remember is all she has and all the power she will ever have. It's why they are so afraid of rejection because it literally signals to them that they might stave to death because they depend on men ( and men liking them) so badly.

If a man gets sexually rejected it isn't the end of the world because men can survive without a woman in their lives. Men can provide for themselves and can protect themselves against other men. Women can't, or at best, life is a struggle for them without men supporting them. However, a lot of female teachers feel embolden given their status and trust me, they understand most boys fantasize about the thought (if you are hot).

So, naturally, it is understandable as to why women will do this as they think it will be like shooting fish in a barrel, low effort and an easy slay. remember, women always take the path of least resistance, just like a burning building when it's structural integrity fails.

After sexting and sending nudes for about a year, Tatum got up the courage and decided to give the boy a handjibber in her car while her baby was in the backseat. A bit desperate if you'd ask me.

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

If she would've gave him a blowjibber, we could've made the joke that Tatum put his penis 'down the hatch'...

After this, the boy ratted on her and told his dad about everything.

Something is off here. Again, women are terrible at vetting and picking boyfriends, lovers and husbands. Is the boy gay or is Tatum needing to brush up on her HJ skills? Maybe, just maybe, the boy felt a bit uncomfortable getting tugged off with her baby watching in the backseat.



Tatum looks to be married (soon to be divorced?) and has a child.

She is also a photographer on the side ( soon to be even more of a starving artist).

Spent the last year and a half trying to take this boy's V-Card.

She gets and A for effort and persistence, that passion cannot be denied in this. However, she never got the slay bitch status she wanted. An absolute failure and we can't in good conscience grant Tatum official Female Sex Scandal Teacher status.

Having the boy sabotage and rat on you to his father is a further loss of marks.

It is uncanny and quite frankly, embarrassing. Tatum clearly fucked up in her journey.

To have a hormonal teen boy turn your available, time-slot this whenever you want pussy is a major red flag on the field.



Tatum looks like she would've been a flag girl in the marching band in high school or at college. She's attractive, but very mid. Not hot enough to be a cheerleader, but hot enough to offer bjs under the bleachers.

I had my suspicions before about Tatum being a low-effort woman and now I am growing more confident of that. Other than her photography business, Tatum has no other social media or Instagram. Zero hot and candid pictures of her in a bikini or lululemon leggings in which she'd naturally sport her camel-toe in as most of her peers do today for attention and likes.


This just signals to us all here that Tatum didn't really take this all seriously and I am sure that boy figured it out too with that low-effort handjob she gave him in the car while her baby picked its nose and probably watched Cocomelon cartoons on an iPad.

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

Symmetry in the face. Cute. Nice tooth to gum ratio.

Long hair, and dick-suck lips.

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

What's worse if you are the husband, the fact that your wife wanted a 15-year old to cum in her pussy/cheat on you, or, the fact that a teen boy turned her down and humored her by letting her tug him off?

Is your wife as attractive as you think? Maybe it's time to upgrade, my dude.

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

Starting to get those sough dough, lunch lady arms and some sag.

For 32 years of age, she looks not bad. 22 would be better though.

Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

If you go to her FB there is a guy leaving screenshots of her arrest story on every post's comment section. It's actually pretty funny. Hugo is a savage.


Final Comments: Tatum Hatch is a pretty decent photographer, it's really a shame she spent so much time taking pictures of other people and not of herself. For 32 years old, and underneath those mom jeans, we do believe there is something special that Tatum is hiding from us that she wanted that 15-year old boy to see: A hidden smoke-show?

We've emailed Tatum in hopes she would want to improve her presentation grade with some more appropriate pictures that could get her to the fame status we all think she is trying to seek. If she doesn't email us back with a full catalog then it is clear as day that she doesn't want to go for Greatness!

It's been almost all day and she hasn't gotten back to me, no wonder why women suck at running businesses in CorporateLand. She's out on bond, what else is she doing today?

With that said, we still have to deny Tatum the passion as she did not secure the bag with that 15-year old. She spent too much time sexting and sending nudes and not enough doing. She also could've used that much needed time to spruce-up her own personal IG account knowing this day would come when she would be judged on her looks.

She's a teacher (was) but not a very good planner if you'd as me.

After all, she is a woman.

Overall Grade


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Attractive Louisiana Teacher, Tatum Hatch

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