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Married 4th Grade Female Teacher, Alissa McCommon, Befriended Boys Online & Raped A 12-Year Old Male

Female Teacher Alissa McCommon

Original story at DailyMail

Female teacher Alissa McCommon
  • Female teacher Alissa McCommon, 38, was arrested outside her home by officers from the Covington Police Department on Friday. She is being held on $25,000 bond.

  • The teacher from Tennessee is also married with two young daughters.

  • The school district learned about McCommon's misconduct on August 24 after a parent came forward with the disturbing allegations.

  • Police said a number of students came forward claiming she befriended them on social media, played videogames with them and sent them racy pictures and asked to have sex with them.


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In this episode

  • Alissa McCommon is an English teacher, yet hasn't published 5 books like me.

  • Not sure what is worse, Alissa raping a 12-year old boy or her wardrobe choice.

  • Women shouldn't be allowed to become police officers (or vote).

  • Men need to set boundaries for women; women are like children.

  • A 38-year old woman has no business being on social media.

  • Women invade male spaces in order to get attention and dick.

  • Marriage is a retirement plan for most women in America.

  • I make the case that Alissa's pussy probably smells like the streets of Detroit after a morning's rain.

The Report Card


Alissa chose the typical strategy of what every normal feminist or woman for that matter would use in order to get attention from men and have sex with them: Violate and enter male spaces. Alissa not only violated a 12-year old boy with her 38-year old vag (which probably looks like roast beef wrapped around a firecracker), she also faked being a 'gamer'.

Women are not gamers.

Women are not good at videogames or anything that men do.

Videogames is a male space. I guess you could say she's committed multiple crimes here. Some that are clear felonies and at least one that is a social crime (entering a male space and trying to appropriate herself into it).

Alissa is your typical female coward who can't cheat on her husband like a normal housewife: By having sex with ex-boyfriends and getting some strange dick at the local bar that is filled with ADULTS her own age!

The problem that Alissa has is that her sexual marketplace value is dogshit, much like her pussy. At 38 years old her SMV is basically on the same level as a teen boy (or in this case a 12-year old's). She is essentially trading with woodchips by trying to get men her age or even men 10 years younger than her to fuck her pussy and cum all over her ass, back, legs and thighs. So what does she do? She fishes at the bottom of the barrel.

Female teacher Alissa McCommon

Apparently 13 was too old for Alissa. However, by going after a 12-year old boy she was essentially trading in currency relative to his. Almost a fair value exchange. The boy for example was trading with Canadian currency (pretty much worthless) while Alissa was trading with US Dollars (about to be just as worthless, soon).

Since Alissa had this decent enough exchange rate as a 38-year old female about to hit the wall, she was able to get the attention of not one but multiple teen boys and apparently was able to close the deal and rape one of them (a 12-year old). Now, if Alissa had been trying to chat up multiple men her own age or slightly younger at the bar, she'd be lucky if she went home and managed to convince herself that her phone rang and one of those dudes accidently pocket dialed her.

Ladies, after 30 years old and especially at 38, the phone stops ringing. Time to get a cat and some dildos.



The thing is, Alissa was not a single spinster needing her pussy pounded and dusted off by Chad. She is apparently married with two daughters. For some weird reason, Alissa decided not to have sex with her husband and figured that a 12-year old boy could pop a slow-dance chubby for her to ride and maybe hit her G-spot. Unreal!

You see, in America, women don't have sex with their husbands or boyfriends because they treat them like a retirement plan or a meal ticket. Husbands aren't for fucking, they are for fucking over.

Alissa ruined her career, marriage and life all for a 12-year old boy. She has definitely met the requirements as a female sex scandal teacher. She sacrificed everything all for a shot at her 15 min of fame and Greatness.



As you will see below, Alissa did not put a whole lot of effort into her presentation. She is unorganized. She is a woman after all. She took down her Facebook page but left up her underwhelming Instagram that has maybe two or three standout pictures left up for us to get to know her better (access her body and fuckability factor)

She didn't even prepare for her arrest and decided that wearing a maroon colored long-sleeve with grey sweatpants and white sneakers would be a good fashion choice.

It's one thing to rape a 12-year old boy, yeah that's disgusting and a terrible life choice, however, wearing a maroon long-sleeve with grey sweatpants and white sneakers in public is something that will haunt my mind and dreams for the rest of my life.

A fashion faux pax for the ages. Never mind that 12-year old boy and him having to have sex with Alissa's 38-year old weathered vagina that probably smells like the streets of Detroit after a mornings rain.

What Alissa wore that morning of her arrest, knowing she'd be in the limelight of the media, is just utterly fucking disgusting on so many levels. It's disrespectful and pretty darn rude if you'd asked me. Have some respect as a female sex scandal teacher, for fucks sake!

Female teacher Alissa McCommon

Female teacher Alissa McCommon

Who is she trying to be, one of the greatest FTSS...Stephanie Peterson?

Women are so unoriginal, it is painful.

Alissa's pussy probably smells like that fish. At 38, I'll bet it does. Alissa's life is a disaster and that usually means her pussy is too. If convicted, Alissa will be kissing a lot of trout in the future.

female teacher Alissa McCommon

What is with American women and their Frappuccino fupas...?

Seriously, really sick and tired of you ladies not being fit and eating right. You can clearly tell that Alissa just drinks Frappuccinos from Dunkin' or Starbucks all day long and eats like shit. She's got that Frappuccino fupa (Fat Under Pussy Area) that a lot of women today have due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

Too busy trying to fuck underaged boys I bet. Not enough time in the day to hit the gym or cook a homemade meal for themselves, their kids or heaven forbid a non-microwaved meal for their husbands. My God, just look at that Frappuccino pussy on Alissa, so strong and brave!

[her camel-toe]It's so meaty and starving for oxygen in those fucking jeans of hers!

Imagine being 12-years old and trying to find Alissa's vagina with your pecker, having to navigate that jungle of fatty folds. What if Alissa also isn't shaved like a 12-year old and has a fucking bush like the Amazonian canopy? What a traumatic experience that would be having sex for the first time. That qualifies jailtime alone.

American women not only make life hard on themselves (by fucking minors) they also make sex more difficult than it has to be. Lose the Frappuccino fupas so your pussy can fucking breathe and get pounded effortlessly. Not to mention smell better than the gutters of a major Democrat controlled city like Detroit.

female teacher Alissa McCommon

A maroon long-sleeve shirt, grey sweatpants, white sneakers and clearly has no bra on. Alissa you get an F for wardrobe choice.

If you are ever caught wearing anything resembling this style in public, just do yourself a favor and kill yourself.

It means you've hit rock-bottom. Especially if you have a Frappuccino pupa like Alissa, it most certainly doesn't help your cause by wearing such a fashion crime.

That female police officer cuffing Alissa though, damn! Would!

I bet she doesn't have a Dunkin' Gunt or a Frappuccino pupa. No, sir!

female teacher Alissa McCommon

Jesus fucking Christ...she's got a flat ass too!

Gross, she even has back rolls that really accentuate her SpongeBob body that a lot of American women sport these days.

The 12-year old boy for sure got a bad deal. Jail her and throw the keys away.

The nerve on this woman!


Final Comments: Even under the circumstances presented, Alissa McCommon has met the full requirements to be inducted as an official Female Sex Scandal Teacher. She had sex with that 12-year old boy and completely ruined her life for sex with a minor. Alissa is a 5 on a good day, had a career and for some miracle a man her age somehow fell in love with her, came inside her pussy (two kids) and married her even though she is a 5.

Yet, Alissa thought she'd get greedy and risk winning the lottery and an easy retirement plan so she could have sex with a 12-year old boy who probably just started discovering his own boner and what to do with it. The 12-year old doesn't have a good job (brokie), a car, his own house (lives with his parents), investments or at this point a fully developed body or personality, but a woman still somehow looked that over and fucked him anyways.

Simply stunning, really.

Alissa, the main reason your grade suffered was due to your lack of effort in your Instagram game and your wardrobe choice for your mid-morning arrest.

Completely unbecoming. You're a fucking disaster. Also, you need to lose some weight and get rid of that awful Frappuccino fupa. It's disgusting. You should go to jail just for that, honestly.

You raped my eyes with that Dunkin' gunt, Frappuccino pussy of yours. Shame on you.

Overall Grade


female teacher Alissa McCommon

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