BEAUTY & THE GEEK: Why Do Attractive Women Marry Beneath Their LooksMatch?

We have all seen this enchanting, even inspiring at times phenomenon, time and time again. Go downtown, take a stroll on the boardwalk by the beach and you will claim witness to couples holding hands, saying to yourself, "What is she doing with him?"

Most people will go with the tired and old cliche of: "He must have a huge horn; he must have a fat wallet."

Let's be real, it has nothing to do with "confidence" or his "personality".

An offshoot of MoneyMaxxxing, one of the main reasons why we are seeing an increase in attractive women paring-up with soy-boy, salmon jean-wearing neck beards is: Power & Control.

Again, we have addressed this topic before. Sex for women is all about power & control.

And as times get even tougher in the wake of a pandemic, don't be surprised if you see an even larger increase in these strange, off-putting sightings.

Before, women would ride the Tinder train for Chad whilst making her own money by being a Girlboss at a non-profit or government subsidized (with male tax dollars) institution.

The Chinese virus has popped that bubble of make-believe, millions of jobs will never return (female dominated) because redundancies and make-work, affirmative action hiring cannot be tolerated in an era of scarcity.

Millions of women, instead of being 'bad-ass' by learning a VALUABLE trade or learning to code will return back to a familiar place in their evolution, their biological functioning: Prostitution (illegal or sanctioned).

Many women will become E-thots and turn to Onlyfans. Others will fuck their landlords to defer rent payments. Many will just simply find a thirsty boyfriend. Many will just get married to said boyfriend.


For women this is life. Select level of difficulty: Recruit Mode.

Women, Often times Will Only Marry Men They Can Cheat On

A common belief among self-aware men is that women want strong, dominant men. This is not the full truth of the matter. A women wants to fuck strong dominant men, preferably when she already has a stable provider, to then maybe even cuck her boyfriend/husband with superior alpha seed, but she doesn't necessary want to marry an alpha.

There are a couple reasons why: (1) A true alpha offers very little in terms of long-lasting stability since he has so much abundance in choice with regards to women. (2) The alpha cannot be controlled.

When it comes to relationships and marriage (different from dating/fucking) most women will choose the rich, nerdy poindexter at the engineering firm who she can dictate terms to over the less resourceful, but hot AF alpha.

He[the beta] doesn't necessarily have to be rich, or intelligent, the beta just has to be manageable. In fact, many women (subconsciously or not) specifically marry (not casually date/fuck) men who they know are much uglier than they can get to maintain a dominate frame in the relationship in where the man is more afraid to lose her than the other way around.

What is that? You don't believe this wisdom that is spraying you in the face like Chad does the moment a married woman's mouth gives his cock that last bit of suction before nutting? Simply think of all the married men you know, or men that you've seen in long-term relationships.

Now, are they (were they) dominating their women?

Are they holding up strict standards?

Are they fielding multiple sexual offers from other women?

I can tell you that the answer is that a man who willingly gets into a long-term monogamous relationship is opposed to being the real alpha that women get enthusiastic, sexual excitement for, because to voluntarily enter a relationship with a woman means to compromise and bend your masculine will over the kitchen counter (to get fucked-up the ass) for the sake of stability, comfort, luurve, and female happiness(appeasement).

You are still a man if you get married, however, you're likely not the type of man that many women, who already have beta providers, would cheat on and sacrifice their relationships for.

You are likely not the type of man that's going to make her pussy throb, twitch and contract itself into a moist beautiful agony while she sits daydreaming about her said pussy exploding in a concert of rhythmic spasms.

A sweat, tangy, fuzzy peach. Juicing itself by the mere thought of Chad even casting one hot breath onto the small of her back before punching his cock through her lower lips, as he takes her to town like the dog she wants to be for him; face down, hips rotated, ass up.

Yes, the very word "husband" proves the point. What are the images that come to mind? The visions that don't come to mind when you picture today's average, doting provider are killer, warrior, barbarian, hot AF or famous. Instead you might see words like: Compliant, hard worker, hen-pecked, reliable, pussy-whipped, fatigued, and boring.

The fastest way to dry-up any woman's pussy is to be, boring.

This is not to criticize or besmirch husbands, fathers of the like. This is just simply the truth of the reality. How can you be exciting, sexy and famous when you are busy slaving away in a cubicle and sacrificing all of your time and energy for one woman's half-hearted affection?

After all, this is why she keeps the married man in a constant state of guessing, wondering if he is doing all that he can to make her happy: The reason why she constantly moves the goal posts 10 yards every year in order for you to 'score'.

Her indignation, her aloofness makes the beta work even harder. Keeps him busy. Keeps him producing. Keeps him away enough so she can invite Chad over to provide her pussy with Godlike attention.

Maybe even to let Chad release the sea of white inside if her darkness, to fill that skin-tube of hers up to the brim with alpha seed. To produce offspring that will be tall, who will be endowed with Bone Law (lantern jawline, aesthetic features).

Not to produce future spare tire, neckbearders, but barbarians to conquer the world so that her genes will survive. The force of Chad's spray deep into her pussy, hitting the wall of her cervix at a velocity only calculable by the look on her face as she rolls her eyes back in Ecstasy, is equal to the force that his spawn will unleash unto the world.

This is the culmination of a woman's vaginal orgasm when produced by Chad. The contractions, further trying to pull his cock into her; her cervix spasming, trying to suck-up every last drop of seed.

The nature of marriage will stuff a man into a beta mold even if he was part-alpha before; a Chad-lite. The beta wishes he could stuff his wife's mold more than the allotted once-a-month, IV drip of sex to keep him invested.

It[marriage] will mold him into the man that will create desire in his wife for an alpha.

Therein lies the double-edged sword: Either one started off as alpha and marriage softened him into a beta or his wife picked him out because he was beta and offered her the comfort and stability that the previous Chads in her life didn't.

If you were picked because you were beta, that means she has room for an alpha in her life and sees you as a guy who wouldn't interfere with that plan: Her hypergamous, lilly-padding sexual strategy.

Oddly enough, men who are most successful in long-term relationships are not the most alpha. We ask ourselves why these average men can keep such a woman. Today's femcentric society sees a man in a long-term relationship as 'successful' and praises him. Ever notice the reasons why these normie dad bods are deemed 'successful' by your parents, friends and greater culture?

Women want to feel attraction to a man but she also wants to exercise all the options of modern feminism: She wants to work, party with friends in venues that bottle serve, flirt with other men, and take girl-only vacations. She doesn't want to be limited or controlled compared to her peer group. So, the only man who won't dare to wrangle her choices is the beta male.

That is why he is 'successful' at maintaining his LTR. It's not because he makes her pussy gush like an old dam that is in need of maintenance and repair. This is why you are seeing Buster Brown, poindexter with that Tinderella, holding hands down by the boardwalk eating fries.

Big dick, no.

Big wallet, maybe.

Easily controlled/malleable, bingo.

In the end, being a slick dick to a girl is better than a stable provider as you will experience no hidden deceit in believing she loves you while fooling around behind your back. When a woman wants your cock and chooses you to fuck the ever living shit out of her, blast her into the next solar system, there is no lie.

You don't have to second guess a dripping pussy wrapped around your cock.

It is real.

It's all the evidence you need to know. No words need to be spoken; a screaming orgasm will tell the truth. The pussy never lies; a woman's words hold no truth. Watch what her body does, not what she says it will do.

Truth over love because if a woman has targeted you for marriage, it won't necessarily be what your idea of marriage is.

Especially in today's gynocentric culture.

That is why the slick dick gets tossed out of being considered for LTR or marriage: You won't bend for her at the end of the day. Thus, a woman's dual sexual strategy appears: Find a man for marriage; seek alpha on the side for the pussy tingles.

All men start off as men. Like a piece of metal. Thus, like that piece of metal, he can be hammered, pressed permanently out of shape without breaking or cracking.

That is the beta male: Constantly being hammered, pressed and bent out of shape in order to fit a mold.


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