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CENTRAL PARK KAREN: Amy Cooper Fired From Franklin Templeton; Loses Her Dog

Amy Cooper has been officially crowned Central Park Karen, and in my view will go down in the history of all Karens, as being QueenKaren.

Amy Cooper is a prime example of how you get fired on your day off.

Amy wore a mask in both the physical and in the metaphorical sense; she should have kept it on. Now, she has exposed herself as a Karen.

What is a Karen?

Well, we have already explained this trending cultural phenomenon in the post The Rise of Karen.

“Karen,” an internet slang term for an annoying, middle-aged white woman who wants to share her trivial complaints with someone in authority (often a manager). The term has been around for a few years, but it’s become more common during the novel coronavirus pandemic as a shorthand for ignorant and abrasive white women.

The Incident |

Amy Cooper is the epitome of Karen. She epitomizes the rampant entitlement of the modern White woman in the West. Imposing rules on others while breaking those rules while nobody is looking.

The video has ignited fury on social media, where many have accused the woman, Amy Cooper, of blatant racism while calling for her to be fired from her job at Franklin Templeton Investments — a wish that came true on Tuesday afternoon. Some have also called for her to be booted out of the United States after evidence on her now-deleted LinkedIn profile suggests she might be Canadian.

The Karen (Amy Cooper) is at heart a Leftist-statist who defers to the government/male authority at every step in her life to ensure the most comfort for herself with little regard for the bigger picture.

Amy should've been calling 911 on herself.

Amy Cooper has a history of falsely accusing men, trying to siphon money out of them; lying to police about threats of violence.

Seriously, Amy Cooper needs to kill herself. What a terrible, evil woman.

Instead, she called 911 for no reason (during a pandemic, nonetheless) other than to try to cover up her own violations. Typical of modern go-gurls; abusing the system to no length. Can we stop calling 911 for no reason, ladies?

Amy clogged up valuable resources by dialing 911 on her iPhone and people may have died in the process; people that actually needed the police. This is the modern woman, however. The world revolves around her and nobody else.

These women are usually the most vocal when it comes to "social justice" and will virtue-signal all day long. However, deep behind their dead eyes is usually a closet racist. We all know these chicks; we have dated them at some point. Most of them are hypocrites who use virtual-signalling as a means to get along and ahead in their careers/life. At some point, they slip.

In Amy Cooper's case, she slipped when she was caught. Let's look at all the things Amy Cooper lost:

  1. She first lost her cool.

  2. She then lost all sense of reason and control.

  3. She lost her mind.

  4. Then she lost her dog (Animal rights/abuse)

  5. Then she lost her job.

All of that happened in a very short time-frame.

Karen's implosion is a rapid one.

Then we have this brilliant tweet by UnPussified.

Irony, indeed sir. Karen in HR cancels Karen in Central Park.

They will eat their own.

This Is The Typical White (Feminist) Woman, Today

Karens are dangerous.

Amy knew exactly what she was doing. It's classic modern go-gurl tactics: If they are caught doing something wrong they try to turn it around and claim themselves as the actual victim of the situation.

Gaslight + shaming language+ false accusations+manipulation= fempowerment.

Here you have a woman, a Karen, who has the complete gull to call the police (instead of a manager) on an innocent man, falsely accuse him, all the while she violates city ordinances; commits animal cruelty. The criminal calling the victim a criminal.

Life is a comedy when Karen is around.

Amy Cooper is just one of many in the past of whom used their 'fragility' as both a sword and a shield. They think they can get away with their antics because they have internalized a belief system: The gynocentric order will either forgive them or have their back.

The tides seem to be turning.

We have seen this with the female teachers who have sex with teen boys. The notion that there will be no consequences for a woman's actions that, if a man took the same, seem to be drawing to a more equal conclusion.

Amy Cooper is such a stupid cunt that she forgot about her surroundings: She was in New York, City. Central, fucking park. Amy Cooper was too stupid that she never thought that if she were to have an incident with someone there that the other party may be someone of influence, famous and have connections. Hence why the video went viral so fast.

Amy Cooper, in that moment when nobody else was around, thought she was dealing with just some random 'African American'. Going full Karen on him was a reflex. After all, he was just some rando, right?


Christian Cooper is a former Marvel Comics editor and avid bird-watcher, and his sister Melody is a TV writer.

Not only that, what Amy did is typical of a modern woman high on fempowerment and the #beliveallwomen mantra. She decided to play not only the race card but to falsely accuse him of violence.

By calling the police on Christian Cooper, Amy was trying to effectively weaponize the state against him. He could have been shot and killed upon their [authorities] arrival. Amy's intent is akin to 'white lying' to 911 that you think the intruder may have a gun in order for their response to be expedited and to arrive with force.

By telling the police she was falsely being threatened by a 'African American', in her mind would illicit a similar robust response. White woman being threatened by scary black man= normie society is there to the rescue!

Remember, in the West, women (especially white women) cannot feel any form of discomfort.

Meanwhile, Amy in that short span of time was committing numerous violations, not to mention strangling her own dog during her hysteria.

That is how Karen and the typical Western woman tries to get her way: Weaponizing the state through voting, then turning those newly 'empowered' laws onto men in order to either get cash and prizes or to 'get her way'.

  • Diversity-hiring quotas

  • Legalized Abortion

  • No-fault Divorce

  • Workplace harassment laws (female-imperative rework)

  • Equal pay bullshit

The list goes on.

It is quite clear that Amy Cooper falsely reported an incident. That she intended to cause physical injury to this man, or worse, using the police as a dangerous and potentially deadly weapon.

Karens and women alike have been, for decades, falsely accusing men at work, at parties or in public for 'sexual assault'.

Now, how does it feel to be ruined, lose your Bossbabe career and be black listed, Amy?

How does it feel to be called 'racist' and 'sexist' everyday of your life just for being a Karen?

Fuck you, cunt.

You get everything you deserve.

Karens fostered and created the woke culture we live in, now it is backfiring on them. Karen was never woke, she is a hypocrite. Never tolerant or fair. Only played the game when it suited her.

The next best headline would be to hear of Amy's 'sudden passing'.

Fill the bathtub up, get a glass of wine, listen to some Adele while an allotment of pills work their magic, bitch.

Amy Cooper is like that female roommate in college who makes the 'cleaning' schedule for everyone but never does her chores. She is the type of woman that would call a white By-Law officer a nigger for giving her a parking-ticket at 3 AM.

She is like that female manager that you once had who went over all the rules and procedures for everyone to follow at the office but never followed them herself.

Society gave women the right to vote. How's that working out?

Play stupid games; win stupid prizes.

Everyone is sick and fucking tired of Karens ruining everything.

Its time to tell them to shut-the-fuck up and fuck off.

Its time to take your power back from the gynocentric order.

It's time to take your job back from a useless and unproductive, Karen.

It's time to take your sanity back.

Karens shouldn't vote or have a jobs.

Karen needs to stay at home where she can live in safety from the dangerous and criminal 'African Americans'.

It's a case like Amy Cooper's that gives us hope for the future.

Amy Cooper can go fuck herself and then kill herself. She is one of the worst human beings I have ever seen in my five years of covering these faces of feminism.


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