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Hard 4 The Holidays (Part Four)

Katie had long been my favorite of Kay's girl squad, aside from Andrea of course. She [Katie] was the only one of my girlfriend's friends that I'd been able to see as my friend as well, instead of just a wet hole to shoot my cum inside of.

Then, last night I'd pushed her skinny Asian body up against one of her great walls in her apartment after sneaking off from the club; fucked her with her wet panties on and left my cum deep inside her pussy, in case you all forgot.

It was safe to say that I probably wouldn't see her as just a girl-buddy anymore. All things considered, I was completely fine with that.

I had just woken up in Katie's bed after accidentally falling asleep there.

My girlfriend Kay had been sending me horny laced text messages for half the night, which I had been reading on my phone while Katie was in the shower, most likely washing all the cum out of her pussy and pubes.

"You looked like you were going to fuck Andrea right there in the club.."

"I want to taste her pussy on your cock.."

"Can't wait to hear all about it…"

These were the messages from Kay that were burned into my brain from reading them over and over.

Clearly she'd been getting off all night to the thought of me fucking Andrea. Although that hadn't happened, the idea of my girlfriend sitting at home thinking of me, satiating her cunt with God knows what, while I spent the night fucking one of her best friends...just wow.

I unlocked my phone and opened Kay's chat to answer her.

I had expected that three texts I'd seen were only the last of a long series of messages. What I hadn't expected to see among the texts was a nice high quality Jpeg of Kay’s supple rack amidst of POV view of her diddling herself, over a text that said, "Waiting for you at your place". Holy shit. Even while I lay in bed next to a different naked girl, Kay knew how to get my attention.

Attractive as the thought of round-2 with Katie was, I owed the girl who was making this all happen.

On the other hand, I didn't want to sneak out of Katie's place like a thief in the night, she deserved better.

And the courtesy down the road may pay dividends if I ever want another crack at her pussy.

I gently disentangled myself and moved to the foot of the bed. Katie was just exiting the bathroom naked, with the towel around her head, giving me a nice view of her tiny Asian pussy. I got up, grabbed Katie by the waist and chucked her back onto the bed.

I reached down to spread her pussy lips with my fingers and bent forward to taste her clit. I heard Katie gasp and felt her move but I didn't look up. I began to move my tongue in circles at the same time I heard her begin to moan.

She spread her legs wider apart and slightly raised her hips. She began moving like that, like she was gently humping my face.

Fuck. This girl was full of surprises. Each time she moved upwards, my tongue was flattened against her wet pussy. I was licking not just her clit but getting her pussy juices all over my mouth. I moved my tongue around, tasting her inner lips and very lightly sucking on her clit.

Katie's legs snapped shut like a Venus fly trap around my head and she moaned louder. I pushed her legs open and held them down. She was moving her hips up and down faster now. The next time she moved down, I tensed my tongue and positioned it in front of her pussy. When she came back up, it slid right into her wet hole. Katie shrieked like some poor soul at Tiananmen Square and grabbed my hair with both hands, gripping tightly. I pushed my tongue deeper into her pussy and moved it around. Katie was writhing and screaming by now and I was fucking her pussy with my tongue. Although I'd been in that very same hole just a few hours ago, tasting her from the inside felt like a whole new level of intimate.

Before long I felt her began to shudder and shake. I held her legs open as her pussy juices flowed around my tongue. I pulled my tongue out and went back to her clit, lapping up her juices until she became perfectly still. I lifted my head and saw Katie looking at me in half-asleep and in disbelief.

"I have to go," I told her. "But I wanted to say bye, properly."

Back home, I found Kay sleeping. She was topless and wearing a pair of my boxers. I took my clothes off and got into bed behind her. I cupped one of her beautiful breasts from behind and massaged it till she began to stir.

When her eyes flew open, I pressed my hard cock against her ass. She gasped, turned to face me and laughed, "There you are. I’ve missed you."

I had the best girlfriend in the world. I kissed her, deeply. When we broke apart, Kay moaned, "You taste like pussy."

"I thought you deserved a taste. Do you like it?"

She didn't say anything, but tried to kiss me again, which I guess is a response on its own. I gave her another taste of my tongue and then held her face still. "You like the taste of Katie's pussy, ya little dyke?" I asked her.

Kay was confused, "Katie?! But I thought Andrea.."

I wasn't in the mood to explain. "I'll tell you later." I promised.

"Answer me this though. Do you like tasting Katie's pussy?"

Kay moaned and said, "Fuck I love it. She tastes so good. Best Asian food in town."

"Good girl." I took her hand and placed it on my rock hard cock, "What're you waiting for?"

Kay groaned and practically dove down on my body. She grabbed my hard dick and took it into her mouth. I placed my hands on her head and pushed her slowly all the way down till my cock was in her throat before I released her head. She jerked back, gagging a little but keeping my dick in her mouth.

I sat up so that I was sitting against the head of the bed, while Kay was on her stomach between my legs, with a mouth full of cock. She had her eyes closed now and she didn't seem to be doing this for my sake at all. She wasn't even sucking on my cock but licking it up and down. She would start at the base and go all the way up to the tip and then lick around the head. She repeated this over every inch of my dick, clearly savoring the musk of her friend's pussy.

When she was done deep cleaning my dick with her tongue, she looked up at me with a satisfied, submissive expression. "Tell me everything," whilst taking just the dick-head in her mouth and sucking on it slowly.

"What was that?" I said, looking her right in the eyes. She knew the drill by now.

"I meant..please King, would you..I want to hear how you fucked her sire.. her pussy tastes so good..please sire, would you tell me everything?"

I nodded.

Kay maintained eye-contact and continued sucking the whole time I described my night with Katie to her. I told her about how wet Katie had been and how tight her pussy was, how good it had felt to be inside her. I told her about Katie's tiny Asian titties and me pulling on her nipples till she gasped.

Kay suddenly shoved a hand into the boxers she had on, clearly rubbing her pussy as she listened to me. Soon she began moaning on my dick.

The vibrations coupled with her suck and fuck job was extraordinary.

Lads let me tell you, if you've never made your woman moan while she's giving you head, you're missing out. Anything else is just poverty.

I wanted to push her head down so I could fuck her throat but I knew I wouldn’t have been able to keep talking then, and she needed to hear it all.

When I got to the part about this morning and told Kay how I greeted Katie by eating her pussy after her shower. She then made this low growling sound in her throat, took my dick out of her mouth and came up to sit in my lap. She held my dick in her hand and lowered herself onto it, inserting me inch by inch into her soaking wet pussy.

I groaned and finally stopped talking as she began bouncing up and down on me like she was on one of those coin operated horses you’d find at an old strip mall down south. I was face-to-face with her beautiful boobs which were bouncing wildly as she rode me like Seattle Slew. I stuck my tongue out, trying to lick her nipples and finally caught a large pink tit in my mouth and sucked on it.

Kay rarely took control when we fucked, and now she was riding me like she never had before. Not used to just lying back and doing nothing while we banged like horny vagabonds, I grabbed her hips and tried to control her momentum but she immediately moved my hands toward her tits. I squeezed them and pulled on her pretty pink nipples as she bounced on my dick.

After a minute I said something stupid like, "I really missed these bouncy titties" and for some reason that set her off. Kay made that soft growling sound again and threw her head back, riding me faster. I felt her pussy walls squeezing my cock as she came and that pushed me over the edge. She continued bouncing up and down, milking my dick like an automated machine on a dairy farm as I came inside her. Finally she collapsed forward into my arms, and stayed there. She let my dick go soft inside her before she kissed me again and rolled off me.

Weirdly even though Kay had done all the work, I felt exhausted; probably because I'd slept not more than 3 hours the previous night. We lay there together for a while, breathing hard and not saying a word. Kay and I just had amazing sex as a result of me fucking her friend the night before. It seemed unreal.

I'd also never seen her like that before; she'd been acting like a wild animal.

Me, coming home to her after being with another girl seemed to get her going like nothing else. I now know for certain that Katie may have been the first but she certainly wouldn't be the last. I held Kay close as my thoughts strayed.

Eventually, she interrupted my musing, "so what's up with Andrea?"

I explained what had happened and as expected Kay was immediately outraged.

Not primarily because Andrea had set me up, but because she'd "kept a secret" from the all other girls, including her. Kay asked me about 3 fucking times if I was sure I'd understood her correctly.

After I told her multiple goddamn times that I'd understood Andrea just fine, Kay grabbed her phone and ran into another room while my cum was still running down her leg from her recently fucked, pussy.

I could hear through the door, talking angrily on the phone like a Karen asking for the manager at a Kroger for about an hour while I lay in bed and thought about how weird female friendships are.

I was eating breakfast when Kay had finally hung-up the phone. She joined me at the table looking irritated as fuck.

"Andrea says she's sorry, but I told her to save it because she's a bitch. Katie thinks I should just forget about it because that's just how Andrea is sometimes and we all know it. Honestly I think she's right. I still hate her but I guess I can't be mad forever. And Andrea knows that which is why she pulls this shit."

Kay said all this in one continuous sentence without stopping or pausing.

I just stared at her, a bit amazed and not sure what I was supposed to say.

She sighed and went on, "Anyway, do you want to set things up with Danielle or should I?"

To Be Continued...


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