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Hard 4 The Holidays (Part Six)

I had just taken the leap of faith: I suggested to Kay that we should invite her friend Danielle to join us in bed together; the coveted threesome. Amazingly, Kay responded by moaning and kissing me, wanting to get my cock out of my pants.

Just a few hours ago, Kay had been furious when I told her I'd finger-fucked Dani in the asshole and that she’d thought I eventually did full-on anal with her, which never took place.

By this point, my fingers were pressed against Kay’s drenched pussy as she moaned at the thought of me fucking her while staring at her best friend's ass. Talk about a reversal of fortunes.

I kissed her deeply, thrown by the rapid turn of events. I wasn't sure if she was serious about having a threesome with Dani, or was just guilty about the way she'd reacted last night. As I tried to untangle that thought, my brain conjured up an incredible image of Dani and Kay making out with my cock in between their lips. Fuck. I needed to make this happen, I thought.

Instinctively, I pulled Kay closer and pressed myself against her stomach.

She involuntarily gasped, grinding against me.

I pulled back and rubbed her clit gently, watching her writhe in pleasure. Desperate for her to say it out loud, I kissed up her neck and whispered in her ear, "Do you want Dani to join us?"

She gave a soft moan and nodded a little but kept her eyes closed.

My heart began to beat faster.

I slipped a finger into her soaked cock-socket and elicited a moan. "Tell me what you want," I ordered.

With her eyes still closed, she whispered, "I want to hear how you fucked her, King."

I yanked Kay's t-shirt off so I had a good view of her breasts jiggling slightly, and I began to describe my evening with Danielle, her daddy-issue laced friend.

I fingered Kay slowly as I told her about how slutty Dani had been; getting her tits out in the bar in front of the staff and other patrons; sucking my cock on the balcony like a sex-starved house wife. I pinched Kay’s pink nipples when I described Dani's nipple piercings and how I pulled on them to make her moan. When I got to the part about bending Dani over the balcony rail, Kay's eyes flew open.

I took my hand out of her panties and put my fingers in her mouth, making her taste herself as I told her about how Danielle had called me "Daddy". Kay's eyes were wide as she listened, moaning on my fingers. Her hands went to the bulge in my shorts. She pulled my dick out and began stroking me frantically as I described how I fucked Dani's pussy like it was my own personal, masturbatory aide.

I was desperate to get my cock inside Kay, but the stakes were high and I made myself focus on her pleasure. I noticed that she moaned whenever I told her how slutty Dani was, and all her mental hang-ups. So, I described in detail how she had been behaving like a porn star, with her over-the-top moans and the way she had sucked my dick like was trying to improve her grades at college.

At this point my cock had begun to throb. My super sexy memories of Dani combined with the sight my girlfriend getting off on them, meant I probably wouldn't be lasting much longer. I pushed Kay's hands away from my cock, took my fingers out of her mouth and flipped her on her stomach. She turned on her side to look back at me in confusion and began to say, "wha-?" Before she could get it out, I spanked her, hard.

She moaned and arched her back. I pulled her panties down, slid her ass up toward me and slammed two fingers back into her pussy. Kay screamed and trembled as I fingered her roughly.

"You want to hear how I fucked Dani from behind, don't you?" I said.

"Fuck..yes I do" she groaned.

"Yes what?!"

"Yes King, please sir. I want to know how you fucked her into oblivion."

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and spread her ass cheeks. As I stared at her perfect little asshole, I found it hard to believe I hadn't fucked it already. I brought my fingers to it. Kay had cried out in protest as my fingers left her pussy but her protest soon turned to a gasp as she felt me spreading her wetness on her asshole.

I gently pressed my index finger into her pink rosebud. Kay screamed and shuddered but she pressed her face into the sofa, raising her ass up to meet me. Her asshole was unbelievably tight, even more so than Dani's.

I wiggled my finger in up to the first digit and Kay was moaning incoherently. Unable to take it anymore, I positioned my dick in front of her pussy and pushed in.

I groaned in relief as I finally started fucking her pussy. I told Kay, “There is no point in fucking a biddie in the asshole with my cock, when she has a perfectly good pussy.” This reassured her even more and ignited an epiphany.

I spanked her again and brought my finger back to her asshole, pushing it in slowly.

As I thrusted, I told her, "Imagine my cock was in your ass instead of your pussy. That's what Dani got to experience, I teased her." Kay moaned again and shuddered as I pushed my finger deeper into her tight asshole.

Before long I felt her pussy clench on my cock and I began to shoot my hot ropes of cum into her.

After I finished I pulled out and collapsed backwards.

Kay remained completely still, her ass still in the air. I pulled her up towards me onto my lap. She was looking at me with this strange expression on her face; it was a mix between shyness, lust and wonder. I kissed her and waited for her to say something, it was strange for her to be so quiet.

Finally I said, "So, do you still think I'm not interested in your ass?"

"No" she shook her head and laughed.

I smiled and teased her, "Your ass so tight..I don't know if it could take my cock. Plus, you have a perfectly good pussy that needs fucking."

She looked up at me with a wicked smile and said, "I'll ask Dani to join us if she’d like."

Fuck yeah, I thought.

As you can probably imagine, I spent the next few days walking on cloud nine as I waited for the plans to be made. Although the actual business of Kay asking Dani hadn't happened yet, since I knew that Kay was definitely on board, I was pretty certain this was going to happen. I was sure that Dani wouldn't say "no" to an offer like this, not to mention that she'd probably find it very flattering.

As to what exactly the offer was, it wasn't very clear. Whenever Kay and I talked about it, by which I mean, loudly fantasized during sex, Kay spoke about it in terms of Dani "helping me" fuck Kay. I honestly think it was just a way for Kay and Dani to pseudo hook-up with each other and it not become a total lez situation.

Didn't sound exactly like a typical threesome but I could hardly be disappointed. A few days later, Kay told me that she'd talked to Dani and that she’d had agreed to help. My dick immediately began to twitch and Kay was practically ripping off my clothes as she told me this.

However, since it was now certain that my dreams would be coming true; I’d decided it was time to finally clarify what exactly Kay was picturing.

She really wasn't straightforward about these things, but I didn't want any misunderstandings. When I asked Kay, sure enough she seemed slightly annoyed and she said, "I don't want to plan everything."

I sort of looked at her like I didn’t fully believe her.

Finally she took a deep breath and said, "I know you want her more than me but you'll be fucking my pussy, not hers".

"You know that's not true, I love both of your pussies equally. A hole is a hole!"

I tried to tell her that I was just trying to avoid a misunderstanding, but she just seemed to get more annoyed.

Finally she sighed and said that I could touch Dani but not fuck her. I was pretty disappointed to hear considered I had decimated Danielle’s pussy not 24 hours ago and shot cum into her hard like she was the last fertile woman on earth, but whatever. Female logic, right?

So, I nodded. Honestly with everything Kay had given me, I had no right to be disappointed. Besides, by the sound of it my fantasy of a double blowjob was still going to be fulfilled. Kay didn’t say anything about Danielle not being able to touch me! Juicy fingers crossed.

I kissed Kay and told her I understood completely. But she still seemed irritated. I was mystified but wasn't getting anywhere so I changed the topic. Dani would be out of town for the next week, so the date had been set for the following weekend. There was certainly enough time for the anticipation to grow, however, Kay kept sending me mixed signals.

On one hand, she seemed extremely turned on by the idea of bringing not only another girl into our bed, but one of her friends. We’d been fantasizing about it in an abstract way for a while now. In fact, ever since she first revealed her cuckqueen fetish to me, we'd begun watching porn as we fucked. And we'd discovered that what drove her particularly crazy was making me compare her body to the girls on screen.

She would prompt me with questions like, “Wouldn’t you rather be fucking her right now?” Or, "Her tits are so much bigger than mine, aren't they?"

After some initial hesitation, I got into the flow of describing in detail what I’d do to those other girls while ravaging my sexy girlfriend. Kay had explained her cuckqueen fetish in terms of wanting to be with an alpha male and sharing him like in a harem. Although, she never explicitly said it, the jealousy and humiliation definitely seemed to be part of what got her off.

Ever since my encounter with Dani, the unbelievable sexiness of this scenario had now been compounded by the fact that the girl she wanted to be compared to was Danielle. Although Kay had initially responded with anger and envy, she now seemed insanely turned on by the fact that I had fucked Dani’s ass with my fingers before hers.

Now when we fucked, I'd often finger her ass and she'd say things like, "My ass is going to be disappointing to you after Dani's." And "It's going to be so hard for you to fuck my ass when Dani's is right there." It was enough to make me feel like I was walking through a minefield. I'd make some non-committal response and then she'd say, "Her pussy definitely deserves your cum more than mine."

Wtf?? On one hand, holy fuck is that hot. On the other hand, my anticipation for the threesome was souring a little because I was really unsure what Kay wanted. Did she want me to inseminate Dani’s pussy, again? Or did she not want me to touch her? Maybe let Dani ride me and drain my balls like that?

And I didn't want to ask again and risk putting her off the whole thing. With just a few days to go, I texted Dani to see if Kay had been more candid with her about what she wanted. Danielle's reply was uncharacteristically short and to the point, "She wants you to push her boundaries ;) "

Was this true or more so Dani’s self-projections?

To Be Continued....


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