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Hard 4 The Holidays (Part Three)

Kay had just told me what I would later learn is called, a "cuckqueen fetish", meaning she got off on the thought of me pounding the ever living bejesus out of other girls. So, thanks to the Girl Crew Rule between her and her friends, I would not only have the opportunity to fuck her 3 best friends, I was in fact also going to make things hotter in bed between her and I.

Guys, I had won the damn lottery.

The rest of the week leading up to Christmas was absolutely crazy. In between classes, I was spending every spare moment at the gym, getting that beach-bod ready early for the inevitable Cancun foam cannon parties that would transpire next Spring Break. I wanted to look like Stallone in Rocky IV, when he fucked that commie piece-of-shit up in front of the entire Soviet Union.

Fucking commies. It’s too bad killing commies can’t be a thing, like a part-time job you can do on the weekends. Actually, I’d rather it be a full-time gig.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the red meat.

I was already pretty fit but considering the situation, you can't blame me for trying to get in the best shape possible. I would occasionally see one of the other girls, Andrea, Katie and Danielle on campus, and we'd wave to each other. I'm sure I wasn't imagining their blushes and smirks but no one stopped to chat.

Nevertheless, my imagination would run wild and I'd end up rushing to Kay’s to bend her over her study desk; turn her pussy into an everlasting receptacle for my loads. Ever since our talk, our sex life had been off the charts. Call it, a Santa Claus rally.

We were fucking multiple times a day now and practically living together. It was nearly a free-use situation at this point, because all I had to do was think about the amazing experiences in store for me and I'd get a rock hard boner and need to use Kay’s mouth or pussy to take care of it. Handjobs are for old married men, fuck that shit.

This resulted in me often texting her on the way to her place: I’d tell her to wait for me with her legs spread or her mouth open on her bed.

Kay was loving these developments as we'd also been experimenting more with her cuckqueen fetish. Something that we started doing during this time that we both really enjoyed, was Kay sucking my cock blindfolded while I watched POV porn of women who looked like her friend Andrea. The sounds from the digital art combined with how vulnerable she felt drove her crazy. I have some really hot memories from this period, which I can maybe write about some other time.

But you're here now for this saga.

Kay had spoken to her friends and they were planning on going clubbing together that weekend. I was invited to come along and see how things went. Obviously everyone involved knew what this meant; I would be going home with one of the other girls that day.

I'm not going to pretend I hadn't considered what you're thinking— orgy.

However, I thought, firstly if that were an option, Kay probably would have mentioned it. I didn't want to do or say anything to jeopardize my current Playboy mansion, pool-boy lifestyle.

Secondly, although the thought of Andrea and Danielle making out with my cock between their lushes lips was a scene I'd imagined many times, realistically in a 5 person orgy, I wouldn't be able to give each girl the full attention that I wanted to give them. I am a giver like that; a lover. I wanted to inseminate all of them, one at a time, each receiving a quality load and not a duster.

Exploring these girls one-by-one and fucking each of them like they deserved was better than one crazy, blind on MDMA orgy night, in my honest opinion and assessment. I was like a gentlemen adventurer: I wanted to take my time and get the lay of the land with each of these beautiful biddies before planting my flag in any of them. The fact that I would get to go dancing with them and choose the babe I wanted first, was the cherry on the pie. I felt like I was on the show The Bachelor, but a more ghetto, trashier version.

Despite the fact that many of Andrea's Facebook posts now sat in a special folder on my laptop, I still was not sure which biddie I wanted first. The conflict in my mind went something like this: On one hand I had the hots (jerk-off sessions) for Andrea since the day I met her and if I could have her, I didn't want to wait another minute. The kind of hots where you just want rip a hole in her pants, fuck the gash, pull out and mark your territory by blowing it all into her hair and face. You know, love and that shit.

In addition to those masturbatory images, I thought her pussy might ruin me. Spoil me, like eating desert before all the other dishes.

I mean it. I'm not a masochist. It's just that each of these girls was a babe and this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I was sure that once I fucked Andrea I wouldn't be able to get her out of my head for a while, or the smell of her pussy off my body.

Wouldn't it be better to save best for last? I wanted to cherish each step on my stairway to heaven and Andrea rightfully belonged at the top.

This is what I was telling myself when the weekend finally arrived. I was going to take either Danielle or Katie home and fuck one of their tiny brains out.

Kay and I were stupid horny the day leading up to the clubbing. I'd woken up to the sound of her moaning and fingering herself in bed next to me, which incidentally is far better than an alarm clock. Kay looks so cute when you wake-up beside her; she has a face you just want to nut all over.

That night she put on a dark blue sequin mini dress and high heels; she looked stunning in it.

After so much instant gratification it was hard not force her onto her knees right then and there, but I had a long night ahead of me; I needed to keep my SSR (Strategic Sperm Reserves) topped up; I was on the cusp of an all out energy crisis.

We had a few drinks but I was careful not to indulge in the libations too much; we were all over each other on the way to the club. Kay genuinely seemed almost as excited as I, which was obviously a total turn-on and made me want to fuck her friends right in the pussy, even more so.

We got to the club sometime before midnight. Try and remember what a packed club in a college town looked like on Saturday in pre-pandemic times. The smell of multiple fragrances in the air mixed with weed and cigarettes; the bass from the beat of the music thumping into your chest masking your actual heartrate.

Katie was waiting for us in line. She and Kay squealed, hugged and kissed like they hadn't seen each other just two days ago. Normally I would hug her [Katie] too but I didn't know what the protocol was. How do you greet your girlfriends friend that you or may not be fucking that night? Do you just wave or pull her close and slip her the tongue? These were the pressing thoughts I had at that moment.

Katie reached up to hug me and said, "Dani and Andrea are inside already". She looked at me meaningfully, smirking even in a flirtatious way. Then she looked me up and down in a really obvious way, "Not bad".

"Not bad yourself" I said automatically, but then I actually checked her out when she focused back on Kay.

Kay was texting on her phone, and seemed distracted.

Katie was wearing a black tube top that ended inches above her pierced navel. A nice slice of fuck-me pie.

The outline of her small tits was easily visible and I wondered if she was wearing anything underneath the top. Below she wore a short skirt that flared out, kind of like a school girl skirt. Her straight black hair fell to her shoulders and her cute Chinese features weren't covered in much make-up. She was so short and skinny that although she was wearing high heels, she had to go up on her toes to hug me.

I've said before that she was not really my type, but there was no contesting that she looked hot that night.

I hadn't noticed her navel piercing before and it was definitely stirring something inside me; I wanted to stir Katie's insides, that was for sure.

Thoughts of her maybe having other things pierced, like her clit. These were the important matters, questions that needed be answered by taking all of her clothes off at some point in order to fuck her.

By the time all this was over, how many more new kinks would I discover? She noticed me checking her out and grinned. It was like she knew what I had been thinking. Asians are smart. A very intuitive people they are.

Eventually we got inside; Kay and Katie rushed off to get us shots; I almost wanted to go the bathroom in order to blow a pre-game nut out before the main event. I elbowed my way through the crowd, looking for the other girls. When I saw them my heart nearly stopped. Danielle and Andrea were dancing together and I swear every guy within a 20 foot radius was staring at them.

Dani, as always, had half her ass on display.

She was wearing one of those tight skirts that looked like it had been ripped apart and then stitched back together in some far East sweatshop. She is the type of biddie that would spend $300 dollars in order to look like she was from the streets.

She looked.. pretty trashy actually, but in a way that no guy would ever complain about. She was sticking her ass out as she danced, so much that the stitches on her skirt seemed ready to snap, which I don't know if she would've had a problem with given her own cultural and moral compass.

I was getting pretty turned-on watching her slutty display, but then she moved out of the way and I properly saw Andrea. All other thoughts left my brain whilst blood rushed to my cock.

She was smiling and laughing as she danced, looking around at the many guys staring at her with mouths so wide you would have thought someone had taken a shit right there on the dance floor. I was definitely one of those guys. Andrea was wearing an incredible dark green dress, which was practically slashed down the middle in the front. Her long dark brown hair was tied up in a high ponytail, allowing for a clear view of her magnificent breasts.

The way the color of her hair blended with the green of her dress made her look bountiful, earthy. Approachable. Ready to suck your cum up and sire a child for you.

I'm not even going to try to describe them[Andrea's fuck'n tits] because there are no words.

In that moment I forgot about all my plans, the stairway to heaven and all that nonsense. The only thought in my mind was having her. Right away. I went up to her and put my hands on her waist. Both she and Dani immediately started squealing and hugging me and asking where the other girls were. I wrapped one arm around Andrea's waist and pointed with the other hand to the bar where I could see Kay and Katie over the all the sheep in the crowd.

Dani looked confused for half a second and then zoned in on my arm around Andrea's waist. She giggled and shrugged, "Okay, I'll go join them at the bar".

As soon as she left, I spun Andrea so she was facing me. Her gorgeous face was just inches away from mine and I could feel her hot breath blanket my cheeks and mouth. She smelled like cinnamon; She had definitely been drinking Goldschläger.

My hands were on her waist, stroking her lightly as we moved to the music.

She looked into my eyes and smirked, "Impatient, aren't you?" I didn't know what else to say but, "That're stunning.

I don't know if that was wrong to say, since Kay was there, too but it was true.

It felt natural and right to state.

Andrea simply whispered, "I know".

I wanted to wipe that stupid cocky smirk off her face with my mouth but it felt too intimate. Instead I let my hands wander lower; I was gripping her perfect ass. I pulled her against me so her breasts were pressed against my chest. There was only a few layers of clothing between us. If I knew I had terminal illness with only days left to live, I would've fucked her right then and there in front of everyone.

I rubbed her ass like I was trying to make a Gini shoot out of it; her breath quickened; one hand slipped through the slit on the side of her dress to touch underneath the fabric. She groaned audibly when I felt her ass, she was either wearing a G-string or no panties, I couldn't feel any fabric. My dick had sprung to attention and I was grateful for the crowd, their own inebriation, and dark dance floor.

Andrea definitely felt my cock pressing up against her and she gasped my name. I spun her around so her ass was lined up with my dick. I began to grind softly into her back bumpers, still gripping her waist.

The club’s lights were flashing, and in odd moments I could see the jealous looks of guys who had been watching her that entire time, probably wondering how I'd scored a girl like her.

Andrea was softly rubbing her ass against my hard dick as she moved in time to the music. I brushed her hair out of the way and she leaned to one side, extending her neck before me. She knew I was trying to go for the kill.

I leaned forward to kiss her neck and she let out a soft moan when my lips touched her skin. We stayed like this in my own personal heaven for a few moments, with me kissing up and down Andrea's neck, breathing in her scent and her letting out these soft sexy moans while she rubbed her ass on me. My hands had just begun to travel up the curves of her body towards her tits, when she suddenly froze.

She put her hands over my palms and tried to step away.

"What's up?" I said in her ear, shouting over the music.

"I'm sorry, I can't!"

“What was wrong?”

She turned to face me and I leaned down to hear her. Ironically, at this moment I had a perfect view of her tits as she explained that she'd met this guy not long ago and they'd been on a few dates. She was telling me that she really liked him and she wanted to see where things would go with him, so she couldn't "do anything" with me.

Wtf? I asked the obvious question in my head. “Why hadn't Kay known about this?”

They usually told each other everything immediately; Kay literally got calls in the middle of the night sometimes. Andrea shrugged, "I hadn't gotten around to it yet" she said smirking at me and biting her lip. That didn't make sense, I thought.

It also didn't answer the other obvious question, if she didn't want to "do anything" why had she teased me with her ass and let me make out with her fucking neck like a horny giraffe?

I looked at the way she was smirking at me and realized that she hadn't told the other girls for the same reason that she'd just been grinding on my dick—she was playing with me. She had wanted to see if I would choose her first, and how badly I wanted her. She definitely knew how attracted I was to her, I was sure Kay had told her about the Facebook incident and how I nutted into Kay’s mouth whilst looking at Andrea’s perfect bikini photo-op at the beach.

Also, she deliberately hadn't said anything to Kay so that she could lead me on and then turn me down. Fuck. I knew I should’ve just taken the Asia on the board of risk first and slammed my spring roll into her puddle of sweet and sour.

Andrea was watching me work all this out in my head, smiling at me, still holding my palms in hers. I released her hands and turned away. I don't know what I would have said next, but luckily the other girls got there just then.

Well, just Dani and Katie.

I took the tequila shots Katie was holding out to me and tossed them down my throat immediately. I felt like I'd just been hit in the face, or maybe more like kicked in the blue balls. I was sure my face was red, and Katie was looking at me with concern. Andrea and Dani were whispering to each other but I didn't care. "Where's Kay?" I asked Katie.

"Um..Kay left", Katie told me, looking confused. "She uh.. saw.. you and Andrea and.. I think she wanted to give you privacy..."

"Oh that's just great." I said.

"Are you okay?"

"I need some air." I wanted to be alone.

I turned around and pushed through the crowd, heading for the side exit. I already had a cigarette lit by the time I realized that Katie had followed me outside.

"What the hell happened?" She asked.

I explained as briefly as possible, in short clipped sentences. Outside of the chaos of the club I felt irritated but no longer as humiliated as before.

Katie exhaled in a whistle, "that bitch".

I laughed and shrugged trying to act like I was indifferent to the matter. Katie was pulling something out of her purse. She held a spliff up and grinned at me, "Forget her. Let's have some fun. You up for it?"

I nodded. We passed the spliff back and forth just chatting and shooting the shit. I remembered how chill of chick Katie was and felt a bit of relief that the night may not have been a total Hindenburg.

My head was soon spinning from the combination of the booze and the weed, but I still felt better than I had some minutes ago. Katie was just so easy to talk to. There was maybe one drag left on the spliff when she said, "Come here, I want to try something".

She yanked me down so I was face-to-face with her and then took the final drag of the spliff. She put her tiny Asian hands on either side of our mouths, blocking the air out. She then blew the smoke from her mouth directly into mine. Her hot drunken breath was so much more intoxicating than the weed. So, next I did what came naturally and kissed her.

I don't know how long we made out for but when we eventually came up for air, we were both breathing heavily. Without any discussion, we headed straight to her place.

The whole cab ride was a blur; we didn’t say much, just a lot of making out and a bit of rubbing under her skirt and over her panties. Cab drivers must write the best books out there, I bet.

No sooner had Katie's apartment door closed behind us, I was all over her.

I pushed her against one of her great walls and slid my hand underneath her tube top, confirming my suspicions that she was not wearing anything beneath it. My hands explored her small pointed tits as I helped wriggle her body out of her top.

Her barely-there tits were not something I'd usually be into, but in that moment the unfamiliarity of her body was especially sexy. I had never fucked Katie before; I had never fucked an Asian. Two firsts; one major conquest.

I reached out and took a nipple each between my forefinger and thumb, rubbing them slowly till Katie began moaning and shivering in response. My dick was straining against my jeans, I couldn't believe I was actually in Katie's apartment, undressing her and making her moan. Trying not to cream my jeans.

With one hand I went up her skirt, coming to a wet spot in her panties. Katie gasped and stood with her legs a little further apart. Fuck. Especially after everything that had happened that night, seeing how much she clearly wanted me was a real turn-on. Maybe it was how she saw me with Andrea?

I didn't bother with taking her skirt off, I simply pushed her panties to the side and slid two fingers inside her tight pussy.

She had let out this small shriek and trembled as I started to fuck her with my fingers. To her credit, she was trying very hard to focus on getting my clothes off. She'd successfully gotten my shirt off and was fumbling with the button on my jeans. Soon she had my throbbing cock out.

What a little ninja she was.

Her tiny sweatshop hands making my big-boy toy look huge was another advantage to fucking a petite biddie that I couldn't have predicted. She began stroking my dick, but I couldn't take anymore stimulation, I had to get inside her.

I took my fingers out of her and pushed her up against the wall again, lifting her by the waist. She immediately wrapped her legs around me and leaned into me. I lined my cock up against her dripping pussy. With her wet panties still on and to the side, I pressed my bamboo into her rice paddy. Her pussy was so incredibly tight around my dick I felt like I could barely move inside her but after a few thrusts I could feel her adjusting to my cock.

Katie was moaning in my ear as I began to really fuck her. "Right there" she kept saying, "yeah right there".

I'd love to tell you that I fucked her all night like a porn star, but the alcohol, the novelty of a new pussy (conquering a new continent), and the incredible position of fucking while basically carrying a girl, which I had never done before, combined, meant that I wouldn't be lasting very long.

Soon enough I was shooting hot ropes of cum into Katie's pussy, thinking too late that I should've used a condom.

I was honestly too far gone to care in that moment. When I was done, I lifted her off my dick and watched the satisfaction drip down her thighs and legs. Her bed was just a few feet away but we hadn't made it there. I am sure her culture would appreciate the labor that was involved.

I carried her there and dropped her somewhat unceremoniously on the bed. Katie didn't seem to mind. She looked exhausted and sweaty but she was smiling. "You never even took all my clothes off." she laughed.

"The night is still young." I rebutted.

Katie was taking her skirt off already, and then her panties. She laid back on the bed and spread her legs, giving me a perfect view of her tiny creampied, Asian pussy. Rubbing Katie's clit while watching my cum slowly leak out of her is another image in the spank bank that I'll never forget for as long as I live.

After she came, there was a lot of kissing and cuddling and although I hadn't intended to, I fell asleep next to her. I woke up a few hours later, and looked at my phone to check the time.

On my lock screen were several messages from Kay:

"You looked like you were going to fuck Andrea right there in the club."

"I want to taste her pussy on your cock."

"Can't wait to hear all about it!"

To Be Continued...


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