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HATE FACTS: Race, Crime & Black People

Forget everything that the politically correct, cucked media tells you about how we should all take a knee for Black people.

Black people need to work on themselves and stop blaming others for their problems.

Black people hate black people more than whites do.

Black people make up a significantly smaller size of the overall population, yet, they commit the most crimes.

As a white person, the reason why I am not rioting in the streets (terrorism) is because I have shit to do, money to make, and I am not a faggot.

All the white 'liberals' out there virtue-signaling are not your friends; they are trying to make money off of you (corporations, influenceers, etc).

As we have noted in other 'hate facts', White liberals (libtards) are some of the most bigoted, racist people on the planet.

While you people were protesting, the stock market is now back to its pre-pandemic level. While you were protesting, I made an egregiously, insane amount of money in the short span of just two months; a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Is the stock market racist? No.

Can only white people trade and invest? No.

Last I checked, men, women, and people of all races can enter the market and partake. So, what is your excuse?

That is the difference between winners and losers; change your mindset. Winners don't whine and riot in order to be the apex victim. Losers flood the streets and whine about shit they don't even understand.

With that said, I give you a plethora of the most damning evidence (100+ Hate Facts) as to why we are experiencing one of the biggest psy-ops in human history.

Un-cuck yourselves with these 'hate facts'.

Race (General)

Race is a better predictor of crime than poverty. Source:

The percentage of Blacks and Hispanics in an area, not poverty, is the best predictor of crime. Source:

Women who claim to be willing to date any race are lying and are just as discriminatory as women with explicit racial preferences. Source:

Half of hate crimes are Blacks and Hispanics attacking each other. Source:

White and Asian women have more successful marriages than Black or Hispanic women. Source:

Blacks and Hispanics have less ability to delay gratification than Whites. Source:

Racism is an “automatic” part of human behavior. Source:

Men with high testosterone, who are also more attractive, are more likely to be racist. Source:

Of the 30 most deadly mass shootings in America, non-whites committed 36%, a slight overrepresentation. Source:

Most students accused of sexual assault on college campuses are non-White. Source:



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