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HATE FACTS: Race & Intelligence

There is a reason why Africa, no matter how much aid and money is thrown at it, will never progress and become a developed continent. And no, it's not because of "racism". It is because of facts.

Fact: Everyone would prosper and be a lot happier if every Marxist on earth were to be exterminated; Marxist, of course, would not be so happy. They don't count as people, though.

Fact: If given the choice between receiving $10 million dollars and being set for life, or, having full impunity to exterminate every Leftist fuck without any repercussions, I'd gladly take the latter instead. Being a multi-millionaire just can't buy you the orgasm/satisfaction of having every loser Leftist die a painful death from your hand. To boot, if you are a multi-millionaire living in a Marxist Leftist world, they will tax the fuck out of you. So really, your best option is to go for full-extermination.

There is heroin, then there is putting every Leftist inside the state of JewYork and launching a mini-nuke at that piece-of-shit from a submarine in the Atlantic.

When Black people riot and burn down cities in the USA, they are not only doing a disservice to themselves, but are in fact aiding the rich and wealthy.

Burning, looting and murdering (BLM) drives down asset values in said metropolitan areas (shit holes like Chicongo); it brings down property values and thus allows the wealthy to come in and scoop up those assets at fire sale prices. Rich people aren't racist, they are just more intelligent.

As you will deduce from the facts below, diversity is not our strength; it will be our eventually downfall. Leftism is cancer. It should be exterminated from our cultural consciousness if we are to ever survive and prosper into the future.

To not do this will result in decades of poverty and Third World conditions for the West. Look around you, we are almost there. Everything that was once great has now been destroyed thanks to Marxist, Lefitst cunts.

Cunts who vote for Leftism are in favor of coddling the weak, criminal and most parasitic elements in our society, instead of creating a culture in where you either sink or swim. You will rise or fall, not based on your skin color or what genitalia is between your legs, but by your own merit. In the end, they end up segregating everyone, the very thing they were against in the first place.

Segregation, for the most part, works. Nations need borders, cultures and ways of life need to be protected. Protected from the inferiors that will ultimately water down a superior culture to the level of the inferior (also known as "equality", aka Communism).

If everyone is poor; nobody is poor.

If everyone is a fucking loser; nobody is a goddamn, fucking, piece-of-shit loser. Pure, garbage.

If everything is amazing; nothing is amazing.

If every degree is a good degree; no degree is a good degree.

It's time to get triggered; it's time for all you Leftist pieces-of-shit to get fucked.

Here are some facts that you will hate. Enjoy.


  • Human intelligence is highly heritable.

  • The scientific consensus is that IQ tests are not racially biased.

  • Very poor Whites are about as intelligent as very wealthy Blacks.

  • Privately, intelligence experts hold more hereditarian views than they express in public.

  • Black children raised in White households have similar IQ scores to Black children in Black households.

  • The average African IQ is estimated at 75.

  • The average African-American IQ is 85, compared to the average White IQ of 100.

  • The White-Black gap in SAT scores, a proxy for IQ, is increasing.

  • Genes for large brains, linked to high IQ, are common everywhere except Africa.

  • Intelligence has a 40-50% genetic basis.

  • IQ scores are the best predictor of success in Western society.

  • IQ is 75% heritable among Whites.

  • The average Hispanic IQ is 90.

  • The average IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa is 70.

  • The average IQ in southeast Asia is 87.

  • The heritability of IQ reaches .8 (80%) in later adulthood.

  • Intelligence “is one of the best predictors of important life outcomes such as education, occupation, mental and physical health and illness, and mortality.”

  • Intelligence is the most important trait for marriage.

  • Heritability of IQ increases throughout life (except for very old age).

  • The Black-White IQ gap is mostly heritable.

  • Higher IQ is linked to lower time preference.

  • The IQ of a country’s rulers largely determines productivity and wealth.

  • Intelligent people are more likely to be physically active outside of work and to eat fruits and vegetables.

  • Everyday life is an IQ test.

  • “Intelligence and ability are personal traits that are stable over time and that the role of effort in academic performance is limited.”

  • Stereotype effect explains a just “small to medium” amount of group differences in IQ.

  • A meta-analysis concludes that stereotype threat predicts 3.3 IQ points of group differences in intelligence.

  • There is pervasive publication bias in research claiming that “stereotype threat” is responsible for group differences in intelligence.

  • When corrected for publishing biases, the impact of stereotype threat is statistically indistinguishable from zero.

  • The world’s thirty least intelligent countries (except for Haiti) are all in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Haiti, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Guatemala and Qatar are the least intelligent countries outside of sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Colder climates selected for higher IQ populations by imposing more complex survival requirements.

  • IQ is the best known predictor of job performance for all studied occupations.

  • Intelligence can be measured directly from brain scans, without tests of any sort.

  • The average criminal has an IQ of 85.

  • IQ scores predict life outcomes equally well for different races.

  • Muslim counties have an average IQ of just 81, 7.5 points lower than non-Muslim countries.

  • Arab countries have an average IQ of just 84.

  • Skin color is the best biological predictor of IQ.

  • Nearly every reliably measured psychological trait, especially IQ, is significantly influenced by genetic factors.

  • Smarter people are more cooperative than dumb people.


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