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Hate Facts: Women & Sex Roles

The following list of facts will be considered 'hate speech' by certain people (mostly Leftist women) whom have brains as small as their clits.

Liberals and commies hate free speech and facts, hence, 'hate facts' or in their words, "hate speech".

Go fuck yourself, and then kill yourself, commie moron.

The sourced bullet points are a testament to what I have written about, at length, for years. My books embody these facts even though they are under the guise of satire (a genius's tactic).

Leftist-dyke, commie-fuckwit says to me, "Well, those are just your opinions!"

Turns out, my "opinions" are based in factual evidence. Who knew!?

Who knew that me, a man, would be so smart!

"But, but... the TV, teachers, politicians, feminist professors and commercial ads told us that women were smarter and stronger! I am so confused!"

- The Normie

Turns out, I am right.

Kill yourself.

Enter the Library of 'Hate facts':

  • Stay-at-home wives are more content than working wives.

  • Progressive/feminist women are less happy than their peers.

  • Women are less happy today than they were in the 1960’s and 70’s.

  • Couples with traditional gender roles are more sexually active than couples with egalitarian roles.

  • Couples who cohabit before marriage have lower quality marriages.

  • Less traditional marriages are lower quality.

  • Less attractive women are more likely to want careers.

  • Women are less likely to be employed in highly competitive jobs.

  • Women commit about half of domestic violence.

  • For women, more sex partners results in higher rates of divorce and worse life outcomes.

  • Women with more than 20 sexual partners have an 80% chance of divorce.

  • More sex partners causally increases the likelihood of drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Men’s’ and women’s’ brains are wired differently.

  • Gender stereotypes are correct predictors of math and reading ability.

  • A women’s number of sex partners is linearly linked to alcohol and drug abuse.

  • Female veterans are six times more likely to commit suicide than women who didn’t serve in the military.

  • College students who major in fields with a greater proportion of women have lower average IQ.

  • 40% of women with more than 20 sex partners have an STD.

Put all of those in your cock-pipe and smoke it!


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