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Hot Female Teacher, Olivia Ortz, Arrested After Husband Exposed Her Lesbian Affair With Student

Female choir teacher, Olivia Ortz.

Original article at PEOPLE

  • Choir director Olivia Ortz, 26, arrested for sexual relations with a female student.

  • Her husband found messages between her and the student on iPad and reported her.

  • Both Olivia and her husband Cody worked with the student on stage productions in the school district.

  • She worked at Wilmington Area High School in Pennsylvania till she quit.

  • She faces two charges of sexual activity with a minor, felony level charges.

  • Teen told police she and Ortz were 'in love and needed to support each other'.



It is ironic that for this choir teacher, the key to her heart was indeed a minor.

She is in major treble, though.

Okay, enough with the music jokes.

What is even more ironic in this case is that female sex scandal teacher Olivia Ortz is not the first director of choirs at Wilmington Area School District to face charges.

Her case follows sex-related charges filed in June 2020, by Lawrence County District Attorney detectives against Jonathan Priano, 37, a former band and music teacher at Wilmington High, who also is accused of misconduct with various students. Allegations are that he had an affinity for tickling the feet of his female students and having close, personal relationships with them.

The teacher who held the post before her faces his own charges of institutional sexual assault. Apparently the dude that was there before her liked to tickle the feet of the girls in the choir. After he was charged, Olivia took over the role of diddler and was only there for about a year. Unreal.

I mean, at this point you just have to disband the choir indefinitely, right?

The real tragedy here is of course in the plot twist: Olivia went for the beef folds and not the flute.

The public and average person will read what Olivia did and will say things like: Disgusting, horrid, fucking dyke!, selfish, con-artist, stupid dyke!, unspeakable, trash, goddamn dyke!, cheater, bitch.

However, the main word that can encapsulate and sum-up the events as a whole can only be formed into one: Treason.

No, this is not about the husband or their soon-to-be nonexistent marriage (if it ever did truly exist as a sexual union).

This is about how Olivia dishonored her role as a Female Sex Scandal Teacher!

Shame on you, Olivia! You just had to go and dyke-it-up, didn't you.

Ruin it for everyone, including yourself and your soon-to-be abysmal grade.

If the court system isn't going to punish you for your let down, and crushing the hopes and dreams of young boys everywhere, then we here at The Red Island will punish through the grade.

Effective, fucking immediately!

This type of treason will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Do you fucking understand! No matter how hot you are.

This is more than about a marriage, a career, a bi-curious student, Olivia as a horny pervert and me hitting a high note in blog writing.

Yes, this is about Americana and the state of boys. Once again, the boys lose in this society and are being let down and left behind, one feminist dyke after another.

And everyone wonders why we have school shootings.

The boys can't even depend on their hot female teacher being there in their times of need and to guide them through the challenging period of puberty.

It's rare that we get these lesbians on Hot For Teacher, but the sting is always as painful as the last. Especially when they look like Olivia. So much potential. So much hope and promise. Fucking wasted on, of course, a girl.

There is a crisis with boys today. Keeping them in school and off the streets, getting into gangs and worse...involved in Fortnite clans that meet almost daily for practice. Olivia could've kept these boys engaged, in school and potentially learning how to finger-blast a woman, cum-control via edging, deep-dicking and the human response.

She could've kept the hopes and dreams alive, their imagination. That maybe one day, they too, could bang their hot female teacher. Or, one woman at the very least.

Even if it never happened, its Okay because that is what America and Americana is all about: Chances, opportunity.

Olivia took that chance away from young boys everywhere and robbed them of their innocent fantasies driven by raging, heart pounding hormones. She will be lucky if none of the boys in her choir kill themselves or threaten suicide in the near future. Her act of bi-curious clit licking is unforgivable.

Even worse, Olivia robbed this blog and what could've been, a better story...and motivation to add a podcast as the cherry on-top of Olivia's sliz, like that female student did.

What's probably even worse is that the husband most likely asked if he could watch, or perhaps join, and thus in a fit of beta rage, exposed his wife's affair after she said "no".

So much to unpack in this one, so let's get to the grading.

The Report Card


Like a relief pitcher in the bullpen, Olivia got called up to take the ball from her predecessor whom was also indicted on similar charges at the school. Not even a year into her season, Olivia dropped the ball and her panties for a minor league contract.

Apparently, it was a league of their own. This is a love story.

Also, we have found out by primary sources that Olivia (Schmidt) maiden name before marriage, is a piece of fucking work, apparently.

Did some digging and found this. Wow. Read the full convo.

A serial cheater and backstabber, hypocrite.

One with so much passion they were able to do a DNA swab at the home of Olivia and her husband.

One of them, or both, must've squirted.

The husband probably did the laundry given the vibe he's been putting out with his behavior thus far, and probably googled what dried pussy juice looks like on sheets with a thread count of 200.

Olivia and her husband apparently both knew the female student and worked together on stage projects. Initially, through other reports, it is said that the husband first thought that his wife Olivia was having an affair with another man. Which in our view would've been bad. However, it turns out he got out licked by an impressionable young female.

Suicide fuel, you bet. Every guy in the world thinks he can flip a lesbian like an Eastern Bloc spy.

Did he know about his wife's acquired taste?

The teen girl upon questioning initially denied the passion between her and Olivia, but then confessed to all the sucking, licking and of course...the arts and crafts time up in Olivia's marital bedroom: Scissoring. Getting those meat flaps to fit like puzzle pieces.

"The student indicated that at first she considered Olivia Ortz a 'safe adult' that she trusted and confided in about her personal problems and relationship problems, but then it turned into a romantic relationship..."

There is not only Olivia's authority as a teacher in play here, but also what is known as the Halo Effect.

Multiple studies have proven that attractive people, individuals with symmetrical features are more likely to be trusted, respected and opinions taken as solid fact regardless of validity. They are more likely to get promoted, favored and opportunities can come easier. A positive bias is formed about an attractive person and they can thus influence others more easily and control their feelings.

The female student in question 'trusted' Olivia with her thoughts, her feelings and then with her body. If Olivia was an obese landwhale we can safely bet that the dyke-ness effect would've been a lot less of an attraction. Because as well all know by now, despite our culture's rapid attempt to suggest that more than half of its population is gay and needs to shove ads, TV shows and movies of the gay variety down everyone's throat, gay people only make up around ~2% of society.

The rest are all faking it or are brainwashed into believing they are a faggot.

The other thing to consider is that women are more sexually fluid than men, hence, the experimentation and occasional dyke session when their lives or marriages are in disarray.

The student allegedly told police that she was invited to Ortz's home in Sharon on April 7 when Ortz's husband was out of town. She told police she stayed overnight and "engaged in sexual activity..."

Classic. The old out-of-town bangfest.

After the husband learned of the sex his wife had been having while doing the laundry I bet, the teen girl apparently came back for round 2 in order to "comfort" (scissor) Olivia, again.

"At that time Olivia became aware of the active police investigation and the potential charges against her," the release states. "Instead of terminating her contact with the involved teen, the two continued to communicate with each other using the Spotify music app..."

Two perfectly good pussies, wasted on each other. Mutual destruction.

Here is the best part about this story.

The problem with women is that they are always in 'feel mode'. Literally, because these two felt each other up like there was no tomorrow and due to the very objective and non-debatable nature of women. They felt nobody would discover their supposed clandestine affair, however, when you use a code word, or phrase rather like "fried rice" you know your operation is doomed from the start.

Ladies, stop trying to be like men. Stop LARP'ing like commandos on a classified operation behind enemy lines in the deepest regions of the Sudan. And like men, when you get involved with women like how Olivia did (sexually) there comes a liability cost. Any communication that is of digital nature can be tracked and traced, archived.

Yet again, another example of how women are stupid and shouldn't be allowed to sign law binding contracts or have jobs.

If you truly wanted to be like a CIA agent on a serious OP you would've gone old school and hand written messages on paper, and had a secret drop point. Then, burn immediately on the spot after reading. But no, you fucking Zoomers and Millennials are so fucking impatient you have to fuck immediately and get your giner tingles on the spot.

No talent, asshats.

In the end, Olivia lost it all. And for what? Pussy. Just like a simp.

Great story, however, Olivia will be punished to the extreme regarding her grade in this category for committing the disgusting act of treason and going full-dyke. In-ex-cus-able.

When it comes to being a female sex scandal teacher, you never go full-dyke unless you want to deny greatness and fail. You don't go for the D, you will automatically get the fucking 'D' whether you fucking like it or not.

Take it deep, bitch.



Married, part-time casual choir teacher that abandoned her husband. A female teacher that not only took the job as Choir director, but nonetheless, replaced the former whom was also charged with sexually assaulting a minor.

Normally, this type of behavior would give any female sex scandal teaching aspiring for greatness a solid grade, maybe even an 'A' depending how fast and loose she played the game.

Sadly, Olivia Ortz defamed herself and her status as a Female Sex Scandal teacher immediately when she chose violence: Seduced a female (instead of da boys) student into scissoring using the guilt trip and victimhood of "whoa is me, my marriage sucks".

We cannot in good faith let this egregious slap in the face to my readers, and all the young aspiring Chads out there, go unpunished.

Olivia Ortz, you have no honor. You have disgraced the title of FTSS and have let an entire school of teen boys down. They are lost, forever and might not recover.

This is a sad day for everyone, we don't do this often. It pains me to shove another 'D' into Olivia's face....but I think you can all agree that she needs it.

America needs this.



The worst part about this whole story and situation is not that Olivia violated the trust of the education system, parents, students and community or the "integrity" of the whole #MeToo and #BelieveAllWomen movements.

No, it is that Olivia is fairly attractive for her age.

Some would even argue a solid, hot.

That value and hottness, wasted on sliz-sliding. The fact Olivia is a good-looking dyke makes this even more terrible. The question remains, is Olivia a true lesbian and part of that very small ~2% of the population? Or, is she just doing this because she hates her husband so much, but is too much of a coward to tell him the truth? Or, is she going through her 'college years' experimental phase later than others?

Olivia represents and codifies what we typically see in most of these female sex scandal teachers: Early to mid-Twenties, married or in a relationship, women who were average throughout high school and college, but then suddenly bloomed later and are thus capitalizing on that pipeline of attention.

Looking at the one good photo of Olivia standing among police and related authorities, she's a tall bitch. However, wood/would. I would for sure try to turn her straight. Just give me 10 min and i'll bang the gay out of her. Honestly, by the sounds of it she was trapped in an unsatisfying marriage. If you look at her hubbys Facebook profile...I can see why.

Olivia most likely just needed to get banged right and cum from it. She hasn't had good dick in so long, its turned her bi-curious. Why not go and find Chad at the local tavern? Women are lazy and that takes effort. Again, we don't really know if Olivia has been a closet lez this whole time.

Judging by her father's behavior in this video below, I can almost sense that he thinks this is funny, or expected. Like he always knew his daughter liked licking the beef on the deli counter.

We unfortunately have very few pictures of Olivia. All avenues have been exhausted at this point. The husband has even limited his profile. We need to call in backup on this one for now and hopefully catch a lucky break. It is too bad, because more photos could improve Olivia's final grade.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that we need more 'evidence' in order to determine if she merits community service.

The bi-curious/lesbian part of Olivia's presentation is the obvious twist in all of this, and no husband can fix that. The silver lining in all of this: she's going to love prison.

Female Choir Teacher Olivia Ortz

Those are some "I voted Blue and proud of it." type of glasses.

Teacher Olivia Ortz(Schmidt)

Here is Olivia at her former school back in 2019 when she was Ms. Olivia Schmidt. Quick to cheat; fast at going for Greatness and Excellence!

Female teacher Olivia Ortz

Boomer Officer: "It reads here that you scissor'd and..tribbed that some kind of kinky arts and crafts that you kids are into these days?"

Olivia: * Smiling, while wet in the panties.


Overall Grade



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