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Hot Social Worker, Payton Shires, Admits To Raping A 13 Year Old Boy In Her Care Multiple Times Along With Threatening To Kill His Mom With A Gun For Ratting Them Out To The Cops

Social Worker Payton Shires

Original Story At NewYorkPost

Social Worker Payton Shires

  • Social worker Payton Shires(24 years old), facing eight felony counts, including four counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, pleaded guilty to seven of eight charges against her in Franklin County Court of Common Pleas.

  • Shires was accused of having sex with a 13-year-old boy, who she was assigned to provide mental health counseling services through the National Youth Advocate Program. She admitted to police that she participated in multiple sex acts with the boy.

  • Court records indicated the incidents took place on Sept. 16, Sept. 22 and Sept. 27 of 2023.

  • A sentencing hearing is scheduled for June 27, when Shires could face up to 28 1/2 years in prison.

  • She will also have to register as a Tier II sex offender every 180 days for the next 25 years.

  • Shires was also charged with two counts of witness intimidation when, according to Columbus police, she violated the terms of her $500,000 bond and went to the victim’s home.

  • There, she threatened to kill the mother of the victim and herself. She reportedly was in possession of a gun and fired a shot when she arrived at the home on Oct. 26.

  • At the time of her arrest, Shires had been busily planning her wedding to her fiance of five years. The couple had a one-year-old son and had recently purchased a three-bedroom house.

  • It has recently come to light that her fiancé is not that great of a guy. Nicholas Rafter had been jailed for nearly five years after being convicted of two counts of burglary and one count of child endangerment, the outlet reported. Rafter was accused of drugging and assaulting a 14-year-old girl when he was 19 years old.


It's really difficult to assess when exactly Payton Shires went off the deep end here.

The public may say it was when she sucked and fucked a 13-year old boy, but really, that's par for the course here. Now, brandishing a pistol on your lover's mother's front porch and threatening to kill her, yeah, Payton took this whole 'fucking your student/client' thing a little too seriously...

That's when you know you've gone too deep. Attempted murder just puts a wet blanket on an otherwise fire story about a young boy learning a valuable life lesson: Don't put your dick in crazy. Yes, the sex was probably ball-draining good with Payton, but just look at what happens when you take cock away from a little whore. Attempted murder can happen.

Who was really at fault here? The mom for ratting on the rapefest, or society letting Payton (women) have jobs, vote and sign contracts?

On an initial pass, I'd say that Payton deserves life in prison just for those stank-ass roots showing in her hair.

It's safe to say that Payton could use some counseling herself. One for her hair-doo, and another for her daddy-issues.

Two questions we must ask: How does a woman like this, who is so mentally unstable, get a license to become a social worker? Secondly, did Payton cum and was this all worth a potential 28-year sentencing?

I know, we only ask the hard questions.

If Shires went back to the boy for more than seconds, and then when things were falling apart decided to go full-retard on his mom with a gun, I think it's safe to say that this 13-year old probably managed to hit Payton's G-spot.

Beginners luck, I guess.

A Chad in the making.

A star has been born.

He somehow managed to fuck Payton into the next solar system. She probably screamed, "You're bigger than my husband!" multiple times in bed.

Payton probably threw out her home collection, her bag of vibrators, the day she fucked that teen and is now regretting doing said house cleaning.

As a guy, it is much easier to have sex with married women, or girls who have boyfriends simply because you only have to compete and outperform one dude versus like 50 if she is single and on Tinder.

Why Payton chose to have sex with a 13-year old boy instead of, well, any other man that was not in her care and 18+ is beyond anyone. She clearly has issues, and is a massive pervert like how most women are. It's possible Payton was abused when she was younger, daddy was never around to tell her things like the word 'no', and maybe yeah she found out this boy had a massive mule for his age.

She probably saw him pop a stud during one of their closed-door sessions while Payton bent over to pick up some fallen paperwork. Women are incompetent at work, so highly likely of a scenario.

No fault of his own, Payton is kinda hot. Imagine yourself at 13 and you were stuck in a room with your hot social worker for an hour or more. Yeah, your balls would be percolating. Don't lie.

Payton should've never had a career in the first place because this is what happens when women get licenses. They think it's a license to do anything, even kill.

Women think that getting a career makes them James Bond. Just look at what Payton did. She was only 4 months into her career, and as soon as she got her license, she started not only a workplace affair, but began pulling guns on people with liberal and reckless abandon.

It's really insane when you think about the amount of irony you can glean from this story. Women, at the end of the day just want to have sex and have a hard dick pound inside of their vagina.

The boy apparently gave her the therapy that she needed (a pussy pounding). This is why women just need to go back to staying home and doing what they do best: Lay on their backs all day long. Because clearly, they are going to do that anyways at their 'job'.

No actual work ever gets done because they are always too busy daydreaming about dick, fantasizing about Chad's Pepsi can cock shooting white hot ropes of baby batter down their dick dock.

Every time you introduce a woman into CorporateLand, she'll fuck it up by letting her vagina get in the way of everything and everybody.

And when they don't get their way they do something like weaponize HR against everyone, file frivolous lawsuits citing 'harassment' or, in Payton's case, showing up to her victim's mother's house with a gun like the unhinged, under-fucked, overprivileged, Western female that she is.

The Report Card


On Oct. 6, Payton was arrested without incident and admitted to a sexual relationship during a three-way call between Shires, the boy’s mother and police, the Columbus Dispatch reported. Payton had a three-way with the boy and his mom via phone sex?

Pro Tip To Aspiring Writers: When writing, it is important to not only get the facts right, but more so, phrasing the occurrence properly. Sometimes the comedy does right itself...

On the morning of one October day of 2023, Payton Shires got a very interesting birthday surprise. No, it wasn't the 13-year old's penis pounding inside of her from the 'Big Spoon position'. Instead, it was the police fist-pounding on her front door. Payton's dreamlife with her 13-year old aspiring Chad-lite boyfriend had just turned into a living nightmare.

It was, for sure, a birthday packed with memories and one she'll remember forever.

A woman like Payton, so horny and so thirsty for dick, couldn't believe what was happening. All that cock and cum inside of her must've clouded her judgement about her situation, because Shires from thereon went on an emotional rampage (like most woman would) when realizing that cock was being taken away from her. Her pussy was sad; Payton was mad about love. The police didn't care about her G-spot getting rung like the clock tower bell inside the Basilica of St. Francis.

The blond bad girl of Mount Sterling confessed to four counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor and an offence for causing panic by showing up at the victim’s home with a gun while she was out on bond.

Shires lambasted the boy’s mother, claiming that she had “ruined her life” and “taken everything from her” by revealing her sordid activities to police. Besides the sex charges, she also copped to witness/victim intimidation. Proving the fact that women can never take responsibility for anything. It's why they shouldn't be allowed to vote, have jobs and sign important documents.

On social media she gushed how her life was “like a movie”. But the rom-com would soon turn into a B-grade horror flick and a 7-day adult film rental at Blockbuster.

In another post on her X account, she appeared to back the death penalty for pedophiles, retweeting a post saying “Dead pedophiles don’t re-offend”. Again, proving that women are incapable of self-reflection and awareness. Eternal hypocrites they are.

In a recorded phone call with the victim’s mother, Shires confessed to abusing him. Earlier, she had asked the boy if his mother “had seen the videos or messages” and if those videos had been deleted.

May I remind Payton that deleting photo evidence of texts and nudes will not get you an A grade. In fact, this is telling us that your goal for Greatness as a female sex scandal teacher has come into question. Don't quit on us now, you were doing so well.

But again, are we surprised? Payton is a woman, and women always quit when things get a little too hard for them. It's why women make 70 cents for every dollar a man earns; it's why men rule the world. Firing a woman is a penny saved.

After being arrested on her birthday she was released on bond with one of the conditions being that she was not allowed to have contact with the victim or unsupervised contact with minors.

Instead, Shires did what probably most women would do (not listen).

She showed up at the boy’s home and threatened to kill herself and his mother.

Women, always being so melodramatic for no reason. Okay, you raped a 13-year boy and threatened reprisal over the boy's mom with a loaded gun after finding out she was taking his penis away from your quivering vagina. Chill out!

It's not like you are really going to go to jail for 28 years like a man would've.

We all know the judge is probably a cuck and will give you 4 months less a day along with 1 day of house arrest. Payton will probably just spend that one day masturbating her beat-up, mud-flappy pussy until it is creamed over. It's what every woman does on her 'day off' from their 'stressful' government job anyway.



Four months into her first career as a social worker and Payton just couldn't help herself. She immediately reverted back to her default setting (woman) and her pussy immediately went into laser focused, predator mode: hunting for the nearest, thickest and quickest dick.

Payton already had the sweet life being provided to her by her ex-con husband, so why not get some dick on the side and some fresh teen seed in order to cuck him?

It's what women do all the time, they start to friendzone their own boyfriends and husbands in order to execute their dual mating strategy.

Payton Shires. A mom, a wife and now a female sex scandal teacher.

Social worker, same thing.

Government parasite.

And to boot, she was going to defend her vagina tingles and her right to any boy or man's penis by shooting a gun in the air and threatening bodily harm to the boy's mom.

Priceless, Americana.

Payton bragged on social media before all of this.

Gloated about her accomplishments and how she 'owns a house, has 3 dogs, got engaged, and has a 1 year old' all by the age of 21' in one post. Let's be real, though.

All of those things wouldn't've been possible if her husband hadn't paid for all of them. No 21-year old chick can afford a home, 3 dogs, a car, let alone go to Starbucks everyday for a $8 latte.

And now, Payton has nothing but the memories of fondling a 13-year old and cumming on his penis in reverse cowgirl. Amazing! Threw it all away just like that Phil Collins smash hit.

Women will do anything to their pussy in order to cheat in life. They will let that thing get so dug-out, beat-up, pulverized and DNA coated by hundreds of men so that they can cosplay as mature adults.

Whores seem to get distraught once they're dick-drunk, and they stop getting the dick. She's a child herself, and she pitched a fit because her toy was taken away. It isn't rocket science.

The passion cannot be denied with this firecracker.

Man, Payton must be great in the sack.



Payton has the eyes of a woman that will let you put it in all three holes on the first date.

Do you know any social workers? I'll just say that they didn't pick that career over aeronautical engineering. It was either that or McDonald's for Payton Shires.

Payton looks like that cute chick working at McDick's that rich guys would fuck over any bossgirl with a Masters degree in Lesbian Basket Weaving Studies.

The horny-ness level that Payton is giving off is usually reserved for chicks who work low-end retail jobs. Payton was for sure out of her league when put around troubled teen boys, it's no wonder she didn't last more than 4 months before caving to her pussylord.

Her pussy must've been so starved, plump and throbby. Again, women never mature past high school. What do they have in-common with teen boys? They are both perverted. Both are horny. Both have the same level of intellectual maturity. And both want to fuck.

Very nice mugshot, which is rare these days. Those roots showing, however, are going to cost her some points on the board.

Social Worker Payton Shires

Thirteen year old me would've OD'd On That Pussy...

Social Worker Payton Shires

"Taken" women are the easiest to bed.

She's always looking at Chad in her 'relationship' pics.

If you kiss your girlfriend like you kiss your mommy, know that it's already over and her pussy is getting dug-out by a bad boy. Probably a teen boy who DGAF and just wants to smash. Women don't want to be loved, because they don't even love themselves.

Women know that deep down inside they are trash. Treat them like trash and they will let you smash.

At the end of the day, women just want a hard dick to pump inside of them. They have busy lives going to Starbucks and spending other people's money. They just want to smash, cum hard, cream their panties, and carry on.

Social Worker Payton Shires

She has the eyes of a woman that's had her soul pounded out of her.

The 1000 cock stare. Many knuckle children have been sprayed upon her body and face, only to die a slow, dry and crusty death.

Social Worker Payton Shires

How much you wanna bet the kid isn't his?

By the way, we need to mention how smoke'n Payton's body is.

Nice hips, and perky tits. Form fitting jeans with a slight midriff. The plaid goes well too. Would for sure, push her straight into the mattress into deep dick country.

Social Worker Payton Shires

The first and only time Payton will ever let him blindfold her...

Payton is a kinky freak, and probably a tomcat in the sack. Her husband doesn't know that, but I am willing to bet that 13-year old boy does.

Social Worker Payton Shires

Next up on Hallmark Films: Two Felons & A Furbaby

Social Worker Payton Shires


If a woman ever wants to get a pet, or a dog with you, understand that she wants to get pregnant, make you take care of it while she goes out to bars at night in order to get railed by strangers.

Social Worker Payton Shires

Post-pregnant hot

Payton was made to breed, be in the kitchen and fetch a man cold beer when needed. Instead, you let her have a job that requires a person (a man) to have responsibility. Women are the most responsible teenager in the room. Smart enough to spread their legs, capable enough to babysit for a good amount of time.

Social Worker Payton Shires

Nice tits. Move over, kid.

It's my turn.

Social Worker Payton Shires

She seems nice...

By that I mean, probably gives amazing blowjibbers.

Social Worker Payton Shires

What is, a whore for 500 Alex?

Also, a Trojan lanyard is so fitting.

The irony though is that she probably didn't use one with that 13-year old boy and probably let him shoot his cum crayon into every nook and cranny.

Social Worker Payton Shires

Women, when they act like they are going to jail...

Women are delusional and so is Payton. Stop crying and pretending. You are probably not going to jail, you are a woman who just raped a minor...

Plus, you are ruining your makeup. Not good for your presentation. Knock it off and compose your shit!

Social Worker Payton Shires

This is what women look like when you take cock away from them...

It's almost as if you've stolen their furbaby. Their life. Their everything. Without cock, women shrivel up and look like they're going to kill themselves. Cock was Payton's life; dick-riding her hobby. A pastime. You take that away from a woman and what is she suppose to do?

Start a yoga business and sell vagina scented candles on the side?


Final Comments: There is no question of commitment here. Payton Shires has checked off every box when it comes to qualifying as a bonerfide, female sex scandal teacher. She hoe'd and rode that teen's peen like the mechanical bull at the Rock'n Horse Saloon. In addition, Payton went above and beyond the call of cock by threatening reprisal toward the victim's mother. Producing a pistol on her front porch and stopping shy of attempted murder.

Dick can make women do some crazy things. That boy must've hit her G, A and C spot and made her feel the PSI of his cum spray against her cervix or something. Bitch went unhinged looney toons. That's true love. That's getting deep-dicked.

If it weren't for Payton being a woman with unresolved teenage insecurities, none of this would've ever happened.

Overall Grade


This Post Is Brought To You By

Social Worker Payton Shires


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